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Brock Lesnar – Randy Orton: Program 14 Years In The Making

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After fourteen years Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar will finally have a solid, established program.

Hard to believe, that two of the biggest WWE superstar’s in the company’s recent history have never had a feud or program together; especially since they, along with Dave Bautista and John Cena, all made their WWE debuts in 2002. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I know you will), barring a quick match on SmackDown in the fall of 2002, these two have yet to ever have a one-on-one match.

And here we are, 2016, with a reveal about to hit SmackDown tonight (or for all you Canadian fans, a reveal that was done a day early, on SportsNet’s Aftermath television show last night); the WWE Universe finally gets to see The Beast versus The Viper.

There have been rumors flying for months on who Lesnar would face, and since the WWE announced Lesnar’s opponent would be revealed on SmackDown, Randy Orton was high on the list of potential candidates. While there are many ways this could have unfolded, I’m glad the WWE decided to go with Orton. Thanks to the 2002 brand extension, when both of these superstars debuted, Lesnar went to SmackDown, Orton hit Monday Night RAW; and these two had little to no interaction with each other. Lesnar only really lasted in the WWE for two years after he hit, and when he returned, he came back on a part-time schedule. While neither of these competitors’ careers are close to being over, they both are certainly in great condition, and a program at this point in time, if handled well by WWE Creative, will be a great one.

And what a way for Randy Orton to return from injury. I was a little concerned for how Orton would come back. A lot has happened since Orton took a break in September 2015, due to a shoulder injury. There have been many new arrivals, debuts, NXT calls up; and the company has ushered in a new era. I was honestly worried that Randy would get lost in the shuffle. As well, there is the brand extension business going on currently, and while Orton is (hands down) a main eventer; there are plenty of new WWE superstars nipping at his heels to take his prime spot. It is a grand way to return: this hush-hush announcement not only signifies that Orton is a marquee superstar, on the same level as Lesnar; but to also be a part of the first match booked for WWE’s second largest pay-per-view of the year … well that’s big.

I’m looking forward to seeing these two, not only in a quality program that will help promote SummerSlam; but also in a match together. While Lesnar is sure to take Orton to Suplex City, I’m hoping that at some point in the match – regardless of whether Randy wins or not – we see an RKO on the Beast … out of no where, of course!

WNZ fans, what are your thoughts on Randy Orton versus Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam! Leave your comments below!

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  • Mike

    I think he’s the perfect opponent, we will see a great and solid program. Also although you’d think lesnar will
    Win, orton is one of a few who could Spring a surprise and defeat the beast.

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    Would like it to be the beast vs the legend killer. Wish he would bring the punt back to this match. He’s gonna need it.

  • CommonSense

    If its Orton then they should have done it as surprise… not like this ,just naming the opponent and making it as a feud….the best thing would have been like have Orton RKO brock on Raw after the UFC 200….then have him say he is the most dominant person in the roster(somethinng along the line)…. just think of the pop that they will get for this….

  • Si Nicholls

    Would prefer both to be up against an up and coming wrestler, I saw the headline and had zero interest in this bout, saying that thou I have never cared for Ortan and haven’t missed him at all, so it could just be that.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    It’s a good matchup, just wish that Brock’s moveset included more moves lol

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