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Why Is Brock Lesnar The Exception?

Another week has gone by in the WWE, and yet another two wrestlers have been slapped with (unidentified) violations to WWE’s Wellness Policy.

As this time around, it was real-life couple Alberto Del Rio and Paige, one can only assume (and I say assume, because the source of the violation has not been released), that it was a recreational substance of some sort. I guess it could be performance enhancing (a couple that trains together, stays together); but until something is leaked out or confirmed, this is all speculation. Only a short time ago, it seemed that Roman Reigns was also out for 30 days, after testing positive for Adderall use.

On the one hand, it’s good that the WWE is laying down the law; even with top superstars. On the other hand … there is then, Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar too, recently got busted for an anti-doping violation in the UFC. While WWE fans, pro wrestling journalists and spectators of both the WWE and UFC waited with anticipation; Lesnar remained somewhat unscathed by the entire scandal, in terms of the WWE. No slap on the wrists, no removal from SummerSlam, no suspension, no firing, no nothing.

Can the WWE be accused of favouritism here?

Especially when you consider the Billy Gunn situation. And I’m sure all of you out there remember, that in November of last year, the WWE fired Gunn after he tested positive for performance enhancing substances in an event unrelated to the WWE; a powerlifting competition.

While Billy Gunn certainly is not in the same spectrum as Brock Lesnar, their situations are very, very, similar. In fact, dare I say, Lesnar’s USADA violation (in my opinion) was bigger than Gunn’s, and ultimately, it hurt the WWE brand, far more. As one of WWE’s top superstars, Brock Lesnar is a talent, that attracts the masses. His WWE Lesnar persona is unstoppable. The company has built many a program around this character, that often times mirrors his real-life image. The fact that he got busted for performance enhancing drug only chips away at that persona.

Still, the wheels had already been more than in motion for Lesnar return; as he and Randy Orton were set headline SummerSlam, only WWE’s second largest pay-per-view (PPV) of the year. The announcement was made, and when an announcement is made for a high-profile WWE event; it’s pretty much set in stone. I’m sure marketing materials had already been approved, merchandise, advertisements, social media plans, and so much more. Hiding behind the idea that really, Lesnar had not violated WWE’s Wellness Policy, and therefore, how do they have the authority to punish him, is a valid point; especially when they want to promote and move SummerSlam forward. He’s a part-time employee, that shows up on a limited basis.

So, in an effort to move along the much-hyped Viper versus Beast program, one must wonder, will Lesnar get punished, post-SummerSlam? Will he lose to Randy Orton (cleanly)? Will ViperVille make a mockery out of Suplex City? Only time will tell …

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