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Big Show’s Missed Chance


This has actually been bugging me since Monday night’s RAW. Shortly before the closing segment between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose, we saw Stephanie speak with Big Show backstage. Her instructions were clear: “Do not touch the Shield, or else”

And this, boys and girls, is where WWE ended up creating a pretty wicked little plot hole. Or was it on purpose?

You see, Stephanie never said “Don’t touch Randy Orton”. How could she? At that point, the match was set up as Daniel Bryan, with Show in his corner, versus Ambrose, with Rollins and Reigns in his corner. While you could assume that the WWE champion would poke his nose into things during or after the match, he was not explicitly written into it by way of him being at ringside or in someone’s corner.

So, after Bryan picked up the win and The Shield assaulted Daniel, it made sense to have Big Show sitting there, neutered, unable to respond and unwilling to lose his job. But then Orton gets involved, which leads us to HHH once again instructing the World’s Largest Athlete to ball up his big fist and knock Daniel Bryan down and out yet again. And for a moment I said to myself….here’s where things get interesting. Show isn’t forbidden from hitting Orton. What’s to stop him from having Orton hold up Daniel for the KO, only to have Show “miss”. Hitting Orton won’t get Show fired, and it would help get a little momentum for the faces. But, that didn’t happen. Instead, Show behaved as though the rules from Stephanie earlier were “don’t touch the Shield or Randy”.

So, did WWE just leave a massive plot hole of sorts? Would not be their first time doing so…Or, in a way, does Show know something that WWE hasn’t revealed yet, that perhaps Orton will become a member of The Shield, forgetting the beatings they previously gave him. Honestly, I highly doubt it is option B. I think, more likely, it was just some bad writing-though I anticipate the explanation would be that Show’s had his hands tied for so many weeks, he’s become used to being powerless to respond.

In the end, don’t get me wrong, I think the ending of RAW was smart booking. Having Show stall Orton to the point where Bryan, still selling the affects of the beating, was able to recover enough to surprise Orton with a brutal knee to the face-the same way he put down Cena, as the announce team nicely pointed out. While it would have been nice to see Big Show respond, it could have taken something away from Daniel Bryan, with less than a week to go before the big title match. It needed to be booked to get Daniel the positive outcome here.

Still, the plot hole is one of those annoying things the WWE does to themselves from time to time, and most times I really think they just hope we as fans won’t notice. It could very well be something that someone brings up in a couple weeks, asking Show why he didn’t punch Orton when he could have, should they want to further develop Show’s inner conflicts. And its quite possible that they do-in which case I may have to retract this article in its entirety. But until things happen that make this look better, it’s still an ugly plot hole.

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  • stevewiser

    No plot hole. If your boss said don’t drink my soda, would you then think it was okay to eat his lunch instead? Somethings are just implied, obviously the message behind ‘don’t touch The Shield’ was ‘don’t go against us’ anybody who doesn’t accept that is just splitting hairs.

    If anything it would have made less sense for Steph/Hunter to just let Orton get KOed by Big Show and not fire him. That would make no sense at all unless they were setting up a Big Show firing, which they obviously aren’t. I mean how would they explain that away? ‘But you guys never said I couldn’t hit Orton teehee’ ‘Well Show technically you’re right so let’s just forget that ever happened.’ THAT would be a plot hole and it would do nothing for D-Bry. This way D-Bry gets over on Orton and Show doesn’t have to be punished because it wasn’t his fault. In your scenario the attention is focused on Big Show instead of D-Bry.

    The ending of RAW was fine, stop splitting hairs and just enjoy the show. Or don’t enjoy it, just don’t nitpick it and look for plotholes where there are none.

    • JMD

      its kinda why i am here…to “split hairs”. but i never said it wasn’t fine–i enjoyed it too, because bryan did a solid job.

      its just…as you watched it when she said it, the first thing i thought was…he can hit orton. and he didn’t.

      • stevewiser

        I think that passed through everybody’s head, I saw at least 8 tweets of somebody saying ‘cmon Show she didn’t say you couldn’t hit Orton,’ but like I pointed out it would make no sense. It would shift too much focus onto Big Show, DBry wouldn’t have gotten over, and most importantly there would have had to have been repercussions for The Big Show which would again shift the attention away from Goatface.

    • SdotC

      Exactly. This angle is supposed to get Bryan over. Big Show is involved in the storyline enough. Not that I mind, I like Show, but I don’t want him to be the focal point. Even if Show punched Orton, then Bryan got the knee in, it would still be flawed because having just Bryan get the hit helps get his new finisher over as the kind of move that can put anyone out. If it came after a Big Show punch, it would have been irrelevant. And had it not happened at all, and it was just the KO punch to end the show, WTF does that do to help Bryan going into Night of Champions? Oh yeah, nothing… The fact that the author of this “excellent, thought-provoking” article (which he clearly spent hours writing -__- ) somehow thought that it would have been better for Show to get that shot in, after Bryan’s been killed on 6 straight TVs leading into his PPV match… well, it’s why he’s writing hack D- articles for a C- website, and not booking Raw.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I am thinking that the only reason Big Show did not hit orton, because I think that it is setting up a heel turn. I believe that his heel turn will take place this sunday. At Night Of Champions.

  • Mike Smith

    Stretching to find something to write about at best lol

    • Rg41982

      I agree lets just sit back and enjoy.

      • JMD

        oh, i do sit back and enjoy…but it was worth analyzing because it helps peel back the layers of the onion. it could go several ways….one being, as most here think, its implied that Big Show only touches who he’s told to touch.

        Another way would be, as Mrs. Ambrose opined, that Show is going to just go full on heel on Sunday.

  • Reverend Scurvy

    I noticed the omission of Orton from Stephanie’s command as well, but I think it’s obvious that Show could have been “fired” or at least further punished if he’d taken him out. While I was thinking they might try to use that as an out, I think it was just poor word choice.

  • Tyler Drummond

    I wouldnt call it a plot hole. Not everything has to be said, much should be known. If you dont know a law, but you break it, it is still breaking the law. Same deal, in the current storyline world of WWE, its well known for Big Show to not touch Randy Orton.

  • johnnybegoode65

    I was hoping he would use the chair, as that wouldn’t be touching anyone.

  • NJS

    I thought the exact same thing.
    But if you closely listen to what Orton yelled at Big Show it still makes some sense.

    Orton has the authority to tell Big Show what to do. So, refusing to an order from Orton is like refusing an order from Triple H.

  • cubfan4life

    While I also was left thinking the same thing….in the end enjoy this program for what they do. Dont dissect it to death. Cause if you do you might just miss out on something truly enjoyable while youre sitting there looking for plot holes or other parts of the story that dont quite fit.

  • Steve pritchard

    Yeah it made sense to hit orton . But im totally satisfied with the way it ended.

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