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Battleground 2016: What Worked, What Didn’t

With 11 matches booked, Battleground seemed liked it would succeed or be a total flop. Personally, the show did deliver with matches that were thrilling. Still, some moments were better than others; so let’s take a look at what worked and what didn’t.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has Battleground play by play coverage.

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    What Worked: Lord Dengis

    What Didn’t: Joe Lisnow

  • Mike

    Losing to cena in a tag match doesn’t hurt styles at all. I think he may lose at summerslam. Also they couldn’t wait until summerslam as we had the draft and dean is on a different show.

  • Red

    Keeping the triple threat for SummerSlam would have dragged the feud more than it should and given how Ambrose is in a different brand that Rollins and Reigns, the brand split wouldn’t mean anything. Not to mention that the reaction towards Reigns would have been the same anyway.

    AJ getting pinned by Cena makes perfect sense, since the rivalry is set to continue until SummerSlam. Styles beat Cena with help at MITB and then Cena beat Styles with help at Battleground leading to the two of them facing off at SS with no more interferences.

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