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Should Shane McMahon & Undertaker Close Wrestlemania 32?

For the most part, the March 21st edition of Monday Night RAW was a bit of letdown. However, Twitter exploded a tad, right after the second video montage building up the Taker versus Shane Hell in a Cell (HIAC) match at Wrestlemania 32. Specifically, it was near the end of the video, where Chris Jericho drops the word ‘main event’ when referring to the match up, and then goes on to say it could be the ‘biggest main event in Wrestlemania history’. For those who may have taken a bathroom break at this point in time, the video is below.
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Bomb dropped, game changed, Twitter goes nuts, and CM Punk is somewhere in Chicago crying in his Blackhawks jersey.

Let me start off by saying, NOTHING has been confirmed yet from what I can tell, and really, I am only going by the rambling of Chris Jericho. Plus, Y2J could’ve meant main event in the fact that this HIAC match is really one of Wrestlemania 32’s main draws; and might not close the slow. Still, I’m torn by the idea either way.

On the one hand, how could a HIAC match not close Wrestlemania? It’s HIAC, and it’s The Phenom. We’re talking about The Undertaker, hands down, one of the biggest draws in WM history taking on the prodigal son, Shane McMahon. How long have many WWE fans patiently waited, prayed, and begged for Shane-O-Mac to return to the WWE, and in the ring? And really, one Twitter commenter (above) did put it best, what else is the WWE suppose to come up with, as half the roster is slowly (but surely) hitting the injury list?

Then there is the other side of me. I’m an old-fashioned gal who generally likes to see the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match close a show … any show, which includes pay-per-views (PPV) and of course, the biggest show of the year. And as much as I love the Taker, and love the fact that Shane has returned, is it fair to have give this prestigious closing WM match to a man who has been away from the company for about six years?

More importantly, to be quite frank, I also feel like the story around Taker and Shane is utterly confusing and the roll out to this entire program has been poorly executed (which is an article in itself). Does it deserve to close the show? Hate to tap into some ageism here, but should two men who are 50 (or nearing their 50s) really be handed this opportunity?

Still, what other options does the WWE have? The Rock can’t and won’t wrestle. The other matches that are lining up within the card will entertain, but are not close to being Wrestlemania-main event worthy. Well, there is Roman versus HHH, the obvious choice. However, if the outcome is what we all think it is, and the crowd is still undecided about they feel (as whole) when it comes to Reigns, does the WWE risk closing with their championship match, and having the WWE Universe worldwide listen to the top baby face get booed from the live crowd at their largest PPV of the year?

Perhaps at the end of the day, Taker and Shane closing WM 32 might be what is best for business right now. The match itself is sure to be epic, and with just under two weeks before the big event, who’s to say some gaps won’t be filled for storyline purposes during next week’s RAW, or perhaps within the match itself.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Should the HIAC Taker/Shane bout close the show at WM 32? What are the chances it will? Leave your comments below!

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  • Zack

    If anyone recalls my storyline idea of Vince becoming regretful and concerned for his son’s wellbeing at the end of the match where to paraphrase he goes in to help him and they embrace at the end after several moments of anticipation and then they walk out together as father and son. That would be an appropriate way to send the fans home happy.

    Bold prediction though. Triple H will retain the title.

    • Dorathy

      Bold is good!

    • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #?


  • Damian Starr

    it’ll surely only close the show so it doesn’t end with Reigns getting booed out the stadium haha but I’m predicting taker to lose after RAW’s announcement, he’s a true old school guy and they go out on their back!

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

    Backstage at Wrestlemania 32:
    “Do you hear the crowd cheering for Roman after he won the title from my son-in-law? *does the fake Vince laugh*”- Vince

    “Uhh… They’ve been booing Roman for the last 30 minutes sir”- WWE Official


    But yes, Taker vs Shane should close the show if you want send the crowd home happy instead of sending them home mad.

    • Dorathy


  • Lisa

    Shane vs Taker should close the show. There’s too much at stake and I believe it’s the most anticipated match on the card. Mammoth-nose Triple H in another ‘Mania main event would be a terrible idea.

  • Crazy_Victor

    I can only see this match as the main event if Taker is going to retire, and i don’t think it will be the case although he loses. Also, it’s an indoor stadium so they don’t need to be late to be dark (for entrance purposes). The WWE Title will be the main event. At this point, after all this time, I don’t think the WWE is worried to have the champ being booed. Of course they would prefer to have Roman being cheered, but at this point it’s not gonna happen.

  • countyboy98

    The title match should always end the show

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