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Big Week For Brock Lesnar

For a man who hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring for a while, he’s having himself a pretty noteworthy week.

On this past Thursday’s SmackDown, it was announced that Brock Lesnar would be appearing at SummerSlam to do battle with the returning Randy Orton. And, this Saturday, Lesnar went from just being on the UFC 200 card, to main eventing it due to other fighters not appearing as initially planned. That’s a big deal, too, considering how long it’s been since Brock was even on a UFC card.

On the UFC news? I don’t have a whole lot to say on it, as I am not a regular follower of the sport, believe it or not. From a marketing standpoint, having lost their planned main event, slotting Lesnar into the opening does make sense as he’s a proven commodity-he’s been in that spot before, so he will do fine. The downside is, UFC officials have only had days to hype that as the main event, so in reality, the sales probably won’t move much based on the main event status. But for Lesnar, it’s a nice accomplishment, but he’s more focused on the outcome than the time his bout goes on.

The Orton/SummerSlam match? That one is more curious to me, because these two haven’t tangled in a decade, and with both men currently off TV, it’s not as though one has been trash-talking the other. Not that it’s a problem, I am sure in the next month WWE will hype this as a match a long time in the making, which is true enough, but with Orton gone so long, and dare I say practically forgotten since there’s been a surge of new talent to the roster, WWE Creative will have their hands full for this one, I think. Like, I can say I am excited to see Lesnar, and intrigued about Orton. But the two, together, doing battle at SummerSlam? It’s not a matchup that moves my needle much, so there is work remaining to be done.

But still, the point remains. For a guy who hasn’t fought much in the last few months, he’s managed to make a good bit of noise this week. Just in case you needed more proof that Brock is still a really big deal.

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  • Si Nicholls

    Brocks UFC appearance has even made the main newspapers over here in the UK, and the guy that failed his drug test has even had the knock-on effect and got Reigns mentioned as well

    • Mean Dean

      Even in Germany

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