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Bayley Makes A Hug-tastic Splash At Battleground

Last Tuesday, many within the WWE Universe were shocked, when NXT’s darling, Bayley, was snubbed during the highly anticipated SmackDown LIVE brand extension draft. After all, many (including myself) thought she was a shoo-in for the draft, and would be one of the many surprises that night. Instead, the fact that she wasn’t drafted became a big shocker, during the draft.

Those naysayers may have been somewhat silenced last night, as Bayley debuted onto the main roster, as Sasha Bank’s hush-hush mystery partner, at Battleground.

There was a tremendous amount of speculation over who Bank’s partner would be, and names from Nikki Bella, to recently drafted Nia Jax, were all thrown around. In the end, Bayley was revealed as Bank’s partner, and the NXTer received a more-than-decent pop, as she happily bounced her way up to the ring. Her performance was solid, her reception from fans was glorious, and adding her name into the Banks/Charlotte/Brook storyline was an easy fit.

But, is this Bayley’s official welcome onto WWE’s main roster or was it just a one off?

It’s hard to say. While colleagues John Deegan and Joe Lisnow were quick to point out to me last night that the announce team had commented that this was not a permanent thing for Bayley, she was able to successful help Banks in bringing down the bullying team of Dana Brook and WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte. She’s somewhat entangled now into the storyline. Yes, a minor player, but still is in there, somewhere. Like most NXT talents, once they appear to main roster audiences, they seem to re-appear and re-appear; and with the reception that Bayley received last night, at a WWE pay-per-view (PPV) no less, I’m wondering if the former NXT Women’s Champion won’t soon become a staple on WWE programming.

Sure, she’s got her match coming up at NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn in less than a month; but if she did continue to pop up on WWE programming, this wouldn’t be the first time an NXT talent pulled double duty between the developmental brand and the main roster. Kevin Owens did it last year in May, not to mention Paige, as well as others. At the end of the day, Sasha won the battle between Charlotte and Dana last night, with Bayley’s help; but there is still a war brewing, and there is only so many times that Banks can get the better of these two, while standing alone on RAW, week in and week out. She needs back up.

That’s assuming that Bayley will end up on RAW’s already stacked roster, filled with the best of the best, as it relates to female talent. Perhaps she remains a free agent between RAW and NXT, as a way to help out her friend (and gain increased exposure to WWE main roster audiences); but once SummerSlam ends (and her NXT commitments), she could very well make her way to SmackDown. After all, Becky Lynch and Natalya can’t carry that brand’s women’s division on their own, and as a fan favorite already, Bayley can hug her way to the top, and help shape women’s wrestling on SmackDown.

WNZ fans: what did you think of Bayley’s (somewhat) main roster debut? Think she’s here to stay and on RAW for good?

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    “Those naysayers may have been somewhat silenced”. They always are silenced but then claim that WWE is predictable lol. :’D

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