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Cena’s Return: YOUR Perspective

While watching Raw last night, we learned that eternal King of the WWE-mountain John Cena is set to return at Hell In a Cell on October 27th after missing significant time off to repair a torn triceps. Cena’s send-off (from fans) wasn’t exactly smooth, but he deserves respect for his mass appeal, work ethic, and respect for the business. Still, after handing off the reigns to Daniel Bryan on the Raw after Summerslam, it was widely accepted that we wouldn’t see Cena until somewhere around the Royal Rumble. According to Vickie Guerrero, plans have changed, as Cena’s set to return at Hell In A Cell to face off with Alberto Del Rio. Like him or hate him, his return (whether now or later) will be a huge deal in the world of wrestling. After hearing of the news, WNZ readers took to the comments and your opinions were insightful, unique, and clever. Here’s what you said about Cena’s impending return: (as of midday October 8th, 2013)

Backstage News on AJ’s injury and Cena’s return, AJ & Tamina

I like Cena but it’s way too [damn] early for him to return.

Dheena Engira Dinesh:
Rey Mysterio is returning Next Week ..So He May Be Challenging ADR at Hell in a cell and cena is just for angle

Jacob’s Verbal Fist:
Nah, Cena will be replaced by Bruno. He’ll win the title at age 78!! #RussoBooking


Big Show Update, Former Divas reunite, Post-Raw reaction

He’s not. (in response to a question of why Cena’s returning so early)


WWE Raw in a Nutshell

Tyler Drummond
If Cena wins the World Title dont be surprised if we dont see it on Smackdown. Especially with Bryan or Orton being the next WWE Champion and both of them being on SD. We could be in for another “switch”. Like from 2008.

Sean Patrick (in response to the above comment)
Feels like this whole thing is a way to put the WHC on Cena and have him oull the SD ratings out of the crapper. It then leads to a nice Champion vs. Champion angle between him and Bryan as enemies AND partners, simialr to Cena and HBK. Maybe Team ADRKO for the heels??


Raw Play by Play

Brandon Wise
Hmmm Cena must be a very fast healer. Gonna help Smackdown a lot though.

Charles Smith
Damn I was hoping we wouldn’t see Cena until 2014.

Joseph Douglas
Dammit!! So much for enjoying wrestling without Cena. I was looking forward to another 4 or 5 months without him. Now he is going to win his 14 world title. What a disgrace. Flair won 16 in a career that spanned decades while Cena has won 13 since 2005.

Just Pro
Was hoping for wade barrett… How the heck does Cena get a shot? He did nothing to earn it? I mean what about pushing future stars like Barrett and have him get in there as the repackaged guy… WTF… Was hoping Cena won’t be back till wrestlemania only make sense for him to help Bryan against the authority… WWE fails again… UGH

JMD (in response to above comment)
wwe probably realizes ADR isn’t too over….and panicked by bringing john back at least a month ahead of schedule.

happy for him if hes a fast healer, but it’s not always good to rush back from injury.


What we learned on Raw

If Cena returns, we riot!

Actually, Del Rio isn’t much better. I don’t know what to do with my angst. I don’t like Del Rio, but I don’t want to see Cena come back this early. I like WWE without him in a Main Event scene, hogging spotlight.

I thought they’d elevate some younger talent while he was away. I liked the youth movement.

xXwindsofchangeXx  in response to TheJRock890
I actually don’t mind Cena coming back for this instance because it will help the WHC to matter again and he’s not chasing the WWE Title. That, and he’s not making a ‘surprise’ return at the Royal Rumble, which would have been eye-rollingly predictable. Depth is an issue for the WHC. Always has been. Obviously, Bryan and Orton are feuding, you’ve got Punk feuding with Heyman/Ryback/Axel, Cody (who would be the next logical guy to elevate) and Goldust aren’t done with the Shield yet, Jericho’s still away, Sheamus is hurt, Mark Henry’s hurt, Rey Mysterio’s hurt and might not ever be back… I think WWE wants Sandow to cash in on someone that matters.

What I’d like to see happen is Cena beat Alberto Del Rio for the title, then have Del Rio hit the Cross Armbreaker on Cena’s injured arm, which is a surefire way to get Del Rio some heat (possibly with the option of giving Cena two more months off to sell the injury and heal for the RR), have Sandow cash in on Cena and win the WHC and feud in the months following with either Rhodes or Ziggler, who have both pinned Sandow since Sandow won the briefcase.

No doubt that the court of public opinion on Cena’s return is as diverse as it is expansive, but xXwindsofchangeXx brings up a great point. This scenario of Sandow cashing in works out for all parties involved and takes Cena back off TV for a few months to A: complete rehab and B. give fans a break from the constant Cena overexposure that they were overcoming with him off television. When you realize that Cena’s return could be a veiled way of helping Sandow actualize his star potential, then Cena’s return isn’t so grating or detrimental. Sure, they could have brought Christian back, created a 6-pack challenge to show off younger mid-carders, or had Rey Mysterio/Mark Henry square off with Del Rio (Henry’s healthy and Rey would be able to return by the end of October according to reports) but having Sandow beat an injured Cena to become WHC does a number of things:

-turns a legion of marks against him,

-brings him good heat as a heel champion,

-takes Cena back off the air to continue rehab and rest,

-and opens the door for feuds that will really embody the essence of the youth movement that is occurring in the wake of Cena’s injury.

This scenario would be perfect for the WWE: it creates new top stars in Sandow, Rhodes, and Ziggler, alleviates Cena’s overexposure while using his starpower, and keeps the Main Event scene fresh for fans, whether they are marks, smarks, or anything in between. While the scenario described by xXwindsofchangeXx is a panacea to most of the issues surrounding the WHC, we can only hope that the WWE will be wise enough to use it.

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  • TheHotDogKing

    I don’t despise John Cena, but I was getting used to not seeing him and I did not have a problem with that.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I think that’s kind of the general feeling. But it wasn’t like Cena had retired, never to return. He’s just coming back a bit sooner than expected – which I think people sort of should have seen coming from a mile away, because that’s what Cena’s always done whenever he’s suffered an injury. Although I do wonder if his need to do that – or WWE’s need for him to do that, no matter whose it is – won’t shorten his career for the long run. It’s crazy to think about but Cena’s already on the back half of his career. Could he go until he’s 42 or 43? Probably (although the pattern of recent injuries forcing him to the shelf a couple of years in a row now might suggest otherwise). Does he want to? Nobody really knows that but him.

      In any case, while I think the simultaneous injury to Sheamus exacerbated the situation, I think the last few months exposed WWE’s weakness as a promotion in the sense that they weren’t prepared to deal with life without Cena. Given TNA’s current state, they could get away with it, but if the moment ever came where someone had the funding and business savvy to go toe-to-toe with them, this could’ve been a disaster. When you put too many of your eggs in one basket, if that basket breaks, you’re left with no eggs.

  • Devon

    I think its funny how in my original comment I said fuckin but they substituted it with the word damn. Lol this site is more pg than WWE and the NFL combined

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Devon: “I think its funny how in my original comment I said [damn] but they substituted it with the word damn…”

      • Abudadein

        Devon loves the f-word. In recent weeks, he used it to ask a girl out on a date, he shouted it at his niece’s baptism, and he also unabashedly said it three or four times when he was visiting his grandmother in the hospital, who is in the palliative care unit. He’s a class act, that Devon.

        • Devon

          My grandma died last November. My great grandmother died this year. So fucku!!! And I dont have a niece and the last time I asked a girl out it turned out she was 12 and I will be 16 in 2 weeks. And I actually did say fuckin. So u are right about part of your statement

          • Abudadein

            At least your great grandmother and grandmother don’t have to be subjected to your thoughtless deployment of profanity anymore, unlike the rest of us.

          • Devon

            If u wanna get technical, u r reading it not lostening to it. And I have first amendment rights. If u r an American citizen so do you. Say what u fuckin wanna say dude

          • Darsow44

            Yes, you have the right to express yourself like a nitwit, and you are doing it very well.

          • jcice13

            yes you do have those rights but I can guarantee that if you were in public say at a restaurant or airport and used that language you’ll be thrown out

          • jcice13

            how does one losten??? and why does every person who has to use obscenities hide behind the first amendment and tell us about it like we just never knew it existed?

          • Abudadein

            He might be referring to the Glassjaw song “Losten,” which includes the f-word numerous times? Or, he’s just super sloppy and stupid.

      • Devon


  • CatchWrestler

    Cena’s coming back? Well, there goes everyone else’s push

    • Joseph Douglas

      Exactly. I thought the WWE was actually in the midst of a change for the better. Only a matter of time before he replaces Daniel Bryan in this feud. Watch and see. At Hell in a Cell the Shield will cost Cena the title, which will automatically make him more important that Bryan in the eyes of the WWE.

      • The_Fearless_Diva

        No I don’t think so.

      • Jbreed

        Change for the better? Until John Cena retires or dies things will never change.

    • The_Fearless_Diva

      No everybody will still get a push to the top.

  • puckdinah1

    You don’t have to like John Cena but you have to respect the fact that he always comes back sooner than expected from injury and not 100% healthy. Apart from Bret Hart and HBK, who else would have done that?

    • Chelsii?


    • jcice13

      just about any one else who’s insecure and is afraid his spot might be taken…and I’m not saying that as a knock on Cena..it’s just the way this business is, getting to the top echelon isn’t as tough as staying there for 10 plus years, and the window of opportunity vis-a-vis age is also a big reason to do it, they just don’t have 30 years then a pension they need to make the most money they can as quickly as they can. tough world that wrestling

  • The_Fearless_Diva

    I don’t see what the big deal is about John Cena coming back. Everybody knew he was coming back. And albof the idiots saying that they hope that he gets reinjured and not wrestle again is so pointless. And plus people are complaining about him taking over and taking other people spots is so annoying. John Cena is coming back get over it.

  • Zakaria Boukaddouss

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  • JH

    I think it’s a bad idea for him to come back so soon, but I’m not his doctor, or him, so I don’t know if he’ll be putting his elbow at risk again or not.

    However, I’m glad they’re not forcing him in to the WWE title picture, and would look forward to him having a run with the WHC. But I absolutely love xXwindofchangeXx’s scenario, Who better for Sandow to cash in on than Cena? Can’t wait to see him return.

  • jcice13

    if he’s medically cleared and ready I see no reason why he shouldn’t come back, it depends on how bad his injury was and how well the operation went and his rehab…coming back 3 -5 weeks earlier than expected isn’t all that much, now if he was supposed to be on the shelf till mania and came back this fast that’s a didn’t story, but a few weeks?? not a big deal

  • Jbreed

    John Cena’s return is an act of desperation. I’m sure most of us adults didn’t have anything to do with the decline in ratings ever since Cena went down. Probably most of it has to do with the little Jimmies who are not begging their fathers to let them watch Monday Night Raw just to see John Cena.

  • YoungAngryMan

    Ugh. Iv been trying to commit suicide before he returns, but i’m having no luck :(

  • johnnybegoode65

    I heard that they overstated his time away on purpose. Everything is a work, kids.

  • Miroslav Mates

    WWE was more fun to watch without Cena…As TheHotDogKing said…I got used to that and it is nice to see different matches than those Cena´s matches which are all the same:(

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