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Backstage News on a Possible WWE Cruiserweights Show

– There has been chatter within WWE of expanding Saturday Morning Slam. Details are sketchy but apparently WWE is hoping the CW Network will give them an hour on Saturdays so they can air another TV show.

That show would be a show focusing solely on cruiserweights with Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara being the stars of the show. This show would see a lot of the indy talents that WWE has been looking at over the past year and a half.

It’s said that Vince McMahon is high on the idea of a cruiserweights TV show.

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  • Chelsii.

    I’m a hardcore junkie for Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight flyers… if you were high on Cruiserweights, you’d bring back the Cruiserweight title, bring up all the Cruiserweights/Light Heavyweights from development and bingo, there’s your division.

    It gives people like Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Hunico and Sin Cara to do. Sin Cara will not botch anymore when he’s wrestling people who know his style and are his weight class. Drop Hunico’s fucking boring Mexican gangster and give him a mask and spandex. It’s fair to say he was a better Sin Cara last year than Sin Cara was. Resign people like Ultimo Dragon (Who in my opinion is the greatest Cruiserweight ever) and Tajiri.

    How the WWE never signed Jushin Liger is unbelievable.

  • brandon

    Sweeeeeet! Chelsii is also a bitch, folks, but I’m exited for the Resurrection of the Cruiserweight Title.


  • Mark

    lol i think a cruiserweight show would even beat smackdown and tna in ratings.

  • Bane

    Y not just start Raw with cruiserweight matches like WCW, or mix them in instead of stupid replays of replays or dumb segments like those with Booker and Long. And Ultimo Dragon was badass but the best ever was, is, and will always b Rey Jr. Even now on fucked up knees he puts up entertaining matches. Plus Sin Cara as Mystico was badass in CMLL,people knew his style. WWE just expects him 2 b good never really having the chance 2 learn their way, way different than what he was used to. Plus they keep putting him with guys like the Miz and Drew Mc. who I like but just not his style. They’re always in the wrong spot which in turn makes him look bad. So many badass moves he hasn’t even attempted since I know he doesn’t trust them. Like his first fight when he messed up the top rope finisher wasn’t his fault since it was his opponent who slipped but everyone kept blaming Cara which was stupid. He can do the 619 from outside the ring jumping onto the ropes but won’t do it since that’s Rey’s move and even if he could his opponent would probably b on the wrong spot and make him look bad.

  • Bane

    Rey Jr. was given a chance 2 learn before coming over to WWE. But not Sin Cara since they invested a lot of money on him and was HHH’s first big project. Just dumb, like how they work different from the left not the right like in CMLL, pretty significant. I know it seems like I’m making a lot of excuses 4 him but it’s the truth, he should have been given the time and proper training 2 adjust, and not just him but the other wrestlers 2 adjust 2 his style. Some think Epico did better as Sin Cara but he had been in FCW already and knew the system. Mystico will improve as long as his opponents are in the right spot, it’s not just him.

  • Chelsii.

    ^ Hunico was Sin Cara, not Epico.

  • Bane

    Wateva, u know wat i mean geek

  • Logan

    Why Saturdays? lol WWE has a show on TV/Web everyday of the week except for Sunday and Tuesday, how about move this project to Tuesdays and have it live then have a “Raw Rebound” show on Sundays to recap the previous Raw

  • Lee

    Tyhe best time of the Cruiserweights was when the title was “on” 24 hours a day. Man, that was exciting (to me), because from week to week, you never knew who was going to be champion. I am hoping that this not only happens, but actually comes on a network I can access. Good idea, Mr. MacMahon!

  • AGTManagement

    Vince is high on the idea for now but as soon as something doesn’t go as he expects it, he’ll drop the idea like a bad habit. Hmm. “Vince is high”. Maybe that explains everything!

  • Jeff woods

    First thing’s first.. reinstitute the Cruiserweight title, put it on Hornswoggle (who was the last CW champ) & have him lose it tight off to Rey Mysterio… or start off with a CW title tournament then reveal HW as champ & have tournament winner beat him… just a thought…

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