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John Cena, Don’t Kill The Club

After seeing the beating of the returning John Cena by The Club on RAW, I had two thoughts.

First, I am sorry and with all apologies to the MITB participants of what was the main event…the Cena beating should have been in the final segment. That’s a beating that, when you have the members of The Club standing over a broken Cena? You fade out. Boom. Show over. It’s a bad spot for it at 10pm, even if WWE was aiming to avoid losing viewers to the big game 7.

Second? The last time Cena took such a beating from a group, or at least the one that really jumps to my mind, was Cena getting laid out by Nexus (also, a main event segment). But this is cause for concern, because we all know how that wound up. Cena didn’t put Nexus over in the long run, and what could have been a lengthy run for a young heel stable fizzled out too fast. Now, the majority of the guys involved in that group are out of WWE, which is not exactly how we pictured things going.

So, I beg of John Cena: do not kill, do not bury The Club.

Now, in all honesty, I don’t think there’s a big chance for that to happen here. Nexus were rookies, and for them, to be suddently thrust into a main event opportunity, you just grab that and run with it. AJ, Anderson and Gallows are not rookies. They are as experienced as Cena is, so they know how to deal with booking and are likely savvy enough to stand up to any bad booking.

But, if in a few months, Cena has gone over The Club and none of it’s founding (in WWE) trio is amounting to much? Then I reserve the right to revisit this and hold it against Cena. He’s buried his fair share, he needs not bury this group!

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  • Mike

    I doubt he will, I see styles coming out looking very strong from this feud. Gallows and Anderson could be tag champs soon as well. I believe out of any face of the company in wwe, cena has done the most for new and younger talent.

    • The Prince Of All Saiyans

      Doesn’t surprise me one bit that you feel that will but I strongly disagree.

      • Mike

        So who did more for young talent? Certainly not hogan, or Austin or the rock, cena has moved away from the wwe title picture and happily puts people over now. The others guys just left when they’re time as the main guy was starting to come
        To an end.

        • The Prince Of All Saiyans

          The Rock did way more for young talent. The Rock has held a World Title 8 times for only 400+ days, Cena has held a World Title 15 times for 1000+ days. The Rock became a part time wrestler before his time as the main guy was even coming to an end, he became a movie star in 2002 and wrestled his last match in 2004. This is the last time i’m replying to you about this because i know you’ll defend Cena till the very end no matter how wrong you are so end of discussion.

          • Mike

            That’s because cena has been at the top way longer than rock was. The Rock did not wrestle his last match in 2004 that’s wrong as well, he had those two matches with cena and technically he fought at the last mania. I don’t understand how winning the World title less means You’ve helped young talent. Surely losing and putting over different guys matters a lot more. Which cena has done, surely the us open challenges where cena fought guys who had become afterthoughts and had 15-20 minute matches with them is putting a spotlight on them too, losing to Kevin Owens on his First night on the main roster, no way Austin, hogan or rock does that.

  • Jakerams

    As much as I like these guys honestly I want Cena to win if Reigns did. I want Cena to outdo Reigns and eventually make Reigns tap out.

  • cp munk

    I think turning styles heel, and the club in general was stupid direction to go. Unless styles beats Cena in this feud and the club has that take over mentality like nexus this will all be a waste. Styles is a fan favorite, he doesn’t need to be a heel. There are plenty of other heels already on the show. A lot of eyes are on the club and everyone rooted for styles. This whole thing is kinda awkward.

  • Mean Dean

    Cena should have a shirt that says “get ready, to get buried “

  • jcice13

    I 100% agree that this angle should have closed the show and anyone who doesn’t? well I guess we just differ in wrestling angles…but this was huge, and maybe there’ll be some other members added to the club like Balor?..but the thing I liked most was that I had zero idea it was coming, I think anyone who says they did was just guessing or wishing….and the fact it came out of the blue made me very happy, it’s been a long time since I’ve been surprised by an angle and they did it to perfection..and with AJ going back into the ring 3 more times to lay Cena out? nice so much so that Anderson had to pull Styles off him..Kudos to the writers who came up with that one
    also I agree that if Cena some how buries the club it’s bad and he shoot be shot with sh#t and thrown in jail for stinking

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    I don’t know how this storyline in the end will end up for AJ because we all know how a typical Cena storyline goes, but all I know is that they’re going to have good matches.

    • jcice13

      like a great dancer AJ will lead Cena through a good match hopefully they don’t let Johnny boy make him look bad

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


    • Joseph Lisnow


    • Someguy


  • The Middle Finger

    He can still beat members one on one without “killing” them.

    People blow it way out of proportion.

    • jcice13

      if you beat members one on one you kill the momentum I mean you don’t expect him to beat them one of 3 do you??? and I respectfully disagree, beating them DOES take the shine off them, they just started here…they HAVE to beat Cena down and they have to get the tag belts etc

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