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Bray Wyatt Needs To Win The Royal Rumble

Wyatt Family
No secret to WNZ fans, I was happy when Roman Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in late 2015. I think one of you fine readers even commented that I was ‘gushing’ all week about it through my articles (loved that comment by the way!); and it was oh-so true. I’m a fan of Reigns, and I’m not afraid to admit. I also think it’s great that after a year and a bit, Reigns is experiencing some popularity. Alas, this article is not about me gushing about how great Roman Reigns is and his current title run, rather, it is about Bray Wyatt, and why he deserves to win the 2016 Royal Rumble.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how this year’s Rumble is going to roll, which is a first in years. The past couple Rumbles have been so utterly predictable; it’s been disappointing on a multitude of levels. For anyone who saw last night’s RAW, then you know why I am about to speculate on just why Wyatt may walk away with bragging rights as the 2016 Rumble winner, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The closing of the January 18th edition of RAW provided a premonition of sorts, and hope for any WWE fan who indeed, follows the buzzards.

On one hand, Bray Wyatt is indeed a contender to win; then on the other, it seems so unlikely that the uptight (and wound up) WWE higher-ups would dare allow such a revelation to occur. While he’s well over with the fans, a heel group that seems to have a cult-like following; fans love Bray Wyatt, and they also love to hate him. He’s an entertainer, a master on the mic, and his in-ring performance is incredible – whether you want to point out his stalky size, or not; he’s just plain good in the ring. But that’s just the thing. As revolutionary as the Bray Wyatt character is, and as out-of-the-box (creatively speaking) as the Wyatt clan are, they all don’t fit the bill of perhaps what Vince McMahon may consider main event talent, or someone he may want to place his prestigious WWE World Heavyweight title on. Which is a shame, because all members (especially Wyatt himself, and Luke Harper), truly have that it factor. And despite the way Wyatt and his group have been booked this past year, time-and-time again, the fans are still intrigued by the Wyatt Family, still interested, and still wanting more.

So, they may not fit the bill of what WWE Officials consider champion material, still, another thing that may be in Wyatt’s way of winning it all this Sunday is simply timing, or the preconceived notion of timing. This Sunday is all about starting the initial steps towards building a main event for Wrestlemania 32. Off the cusp of program with Roman Reigns, where Reigns seemingly came out looking stronger, will the WWE really want their big main event to be something that was played out for the majority of 2015: Reigns versus Wyatt? Probably not.

However, Bray Wyatt versus Brock Lesnar may make for an interesting Wrestlemania 32 main event. After a lengthy (much-needed) absence, Triple H is sure to re-appear at the 2016 Royal Rumble (with his eyes on Reigns). Wouldn’t an interesting storyline be one where Triple H costs Roman Reigns the WWE title, to eliminate him? Leaving Lesnar, with the entire Wyatt Family in the ring; only for the Wyatts to decimate Lesnar, throwing him over the top rope. Once Lesnar is rid of, the three remaining Wyatts (purposely) jump over the top rope; and we see a Bray Wyatt prevail: setting up a main event match between him and Lesnar (as he was technically the last person before Wyatt). This would not only set up a Wrestlemania match between Reigns and Hunter (see above), but also a pretty solid main event match; not to mention the fact that it would avoid hitting the replay button on Wrestlemania 31’s main event.

But, will the WWE take that plunge? Some may argue that Lesnar would destroy Bray Wyatt in a Wrestlemania match (really any match) … but doesn’t Lesnar dominate in every match he’s in, regardless of the opponent? With the Wyatt clan surrounding the ring, would that not be the advantage that Bray could have to even the score a tad?

At the end of the day, it’s all about whether or not the WWE has faith that Bray Wyatt can be placed in a main event match at their flagship event, and tear the house down. Sure, Wyatt and his stable mates may not have that preconceived ‘look’ that officials think a main eventer should have. Still, I for one, think that Wyatt does have what it takes to main event Wrestlemania; to give a memorable performance, and provide a memorable match. I think he has the fans behind him, and he has more than proven to officials that he can run with the ball (any ball, really), and kill it; even when he is meant to lose. I think despite bad booking for him and his clan in 2015, the Wyatts have risen above the cards that have been dealt to them, and are still able to keep the fan support. Sure, they may not look like John Cena or Roman Reigns, but like many others before them (I’m looking at you Mick Foley, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio … the list goes on), there are examples in WWE history where those who didn’t look the part have moved on to unsurmountable success within the company, carving their way into the history books, thanks to their talent. Will Bray Wyatt be added to list of greats come this Sunday? This fan certainly hopes so.

So, WNZ fans … what do you think? Should Bray Wyatt win the 2016 Royal Rumble? Does he have the talent? Is it perfect timing? I would really love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below!

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  • Drama Mustafa #NewNation

    To be honest bray should’ve won it a long time ago

    • Dorathy


  • bigfoot3169

    I like that idea a lot and could see it happen like that. If that did happen, my guess would be that Bray would drop the title at Mania and Brock vs Reigns at Summerslam. I’d really prefer Bray to hold it longer, but I don’t think the brass would go that way.

    • Dorathy

      Here’s hoping!

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    He needs to win something

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      He has a army behind him lol he should’ve been champion

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        Once the Reigns project fails then maybe

        • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

          lol But…its failing…now…

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Thanks for not taking offense Dorathy to my “gushing ” comment you know I am a big fan of your work. As usual another great article. I agree with about the Wyatts but for some reason they book these guys like they’re Heath Slater ! I can’t remember the last time I seen Bray won at a ppv ? What’s the point of having him win only to have Bray lose all the way through WM ? SMH how can he be the “new face of fear” when nobody is afraid ? I’d like to see the Wyatts go and dominate NXT for a while and gain some momentum but Vince is stubborn so expect more losing from the Wyatts in the near future

    • Dorathy

      It was awesome, and it made me giggle! You were right :) and no offense taken at All!!!

  • D.M.T

    It’s pretty obvious why you’re a fan of Reigns Dorathy. It’s the same reason why other women are also fans of his. WWE seems to be a beauty contest pushing wrestlers based on looks. Reigns is the chosen one but WWE will sooner or later realize that Reigns is not the best choice and will choose someone else as their face of the company. Now I agree that Wyatt should win the rumble but knowing WWE he won’t win. WWE likes to play it safe when it comes to their flagship event. They’ll go with either Lesnar or Triple H winning the rumble. Wyatt looked strong on the final RAW before the PPV which means he won’t win on Sunday.

    • Dorathy

      You are right about looking strong on a final raw before a ppv. Good point! PS I like RR for more than just his looks! Thnx for reading and the comment!

  • Jean-François Maigrot

    Bel article et je suis entièrement d’accord

    • Dorathy


  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    ” I was ‘gushing’ all week about it through my articles (loved that comment by the way!); and it was oh-so true” Pics or didn’t happen

  • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


  • Fat Owens Fat

    The Eater of the Doritos should stay away from the title picture. They tried to make him a replacement for Taker’s scary persona but he’s on Brodus Clay level right now. He’s not scary by any means. Infact, the black sheep and white goat masks his friends wear is beyond me. These guys just appear randomly and beat people up and leave. There’s no story behind the characters like Kane and Taker had with their parents/ the fire / Bearer and stuff.

    ” Some may argue that Lesnar would destroy Bray Wyatt in a Wrestlemania match ”
    Good point there Dorathy. By “their” standards, Lesnar should only fight another UFC import in the WWE next. Somedays they think WWE is a legit sport because Lesnar would destroy anyone with his 15 suplexes and some days they wish (insert random Indy guy here) faced Lesnar at Mania because the power of Indy boners is strong with them.

    • Dorathy

      Fair points FOF. Thanks for the read and the comment.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    He’ll eventually get the title one day but not this Sunday. I always thought that he didn’t need a title to get over since he’s one of the popular wrestlers today but if they want really want him over this time why not give him the title reign. If they’re going to give him a run with the WWE Title, I say give Harper the give IC Title or US Title and give Rowan and Strowman the Tag Team Titles if they’re actually going to book them as the most dominant group.

    • Dorathy

      Good point

  • Victor82

    I’m a fan of Roman Reigns too, but Bray is not going to win the rumble. It’s time to go by himself, and leave the family. Triple H is going to win this Rumble, we’ll see how…

    • Dorathy

      Should be interesting …

  • Mostafa Majzoub

    Amazing article as always. I always enjoy reading your writings, well I was thinking about this about 2 weeks ago before even wyatts attack brock and roman, wyatt seems the perfect option this year, the guy has talent and is over with the fans, I believe he should win it
    I want to point out on another point, if wwe keeps depushing him he may end up like ziggler, look how now we can see the wwe universe no longer behind ziggler as before, sure he gets a pop, but not a dean ambrose pop for example

    • Dorathy

      Thank you, and yes, you are right.

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