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Brie Bella’s Retirement

Off the cusp of her husband’s retirement, word is that Brie Bella may be leaving the WWE soon; something that she confirmed on a Good Morning America segment that aired on Tuesday, February 16th. She stated that she would be doing so sometime in the summer of 2016.

It makes absolute sense for Brie to hang up her wrestling boots, it’s no secret the diva has been wanting to start a family with her hubby for a while now, and really all considering, she (along with her sister Nikki) has had a tremendous nine-year career which allowed her some incredible opportunities. But what is the fall out of her retirement? With her hands currently in many WWE pots, it is no doubt that she cannot quickly leave the company behind, which explains why she does have a date in the summer in mind. Here are some thoughts.

Nikki Bella

Along with Nikki, Brie has built the Bella Twins brand within the WWE. I’m not imply that one cannot go on without the other; but still, it does seem odd seeing Brie without Nikki right now, as Nikki recovers from neck surgery. So, does Brie’s retirement mean that Nikki could hang up her overly-glamourized ring gear too? Nikki has accomplished a lot throughout her pro wrestling career, especially this past year when she broke AJ Lee’s record as longest-reigning WWE Divas champion. Moving on to other opportunities, outside of the ring really makes sense for her too. It still seems uncertain as to whether or not Nikki can even compete, due to her neck injury, and only time tell. Still, if she can, and decides to continue her sports entertainment career without Brie, she’ll have some huge obstacles in her way. With a divas division filled with incredible talent, Nikki will have to rely on more than just the Bella brand to endure continued success inside a WWE ring.

Outside The Ring

Many fans tend to question why the Bella Twins get the opportunities they get, or have gotten in the past within the WWE. Who they date/are married to aside, Brie and Nikki work well as WWE spokespeople outside what they do in the ring. They are staples when it comes to mainstream media opportunities (magazines covers, television interviews, and philanthropic activities) because of their good looks, and ability to act as credible spokespeople for the organization. While it seems that Paige, Charlotte, and Eva Marie may be honed to take over this role; once Brie does retire, the work she does outside the ring will be a huge gap to fill.

Total Divas

Now it is time to address the proverbial elephant in the room; E! Network’s huge hit, and WWE’s mainstream media darling, Total Divas. Premiering in 2013, the year the Bellas returned from a one-year hiatus from the company, the reality television show has had a solid run. From my estimate, the show may only have one more year left (counting this season); which is just enough time to cover Nikki’s neck surgery, Daniel Bryan’s retirement, Brie’s exit from pro wrestling, and most likely a proposal from John Cena. The timing is perfect for Brie to leave the WWE behind, and pursue motherhood. In this case, the moons were probably aligned for Brie’s exit in forms of contracts she has signed prior to her decision to become a mom. She has probably dotted all her I’s and crossed all her T’s; awaiting this opportunity to bid adieu to the WWE, her fans, and pursue motherhood.

The Divas Division

As I’ve already mentioned, The Bellas have accomplished a lot in their almost nine years of pro wrestling, and retirement, even for both twins, to me, makes sense. With a new crop of WWE divas invading the main roster, and a nice NXT cycle of new divas being trained for sports entertainment greatness; it’s time for the Bellas to step aside, and allow new talent to do their thing, break historical records, and create wrestling legacies. The divas division will be just fine without the Bella Twins, and I’m certainly not discrediting their fan base or what Brie or Nikki have accomplished. Still, wrestling careers, as it relates to the women’s division, don’t typically last for more than ten years or so (with some exceptions); so Brie should be proud of what she and Nikki accomplished over the years, the records they broke (together), and how they played a small role in the divas revolution that paved the way for female talents in the future.

Personal Note

While Nikki did impress me with some in-ring and mic improvements during her divas title reign; I always have favored Brie between both twins. Will I miss seeing her? Of course. However, time goes on, and things change; wrestlers retire, or move on to other promotions or opportunities. I do feel like she and Nikki did create a pro wrestling legacy that will be remembered for years to come, and whether you are a Bella hater or not; the fact is, they did play a role in the #GiveDivasAChance movement, and divas revolution, and as such, will forever be etched in WWE history. I personally wish nothing but the best for Brie, and Bryan Danielson moving forward, and hope they get a tremendous amount of joy from building a family together. While they achieved greatness in the ring, their true legacy and accomplishments are to come.

Will you miss Brie Bella, WNZ fans? How do you think her retirement will impact Nikki’s future, the future of the divas division, and other factors within the WWE? Leave your comment below!

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