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Brock Lesnar’s Next Move

After UFC 200, Brock Lesnar’s stock has dramatically risen. We know Lesnar meets Randy Orton at SummerSlam; beyond that, we don’t know what’s next for Lesnar so it’s time to make some guesses.
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  • Fat Owens Fat

    Lisnow’s next pointless article.
    *inserts slideshow in 4 pages*

    • BooGonk

      I have a theory that a lot of these are Ravens’, He’s just getting his own name wrong.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        No. Its just a case of Lisnow catching the Ravensitis. He’s been screwing things up for over a year now at around the same time frame as everyone started complaining about Andrew’s typos and zero proofreading skills.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Anyway, Lesnar only went back to the UFC so he could gain some leverage against stingy Vince when its time to renew his next contract. If anybody remembers the last time there was a negotiation, Lesnar was reportedly fuming that Vince wasn’t paying him what he thought was fair for a guy of his caliber. With this win over hunt, Lesnar now has a chance to show Vince that Dana is more interested and is willing to pay the big bucks to return to the Octagon and if Vince wants Lesnar to remain in the WWE he’s going to have to match Dana’s offer or better it by a huge margin in the near future.

    • Mike

      Stingy Vince? Lesnar is a part time guy who easily gets 4-5 mil a year if
      Not more. Plus March and everything. I’m sure wwe pay him very well.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Didn’t Lesnar walk out of one RAW after some heated backstage incident with Vince regarding his contract issues around February last year?

        • Mike

          Yeah I believe so. But that’s just as much to do with Brock being greedy I
          Would say. He can be greedy though he is worth a lot to the wwe I get that. That was when there was speculation he was leaving wwe, of course they did reach a conclusion, Vince allows Brock to do things he wouldn’t let anybody else do such as the ufc crossover and advertising his own brands on wwe tv, the wwe deal Brock has is an amazing deal there is no doubt.

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