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Can Charlotte Stand Alone?

WWE Hall of Fame
After giving her dear ol’ dad the boot during the May 23rd edition of Monday Night RAW, Charlotte continues to elevate her heel status within the women’s division of the main WWE roster.

Big move, bold move, but much-needed move for Charlotte to move forward. In fact … hasn’t it been something many of us have wanted to see for a while now?

While “The Nature Boy” provided Charlotte plenty of heat with the fans, and helped with her transition from face to heel; in a lot of ways, continuing to live in the shadows of his legacy was hurting Charlotte, long term.

Charlotte and Flair parting ways (onscreen only, I’m sure) allows the Women’s Champ the opportunity to write a new chapter in her story, and really carve a concrete path of her own. She’s accomplished a lot in her short history with the company; and while aligning with her two-time WWE Hall of Fame father helped her create and maintain a heel persona, it certainly was time for her to drift out on her own.

The question is, how will she do?

I think she will do more than alright. She’s got solid mic skills, tremendous athleticism, and a clear passion for the industry. While she did brush off Ric, she’s not standing entirely alone, and what I like about the Dana Brooke/Charlotte alliance is their pure aggression. They aren’t bully, girly heels like The Bellas, (or even LayCool from back in the day) who liked to make fun of the girls on the roster in a shallow, one-dimensional way; Brooke and Charlotte are brutes that have no problem using force and bending the rules, to get what they want, and this is not only key when it comes to The New Era, but a reflection on how WWE’s women’s wrestling in general, is moving forward within the company.

The even bigger question is, where does Charlotte move on from here? The hard part in all of this, is ensuring her push and title reign, remain firm. I know there are many WWE fans out there that want to see Sasha Banks with gold around her waist (myself included); however, SummerSlam is still months away, and one small program can help solidify Charlotte’s new independence. This team needs to dominate the women’s division, and Charlotte needs to retain the Women’s title in a strong way (at least once or twice) in order to prove that she certainly does not need daddy, and she can spread her wings and fly solo, and successfully; if they fail to do so, it’ll seem like Naitch has in fact carried her all this time.

WNZ fans! What do you think? Do you like a solo Charlotte, without Ric Flair? What about her alliance with Dana? Leave your comments below!

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  • countyboy98

    With the segment with her and Stephenie last night makes you wonder if they’re not going to have a run at each other

    • Edynol

      I’m thinking that was more of a subtle hint that Steph is turning face, or at least tweener, for when she takes over RAW when the split happens. But whatever the reason, I love that segment. 😛

  • Edynol

    Yeah Charlotte will do fine. She did it before in NXT and she can do well again, maybe even better now that she has more experience. She’s great as a face and a heel, is arguably the best wrestler in the division, and while her promos are still in need of some work, she’s young and is getting better. Even if she does lose the title at the next PPV, this has already been career launching run.

    She made a strong impact during her feud with Paige as a face champion, so we know she can do it alone. But a now she’s heel, and heels should act like heels. Cheat, act horribly, run away, etc. Look back at all the greats, Macho Man, Piper, Flair, HHH, etc. People seem to forget all the cowardly things they did as heals, but did it impact their careers any? Hell no it didn’t. Looking strong is mostly for faces. Heels, not so much. Yeah they need some decisive wins to keep looking credible, and they usually get those against whoever is not in the title picture or receiving a push ATM.

    Charlotte will be fine. Her fans, myself included, all know how capable she is and what she can do and she’ll only get better. I mean, if you listen to some of Ric’s shoots on his podcast, one that really stood out was one where he mentioned, “the figure four never beat anybody! I lost more as champ than at any other point in my career, and I was champ for most of it!”. It was really funny, I recommend listening to his podcast. Charlotte is already ahead of him on that front having made plenty tap out. So I see a bright future for her.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Charlotte is a very skilled wrestler but her mic skills are ehh… She doesn’t need Dana Brooke at all but obviously they have big plans for Dana as well by aligning her with Charlotte.

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