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WWE Battleground: The Predictions

Zack Ryder
Well, since the format change didn’t go over badly, it lives to see at least one more show! I like it, I think it flows better, and I feel as though I am talking to myself now anyways. So, without any more craziness, let’s jump right into the predictions for Battleground!

Sasha Banks and Mystery Partner versus Charlotte and Dana Brooke

Yes, this match pits Sasha against Charlotte, in what many feel is a preview of a SummerSlam women’s title match. But that is not the big item here. Nope, the big one for this one is, just who will be that mystery partner? If Natty and Becky weren’t getting so crazy, I would have expected this to be Becky’s spot. But now that she’s tied up, speculation is on Bayley, as she wasn’t drafted, or possibly a returning Naomi.

No matter who it is, I expect Banks’ team to appear to get the win, only to have the heels do what they do best, and steal one. But it will, of course, set up the one on one championship encounter for August, so that’s what matters most.

New Day versus Wyatt Family

It could go either way, but the big item was already taken care of. Unless a stipulation changes between Thursday and the show, New Day will break the record for days holding the tag team titles. That’s the good news. The bad news is they now have to deal with The Wyatts, and I have a feeling the demonic family will just crush the positivity out of our brightly colored champions. The angle here is one of two things. Either Bray will once again try to exert some control over Xavier Woods, or the Wyatts will win and insist on a title match down the road. Or perhaps both, if they are feeling empowered.

Darren Young versus The Miz

We’ve been subjected to week after week of “Make Darren Young great again” vignettes. Now, we finally have had a chance to see Young back in the ring, and he’s parlayed a little bit of action into an Intercontinental title match. Not too shabby, if you ask me.

Now, The Miz is the annoying heel everyone loves to hate. Lately, he brags about his movie shoots, and even missed a PPV since he was on one, and the title was not defended. Not good, even if it was planned.

Put it another way? I think the writing is on the wall, and it’s saying Miz’s days as champion are numbered, and it’s rapidly approaching zero. I look for Young to claim a singles title here on Sunday.

Rusev versus Zack Ryder

Call me crazy, but I could absolutely see Ryder getting the win here. But I don’t expect him to. Rather, I should say, I don’t expect him to leave as champion.

I see this ending one of two ways.

Option 1, Rusev crushes Ryder after a valiant effort, but refuses to release the Accolade. This gives Ryder the win by DQ, but of course, Rusev is still champion.

Option 2, Ryder somehow actually gets Rusev in a pinning predicament, but Lana does what any good and smart valet would do in that instance, and gets her man disqualified. Ryder wins, but again, the title wouldn’t change hands.

I am intrigued by Ryder here, and after he won the IC title at ‘Mania, I would never say never, but I think him winning clean is a long shot.

Becky Lynch versus Natalya

I think it’s time we get a women’s match to end in a no contest or a double DQ. These two have such animosity toward one another, it’s palpable. Let them beat the snot out of each other, but let them end up with a double countout or something. No clear winner of the match, but what is clear is that they need help staying in the ring and on point. So, because of how this one goes, it sets up the decisive match of the feud, from SummerSlam. In a steel cage. It has to happen eventually, WWE. Why not now?

Cena, Enzo and Cass versus The Club

This one is harder for me to figure. If I go based on how things looked on RAW? I’d take The Club. But on SmackDown? Enzo, Cass and Cena looked fine. So it really could be a toss-up kind of match. But I do see a couple wild cards in play. For one, The Club is being split up, with AJ on SmackDown and Anderson and Gallows belonging on RAW. I doubt it factors in, but crazier things have happened. But in that same mindset, there’s another Club member now on the main roster, the newly drafted RAW Superstar, Finn Balor. Will the Demon interject himself? I think it’s possible, and it would certainly be one way to get the early draft choice some notoriety.

Barring his involvement, I think The Club takes this one.

Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens

They are billing this one as the final clash for what is a really personal rivalry, but I bet they have one more left. Honestly, with the way these two have gone at it, I expected at least a ladder involved in their blow off match, but alas, we have none.

I think a win here makes sense for either, but I am expecting the win to do more for Kevin Owens. And that’s my call, as I look for an Owens win here to propel him to great things moving forward. It’s time he gets back in the hunt for a singles championship, and if Dean Ambrose retains, why can’t Owens be his next challenger?

Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins versus Roman Reigns

I’ve said it elsehwere, and I will repeat it now: I think this one is really between Ambrose and Rollins. I think WWE should have removed Reigns when suspending him, but since the match was already announced, they dind’t want to change things, for whatever reasons.

It won’t matter, however.

I see this one going one of two ways.

The first way, Dean Ambrose retains in a crazy and wild match that goes all over the arena, but really shows of the talents of the trio.

The second way, WWE and Roman Reigns finally embrace the fact that he’s pretty hated, and have Roman attack Ambrose, just as Dean appeared t have the match won. Reigns then helps Rollins win, taking the title back to RAW, where on Monday it is revealed that Roman and Seth are in cahoots, quite possibly with Stephanie in a re-tooled Authority.

I am really hoping for the first option, but the second option makes a lot of sense, too.

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  • jcice13

    your retooled Shield idea for lack of a better word,,,sucks..no way they’re putting rollins with reigns, especially now that roman’s toxic
    also if you make a claim for both sides to win these matches you can’t call them predictions really.I think the giants will beat the yankees today, they have better hitting and a decent pitcher on the mound BUT if yankee starter Nova going, if he can reach back and find his groove he has the stuff to shut down good hitters…..is that a prediction or a hedge?

  • Joe Brown

    WWE has had a women’s steel cage match before. Lita vs Victoria on an episode of RAW.

  • Red

    “and if Dean Ambrose retains, why can’t Owens be his next challenger?”
    Because that would be their 100th match and I’m pretty sure that no one wants that.

  • Red

    “on Monday it is revealed that Roman and Seth are in cahoots, quite possibly with Stephanie in a re-tooled Authority”.
    God no. No Authority anything! Even “re-tooled”, that was old ages ago and should not even be considered. That being said, I say Dean retains here because Smackdown needs it till Summerslam at least and Stephanie then can freak out and, if there is a second title, demand that her brand get a title too to give to Rollins. I would LOVE to see the three of them brawl all over the arena though.

  • Crazy_Victor

    It’s an interesting night. Either Raw or Smackdown could end up the night with the 3 titles. With Raw having the Women’s title, and most likely reintroducing the Cruserweight title, maybe they will have the Intercontinental and US titles on Smackdown, giving more importance to those on this brand. So I assume either Rollins or Reigns brings the wwe title to Raw. I think Reigns will screw Ambrose, not to benefit Rollins but to have the title on Raw so he can win it in the future again.

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