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Big Cass, Big Push?

There is little doubt that the WWE Universe loves Enzo and Cass. They were hugely popular while working in NXT, and that adoration has only grown since their main roster debut. Their support from the suits is evident too, by way of ending up in the finals for the #1 contender tournament, an opportunity they missed out on when Enzo suffered an unfortunate concussion in the early goings of the match. But that has not stopped Big Cass, not one bit.

A couple weeks ago, no Enzo no problem, Cass came out and took issue with The Vaudevillains, and we got a large tag team match out of it. This past RAW? He went after Chris Jericho, taking exception to Chris dissing the so-called “New Era”, of which Cass features prominently. I mean, hey, the guy is 7 feet tall. Pretty prominent!

But I don’t know if anyone expected Cass to be booked into the RAW main event, against one of the best wrestlers on WWE’s active roster. To say it was a huge moment would be an understatement of epic proportions. But, alas, the match did not happen, as Dean Ambrose interrupted to get even with Jericho. Cass was involved, but he was not really in the spotlight as much as we were thinking he could be.

So was this all just a ruse? Or is this a sign of things to come?

I have a few thoughts on this, so without much more delay…

1-Vince loves his big men. Yes, I know that sounds all sorts of wrong, but it’s true. It took a lot for guys like Bret Hart and HBK to get their shots, because for so long, Vince felt that it was the Warriors and Hogans of the world that warranted the top billing. As Cass always says, he’s 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that. And, for a big man, he’s got a good set of skills. It’s not hard to imagine Vince becoming enamored with him so soon, especially when his most recent big man object of affection (Reigns) just can’t get over. So it’s only a matter of time before it’s all about Big Cass the singles star.

2-It’s too soon to consider. I mean, when you are ready, you are ready, and Cass has not looked overwhelmed thus far. But he just joined the main roster, and I can think of half a dozen guys, at least, right off the top of my head, who ought to be challenging for the big prize before we even get to Cass. And really, that list is longer than 6. That’s not hating on Cass. That’s just living in reality.

3-He’s handled time without Enzo before. If memory serves, Enzo lost a lot of time a while back due to an injury, and Cass got along fine enough without his partner. But, as soon as Enzo could rejoin him he did. My point? Either they really enjoy teaming up, or someone, somewhere, sees a better path as a tag team, perhaps. But while I doubt Enzo misses months due to the concussion (but it is possible), I don’t see Cass ready to ditch the tag ranks anytime soon.

I will say this. It’s refreshing to see a popular big man in the main event scene, even if it was only a brief tease. And I doubt it’s the last time we see Big Cass in that spot.

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  • jcice13

    you say Reigns can’t get over but how does one explain that before he won at this year’s mania he was being cheered like a conquering hero every time he walked down the steps? not being argumentative just curious as to what happened‚Ķhis music would hit and the fans got up and went nuts, wanting to touch him shake his hand and pat him on the back as he made his was for Cass? I don’t see him being a big time player a couple 3 years down the road..and he’s not 7 feet tall either, he’s 7 feet tall in wrestling height. not liking his skill set nor too impressed right now with his mic ability..but I do agree that Vince LOVES his big men and we will have him shoved down our throats until the fans just had enough

    • DexDude

      WWE pushed him down people throats and that’s why they boo him now. People don’t like to get told who to cheer, they like to cheer who they want. People are also bitter that WWE picked him over Ambrose and Rollins to be “the guy”, even though Rollins was that spot before his injury.

      I honestly think it’s a little stupid though. People WANTED to cheer Reigns (along with Ambrose and Rollins) but as soon as WWE picked Reigns over the other two, they all of a sudden hated Reigns, because WWE “picked” him. Reigns isn’t as bad as people make him sound, however his gimmick is quite boring and stale (that’s likely to play it “safe” like they do with Cena).

      • jcice13

        they brought Reigns along pretty slow, and all of a sudden??? how long was it after Rollins turned on the shield to the time Reigns won the belt at this year’s mania?? I would agree with your assessment if the fans weren’t going nuts over him all the way up to mania, but they were
        and once Rollins comes back a heel turn is in the cards for Roman, that is if he still has the belt

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I’ll tell you what happens 2 years from now. Big Cass gets a big push before Enzo and the Indy fans who cheer for him now will start calling him Mr.5 moves or Cena 3.0 and boo him at every other ppv. Then they will complain about the lack of young athletes in the business a few years after that. And that cycle will repeat.

    • KingBack

      Nah. Cass doesn’t have the right look to be “the guy” like Cena and Reigns.
      He may be tall but he doesn’t have that pretty face

      • Edynol

        Doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t have to be “that guy” to be majorly successful. Look at HHH, Batista, Mick Foley, Sgt. Slaughter, etc. Butt ugly mugs and not an overly large move set but all did pretty freakin well for themselves without being “that guy”.

        • DexDude

          You don’t think HHH was “the guy” during his prime? I would go subscribe to the WWE network and re-watch those years of wrestling.

          • Edynol

            I remember it well, his reign of terror. But he was still never “the guy”. He was over-shadowed by Austin, then Rock, then Cena. He’s in the same boat as Macho Man, Piper, Taker, HBK, etc. Definitely a top guy and big draw, but never the face of the company.

        • KingBack

          HHH and Batista actually look pretty good

  • DexDude

    I think they are “pushing” Big Cass so people don’t forget about Enzo and Cass. I think they have big plans for them in the future and they are crazy over… WWE doesn’t want to lose that momentum. They are making sure we don’t forget about them, by having Cass come out every week in big moments. I also think it’s a possibility they were supposed to win the tournament and go on and win the titles and with that idea having to be canceled, maybe this is kind of like a way to “repay” Cass while Enzo is injured so he’s no cheated out of the success they were supposed to have.

    Either way I assume when Enzo comes back everything will be back to normal and people will give him a huge pop and they will likely go on to feud with whoever is tag champs (likely still The New Day) and probably end up winning the gold down the line.

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