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WWE Black Friday Cuts Deep

Zeb Colter
Friday, May 6, 2016. Could we call it Black Friday? Bloody Friday? Who cares? It all depends, but the news that WWE made a number of releases official on Friday is, if nothing else, newsworthy.

For those who missed some, or didn’t care to read them all, let’s recap who is now free to work elsewhere (once the non-compete runs out, of course): El Torito. Cameron. Hornswoggle. Santino. Zeb Colter. Alex Riley.Wade Barrett. Damien Sandow.

So let’s go through each, one by one.

El Torito: This one makes sense. Primo and Epico are being re-re-packaged, back to their old selves, away from Los Matadores. Without the bull tamers, who needed a little bull?

Hornswoggle: File this one under “I thought he was already gone”. Seriously, I did. I mean, he had the wellness bust in the recent past that pretty much, as I understood it, ended things with the company. Hard to complain, he had a good run. But you figure with his release, coupled with El Torito, there is no hope for a midget division in WWE. Not that there was one. Also, it likely means less Muppets. I like Muppets…

Cameron: They kept the more talented of the two. Simple as that really. That she was still employed by WWE as of last night is a feat unto itself.

Santino: The guy was entertaining, but it’s been a while. I actually thought he was considered retired, so I gather that WWE had him under contract for some purpose or other, since we haven’t seen much of him since, I think, the Slammys.

Zeb Colter: The first somewhat head-scratcher. For one, in the back, Zeb was known to be a good sounding board-he’s been around long enough to know a thing or two, after all. For another, with League of Nations finally imploding, there was at least a chance that he could have been linked back up with Alberto Del Rio. Or Jack Swagger (though, he’s been rumored to be on his way out too. Surprised he wasn’t on the list).

Alex Riley: Color me surprised by this one, if only because I thought his darker character on NXT showed some promise. Guess his inevitable destruction at the hands of Shinsuke Nakamura next Wednesday will serve as his WWE swan song.

Wade Barrett: This one does not come as a surprise, since it’s been one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling. The word I’d use to describe this one? Disappointing. The fact is, Wade had the look, the “it” quality, the mic skills, that he could have been a long-term major heel. The last couple years? He’s had horrible luck with injuries, and usually while he’s holding a championship.

Damien Sandow: Here’s one that is both surprising AND disappointing. As far as beloved wrestlers go, he was up there. He was versatile, very solid in the ring, and the crowd loved him. He enjoyed a star turn as Mizdow. Or Macho Mandow. Or any other persona he chose to do. He was a former MITB winner, becoming one of only a few men to have won the briefcase and not won the title (Cena and Kennedy being the other two that come to me right away). And even in losing his cash-in match, it was a damn good match. But I think in this case, as good as he could have been, he fell victim to a numbers game. Look at the talent WWE brought up. Look at who is waiting in NXT. The active roster needed to get thinned out, and perhaps still does.

It was a crazy day, for sure. But, in the end, while most on this list might be missed, unfortunately for them, they are replaceable pieces in the machine that is WWE. And they’ve been replaced.

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  • The Shockmaster

    Memories :)

    • http://NUNAYSHON.com #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      See why do people still want this for Sandow? If u remember it was a pretty shiitty way of losing against Cena and he never got his momentum back…Let him spread his wings (or talent) elsewhere…#DONTGOTOTNA

  • MEH

    Come to Puerto Rico where the girl you were partying and leaving the club with last week will be a waitress that you don’t know this week

    • Zack

      You’re not wrong. ????

  • Justin

    who ever is purchacesing tna needs to grab up sandow and barrett, and bring back zeb as a booker, when he booked for TNA they were in their best years, ohh and throw the impact wrestling name away, bring back total non-stop action! its only best for the fans

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Roman Reigns wasn’t cut ???? …….DAMMIT

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    At least I got to see him before he went out #THANKYOUSANDOW

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