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Could Booing Be Good For Roman Reigns?

Sounds like a crazy concept, considering the fact that fans who are booing are really just showing distain for Roman Reigns’ push, and not because they consider him a heel-type character or even a tweener for that matter.

But before you comment, hear me out.

We could debate on whether or not Reigns has fans out there. And, while I know I’ll get heat for this; he does actually have a ton of people who love and support him. I see support for him on social media, this site, and even when I talk to fellow followers in the WWE Universe. Does he have more fans than haters? I cannot really answer that question, other than saying that, sure, the boos seem to dominate the cheers on RAW, SmackDown, and pay-per-views (PPV); but when I am perusing social media during RAW, SmackDown, and PPV, I do see a lot of love for Reigns.

However, beyond the debate on whether or not his popularity is in fact polarizing, or dominant distain: here I am, another week, another column about Roman.

And it’s more than just the fact that I am fan. I read other websites, a lot of other wrestling websites; whether that be out of sheer interesting on what other peers are writing about, or the fact that I’ve been click-baited on social media. A lot of other writers chat about Reigns too. Should he turn heel? When should his WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign come to an end? Who will be the one to knock him off his title reign block? And of course, the big topic, that Vince is too blind to see how much he is hated.

Why do we all write about Roman? Why do you want to read about Reigns?

Because him being champion is perplexing in itself. Sure I’m a fan, but I am still quite puzzled on why he is still champ. Despite fan reaction, despite negativity, despite the fact that he is a tad wet behind the ears in terms of pro wrestling experience (within or outside of the WWE). It’s like the Roman Reigns’ push continues, regardless of booing, and there really seems like no end to this. The WWE has already invested a lot into the character by means of philanthropic activities, merchandise, branding, and so on, and so on.

And I don’t think they are ignoring fans who really think he should not be the top guy right now. I think his push continues, because of the controversy. Speaking strictly from what I’ve seen on television (as Reigns has yet to be on a tour in a house show near my area – and trust me, I cannot wait to see the reaction he gets in the summer when I attend a live event), Reigns enters an arena, and receives an explosion of boos. He states what he has to say, and gets bombarded by jeers, the fact is, he gets a reaction when he walks into that ring. His music hits, Twitter explodes with love and hate Reigns tweets (he always gets some sort of reaction online); post-RAW/SmackDown/PPV fans (even those who love Reigns) are left a bit puzzled as to why he continues to dominant, and look strong in the ring. If people aren’t posting about it, people are commenting on threads. Sometimes, an article will be about a totally different storyline, or wrestler, and someone will post a comment (negative) about Reigns.

So, are the haters actually helping Reigns, to an extend? WWE meticulously looks at hashtag numbers, and has a microscope on social media; as well as anything else that can potentially earn them cash. If someone is talking about Reigns – good or bad – they’ll see it, they’ll take note, and maybe even smile (or laugh) at all the negative comments.

And, as the old PR saying goes, any publicity, is good publicity; and there is definitely a buzz, around Roman Reigns.

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  • Jakerams

    It is good for him. What would be bad for him is if people played cricket sounds when he came out or just left whenever he showed up

  • The Shockmaster

    It’s not good for him.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Imagine this scenario lol: What if everyone did actually get behind Roman? Then we wouldn’t talk about how much disdain he has every week lol.

    Two things as to why this mega push hasn’t exactly worked out. 1. The fans are mad because he was chosen as the next franchise guy for the company, instead of this certain person or that certain person, which resulted in a lot of backlash. Which is why you mentioned, that some fans believe that Vince is to blind to see the hatred that Roman receives. 2. For the most part, he has been misused by Vince and the creative staff.

  • Mike

    It worked for cena. It continues to work for cena, reigns for my
    Money gets more boos than cheers where as in general cena is more 50/50 and I don’t think reigns is on cenas level yet. However reigns does have a lot of fans, I am a fan of reigns myself he isn’t my favourite, but I see his good points. I think he is a decent wwe champion, his matches are always good. I don’t see the issue, his promos aren’t good, I will say that. As cena has said, noise equals ratings and noise determines weather you’re a draw. If you generate noise and an emotional response either way, you’re doing something right.

  • Meg Matthews

    When i saw him on the Uk tour at the 02 in London back in april the boos were extremley loud, i mean cena gets booed loud but these boos for reigns were something else even louder than what a heel would get. I like reigns but think the way he’s pushed etc has done him no favours. I think if he’d won the title ages ago the reaction would have ben better, but then he got injured & when he got pushed after he came back fans didnt like it. Im kinda torn who should win tonight because who would either be facing next for the title?

  • jcice13

    what I never understood was why did all these fans cheer the hell out of him as he was working towards the title match at Mania then all of a sudden he wins the belt and starts getting boo’d?

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