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Bray Wyatt’s Role At Wrestlemania 32

Wyatt Family
Perusing Twitter during Monday Night RAW, I fell about this gem of a tweet, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Sad world, indeed; especially considering the lack of main event talent the WWE had to work with for Wrestlemania 32 due to injuries, and the fact that Bray Wyatt gets is demoted to an afterthought as it relates to WWE’s flagship event. I’ve already written quite a few articles (rants) about the WWE overlooking Wyatt and his potential, so now perhaps I can look at the past for some hope that Wyatt will indeed have a Wrestlemania moment, despite the fact that he is currently not booked on the card. The easiest way to including him on the card, is having him as a surprise entrant in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. As Braun Strowman seems to be slated as the winner, Wyatt could play a small role, helping Strowman eliminate other entrants. Anti-climactic yes, but at least Wyatt still holds a spot in the card. Yet, I see much bigger things for Wyatt come Sunday.

Perhaps this is wishful thinking on my part, but, forever the optimist, who’s to say the ‘Grandest Stage of Them All’ won’t offer some sort of turning point to catapult Wyatt into the main event scene. In the past, when Wyatt has not been booked for a pay-per-view (PPV), he’s ended up interfering in a match, and sparking a feud. We saw this happen last year at the Money in the Bank (MITB) PPV, when he stopped Roman Reigns from climbing the ladder, and grabbing onto the MITB contract. We even saw a similar scenario unfold at the 2014 Hell in a Cell (HIAC) PPV, when Wyatt attacked Ambrose during his main event match with Seth Rollins.

There has been bad blood brewing between Brock Lesnar and the Wyatt Family for a while now. After all, the Wyatt clan did cost Lesnar the WWE World Heavyweight title at the 2016 Royal Rumble. While it seemed we were heading towards a Bray Wyatt/Lesnar WM match up, that fizzled, and ‘The Beast’ versus ‘The Lunatic Fringe’ was booked. What find quite interesting though, was the fact that Wyatt and Lesnar never locked up during their so-called 2 on 1 Handicap match at Roadblock: and Luke Harper bore the brunt of Lesnar’s wrath. Could this be because of an injury that was reported in mid-March? Or perhaps the idea of them locking up to any capacity was held back so that Wyatt could cost Lesnar his match at WM 32 against Ambrose to re-ignite a massive feud between them? Wyatt doesn’t seem like he’s on the injury list, as he wrestled as recently as this past weekend at a WWE live event in Washington DC. Holding back on any in-ring interaction between these two superstars, to keep the fans wondering what a match would look like between them, seems like better reasoning.

A Lesnar versus Wyatt program would be interesting … however, could there be even bigger plans for Wyatt? Dare I say, WWE World Heavyweight title plans? Here’s my thought: what saved last year’s main event? A surprise cash-in by Seth Rollins at the very last moment. Not only did Rollins make history multiple times over, he did so by shocking the WM 31 audience in the stadium, and worldwide. I’m not saying that the main event sucked before Rollins rolled in, but let’s face it, WM 31’s build up (much like WM 32’s build up) lacked. I keep going back and forth about whether or not the higher ups are concerned about Roman Reigns being booed out of the AT&T Stadium if he becomes champion. However, a surprise interference by Wyatt would distract the entire idea; whether Reigns wins or loses. Then there’s the element of Triple H making it seem like he’s not done with wrestling just yet; like this WM 32 match is not just his one match of the year as per his recent, part-time schedule in the past. HHH made the comment during one of this two (or more?) promos during this week’s RAW; Reigns has re-ignited a feeling (passion) in HHH, as it relates to in-ring competition.

I don’t think Triple H is training for just one day; and I think the best thing about pro wrestling is the shock value. What if, and this is a strong ‘what if’, Bray interferes in the WWE World Heavyweight title match? As much as the WWE has been teasing a Lesnar/Wyatt feud, the oh-so minor hints of the Wyatt Clan versus The Authority have been prevalent too: the incident at the 2016 Royal Rumble, when Wyatt did not follow Triple H’s instructions (like the other heels in the ring) and ended up hitting him instead; and who could forget the subtle tease by Wyatt, gently stroking the WWE title, while Triple H was holding it, during a recent RAW promo. Subtle yes, but also quite powerful.

Could Wyatt interfere in a way where he is attacking Triple H, yet costing Roman Reigns the title? Perhaps Roman receives a storyline injury post-match, to help him and the WWE re-organize thoughts around his gimmick and character, allowing Wyatt to enter the title race picture. Or perhaps Wyatt interferes in the match, costing HHH his title, adding heel heat on Reigns, and opening a door for an Authority versus Wyatt Family feud. It wouldn’t be for the WWE title, but it would still help elevate Wyatt into the spotlight.

These are just a few scenarios for Bray Wyatt, come Sunday. As a huge fan of Wyatt, I would ideally prefer the last scenario over the first one I suggested. Wyatt clearly holds a true passion for this business, and has created an out-of-the-box concept when it comes to his character and gimmick. It is saddening to think that Eva Marie may get a Wrestlemania moment, and Bray Wyatt is stuck on the sidelines on Sunday. However, if the past can be any indication of what is to come, I do not think that will be the case. Bray Wyatt will play some sort of role during Sunday’s card, and I do believe that he will have a tremendous WM moment; one that we will all be talking about Monday morning.

WNZ fans, do you think there is any substance to my theory? What role (if any) do you think that Bray Wyatt will be playing on Sunday, at Wrestlemania 32?

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  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Bray should’ve been fighting Taker instead of Shane imo

    • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

      I rather see Harper vs Taker but well umm… that can’t happen now

    • jcice13

      no way.having the match the way it is gives a lot more suspense to the company.bray vs taker is just another match albeit a good one while shane vs taker has buzz to shane staying or not? and if he is who’s going to help him beat taker etc

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        The problem is WWE is running 2 storylines that intertwine but don’t make sense. If Shane wins then HHH is gone but the main event is Reigns vs HHH ???? Also Shane was visibly winded from about 5 minutes of action and you expect him to execute a good program with more time ??? Cmon now. Bray is in his prime and really could use the push at this point in his career. Could you imagine a Hell in a Cell between those two !!!

        • jcice13

          they’re not really running 2 at the same time and the best thing would be for HHH to win and Shane to win and have Shane make HHH go through all the hoops that the authority has made Reigns and others go through on RAW every week.and even if Shane wins they the authority still have Smackdown right? and I don’t know if Shane was winded or not for sure or was he just selling the fact they went at it and he was making it look good.don’t assume things that are not in evidence.I am almost certain Shane has himself in some decent shape.and still it has more appeal than a Bray Taker match.there’s much more on the line and many more people are involved in the outcome and “lives” are affected.the story line is much the big question still remains is Shane staying?

        • Barooq Kidd #POP

          Technically HHH would be gone if Shane wins..could potentially lead to more matches from HHH also gives another way to blend NXT with the main roster

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    As people in the comment section know, I have been saying that “Big things are coming for Bray” for about 3 years now lol. It’s like creative doesn’t want to fully let Bray and the Wyatt Family be great. Organically, the Wyatts were over but having them lose every feud really damage them. Hopefully it will change soon #Fact #POP #LetBrayBeGreat

    • Dorathy

      We need to start a club Barroq! I feel like that year-after-year! Here’s hoping this year, is HIS year! #GiveBrayAChance!

      • Barooq Kidd #POP

        I’m down! ????????????

    • jcice13

      his losing means absolutely nothing, if they want him to be a major player they can just let him start winning it’s that simple

  • jcice13

    maybe Bray helps shane ?

  • Lemmy Is God

    I would say have the wyatts win the battle royal as a team, unfortunately Harper is out now

  • Mike

    I wonder, if bray is going to cost the undertaker inside hiac. He certainly could cost lesnar at wm too. I assume he is jumping into a fued with the beast. He should also win the battle royal and get involved in one of those two matches.

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