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Bruno Sammartino’s Induction Legitimizes WWE Hall of Fame


Every few years a wrestler retires and it’s time to induct them in the WWE Hall of Fame (HOF). There are maybe five wrestlers who truly defined the sport enough to earn such an honor, and without question, Bruno Sammartino is at the top of that list. While many current wrestling fans may not be familiar with the name, ask someone in their 50’s about Sammartino and they could talk for hours.

His lists of accomplishments are unheard of and will never be surpassed, and some of his most memorable moments involve Madison Square Garden and defending the WWE title in the historic building. It’s only fitting that he’s inducted in the arena that he helped make famous.

Sammartino will always be remembered for his first run with the WWE belt, which, at 2,803 days, was the longest run to date. His next reign was 1,237 days, for a combined total of 4,040. Don’t think for a minute that those are typos. Before there was glitz and glamor, it was Sammartino’s pure toughness that sold out shows for the better part of two decades.

It’s tough to resist rattling off Sammartino’s records, so I leave it with the numbers above. When everyone was talking about CM Punks impressive 400-plus-day reign, that was nothing compared to this. Since Sammartino’s number is truly astonishing and one of those few records that cannot be duplicated, the WWE needs to rewrite history by calling Punk the longest reigning champion in the modern area.


For Sammartino, his HOF induction is long overdue. He honestly belonged in the first class, but due to differences with how Vince McMahon Jr. ran the company, the two never got along. Let’s hopes that’s old news and they can work together now on great pieces. I want to hear all of Sammartino’s stories and I’m doubtful he can squeeze it into one HOF speech.

I never thought the day would come when Sammartino got inducted into the WWE HOF. Clearly, McMahon and Sammartino are able to put aside their differences for the better of the fans – and that’s who this moment belongs to. With him joining this year’s class, it makes the HOF feel whole, as there couldn’t be one without “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino.


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  • Z….

    The only reason why I wont drop everything to go to New York for this one night is the fact that the speeches will be limited to 4 minutes or so instead of what it should be. the Hall of Fame ceremony I went to for WM 24 was absolutely amazing, and when they cut off Ric Flair, the entire building bood. We would have gladly sat there for another couple of hours. The next year was the first year of the limited speeches, and being there, it felt that Terry Funk, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat and others werent able to speak like they rightfully deserved. It just wasnt the same as the year before and wasnt what it could have been.

    • CMmox

      That’s bull!

      • Chelsii

        Mega bull.

      • Mick

        It is not bull, I am a personal friend of Z – I knew his father before he passed away and he has been intimate with my younger sister in the past.

        I find it offensive (and, quite frankly, laughable!) that you doubt his credibility.

        Please do not slander, insult, or insinuate that my lifelong friend – Z – has ever done anything dubious or untoward again.

        Or you will pay.

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        I realise that most sane people may have have stopped reading many sentences ago, some people would’ve stopped sentences and sentences before that.

        Do I care?


        I am relentless.

        That’s right, relentless.

        Don’t mess,
        Don’t guess,
        I’ll make you undress,
        Cause undue distress,

        I am the guardian of Z.

        I…. am Mick,

        *Coming soon to a ‘resterling site near you soon*

        • CMmox

          Man honestly you didn’t have to right all these things, lol. By “that’s bull” I meant that the speech time should be longer. That’s what the comment was about. I agreed with the guy.

          • Mick

            Oh so now you want to make things personal?

            You want to beat down on a man who has a day free to do anything he likes? You want to beat down on a man who is chilling out on the sofa on his only day off? With no focus, other than being the sole guardian of the almighty Z?

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            Let’s go big man.

          • CMmox

            What are you talking about?

          • Mick

            What am I talking about?




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          • CMmox

            WTF? You need help dude. SERIOUSLY!

          • Mick

            No you’re the one who will need help, my ‘friend’.
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            Beat that.

            Freemasonry awaits you
            “if you have the spirit to fight, we will ordain you into club with might” – Grand Master of the House of England.

        • Z….


          • CMmox

            Man, seriously what’s wrong with this guy?

          • Z….

            i think its an easier question to ask whats not wrong with him

          • CMmox

            lol true

        • Chelsii

          tl:dr – probably stupid.

    • Mick

      you sound like you’ve witnessed some memorable speeches Z!

  • Adam Daniel John Thompson

    While Sammartino legitimizes the HOF a bit, remember WWE have put people likeKoko B. Ware and Drew Carey on the same pedestal.