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Cena’s Not So Bad


Regardless of how most feel about the man, it is clear that the man that Santino Marrella calls “Jawn Chey-na” is most assuredly back. Back to winning titles, pleasing young fans, being the poster boy for WWE partnerships, and dividing opinions among legions of viewers. Last night, he punctuated that comeback with a victory and another run with the World Heavyweight Title, and while some may eyeroll (I know I initially did) the thought of another Cena title reign, his comeback will actually be best for business.

cena returnsIn winning that title, Cena wrestled a halfway decent match last night against one of the more underrated workers in the company, Alberto Del Rio. He threw around some dropkicks (using one to counter an aerial move from Del Rio), took a nasty tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, traded submissions with Del Rio, avoided using all of the 5 Moves of doom, and even pulled off a Tornado DDT. Del Rio and Cena have good chemistry in matches, and it was evident. From a wrestling perspective, his comeback was good relative to what he used to do and the formulaic wrestler that he used to be. The match saw good performances from both men, and a crowd reaction that Cena rarely meets—a minority of boos.

It seems that a significant part of the crowd in Miami, at the very least recognized what Cena brings to the company and how his presence adds to the show. It also seems that many of them respect Cena for actually being a man who lives out what he says. Cena has often said that he’s committed not to his own stardom but to making the WWE a successful company, and with where he returned that is exceedingly clear. Although the lone dominant figure in the last 10 years of the history of the WWE Title, Cena did not return to disrupt that landscape. He came back to add prestige and star power to a weak World Heavyweight Title picture that has seen Alberto Del Rio be the stalwart heel with few sustained challenges.

cena bryan featured 4Cena’s return invigorates the World Heavyweight Title scene and brings prominence back to the belt, while allowing other stars to ascend the ranks and become household names at the same time. Cena’s return and relative avoidance of the spotlight is admirable. In his return, he’s strengthening weak parts of the product, while allowing Daniel Bryan to continue his surge to becoming a household name as a face. The World Heavyweight Title picture has been ravaged by injuries and vendettas, (specifically against Dolph Ziggler and Christian) so the space is in dire need of a strong, stable presence like Cena to help it get back to the prestigious level that it maintained even as recently as a year ago.  Let’s not forget that Cena can also make a new star if Damien Sandow cashes in on Cena and then has a memorable, career-igniting feud. This version of Cena—the one that isn’t constantly being shoved in the face of fans while in the WWE Title picture—is a palatable one. Many fans have complained stated that Cena isn’t the problem, it’s more of how they use him. Now that they’re using him to potentially strengthen the Blue Brand and the overall product in subtle ways, you may see some people appreciate him more.

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  • fj2305

    C’mon Sandow would be fine if he cashes in on ADR!!! And now that Cena is Champ it prevails Sandow to turn face. I don’t like it that WWE let Cena hold one of the 2 major titles again. They should just give Sandow a chance to show what he is like as World Champ, give him a damn try,.. Does he need Cena to get over? Would it hurt someone to see Sandow vs. ADR? No… It was a move out of desperation by the WWE, cause they have no trust in Sandow to become Champ already, no instead Cena has to come back, cause he cannot sit at home and rest himself and get cured, he cannot stop to get another candy cube in form of the WHC. Nice job BTW with Ziggler last year, remember they had put him in a feud with Cena, just to make him better and stronger to make him a worth Champ when he cashes in the briefcase? He already was over, he already proved that he can perform on a high level. What was the ending of that? 10 months, 10 long month he waited to cash it in and to get a chance proving the WWE that he is worth to hold the belt and he lost one month later? Did we really need Cena to have the belt just to make Sandow stronger, just like Ziggler last year? Cena was handed the belt on the silver plate over and over and over again, he is just 3 title reigns away to become 17 times World Champ passing Ric Flair!!! I am sick of it that the WWE just doesn’t give some guys the chance to prove that they are worth it to hold the major titles. The last time it worked was when Sheamus won the title from Cena. WWE should risk something. Is it bad for business to give the belt some newbie or not?… end of story… Cena is like a horse if he doesn’t do something wrong he gets more candy cubes than any other horses in the stable… My whole point is that WWE just has to give the up and coming talents a chance to prove they are worth being World Champ. What will happen with Sandow after he cashed it in on Cena? Cena gets a rematch, Sandow somehow wins it in a dumbass storyline ending just to make sure that he stays Champion, will he does do it like Punk in his last months of his reign with the help of Maddox or Shield or any thingelse? Or will he be defeated cleanly by Cena? Is it really good for Sandow? Ask yourself. But for me it’s not, cause now Sandow becomes another Ziggler, another Swagger and another Miz… Thats how the WWE waste their talent and buried them underneath Super Cena;)…

    • Trey Doss

      i didn’t read your post but i skimmed it and i’ll say this wwe will push stars to the moon but once they get to the moon they’re brought down back to earth no one gets on the moon but him

  • Damian Starr

    should give him the IC belt to help that on it’s way?

  • tt2000

    Amazing timing on this article! Everything wrong with Cena was in perfect display in Sandow’s cash-in.

    Cena’s not so bad? Cena is a FUC KING CANCER.

    • Jay Ess

      This article was published around 5pm today, and then the WWE gives us this. I don’t think ANYONE expected Sandow to lose his cash-in match.

      Here I thought Cena would have done what was best and given Sandow the W when ever they would meet down the road. The story writes itself: Cena adds luster to the title, Sandow stalks him, Sandow cashes in and wins, Sandow becomes new great heel.

      But The WWE decided to veer away from the good narrative. They shotgun the cash-in and have Cena beat Sandow….WITH ONE ARM!? I literally stopped the DVR recording, threw the remote on the couch, and walked away.

      I’m legitimately shocked at how the WWE could be so ridiculous as to have one of their best talents LOSE TO CENA in a match that should have been the formality that stands in front of a new world champ…while Cena had a bad arm. I was under the assumption that Creative had Cena win to set up Sandow’s eventual reign, but at this point, I have no clue where they’re going with this.

      Sandow didn’t deserve that. What credible personality and wrestler (that has Creative’s fatih in him) loses to a wrestler that has an injured, beaten arm? Windsofchange is right; Cena might really be a walking shovel. Otherwise, this better lead to something big for Sandow.

      • Gorship

        The match ended and I said to myself “more like Damian ‘BURIED IN SAND-NOW'” I thought I was clever. [sarcasm] Anyway, michael cole said “this takes nothing away from Damian” so that makes it ok [/sarcasm]

  • Guest

    It’s actually a shame they burned through what could’ve been a good feud between Del Rio and Cena. The story could’ve been centred around Cena maybe not being 100% and Del Rio taking advantage of that and playing mind games, maybe they could’ve added Sandow in eventually when Cena started getting his confidence back and had him constantly dog Cena and Del Rio with an eventual cash-in. I don’t know what’s going on with the WWE but they keep missing out on fantastic opportunities.

  • Sieg

    They burnt through what could’ve been a fun journey of questioning whether Cena was fully healed while Del-Rio constantly took advantage and kept one-upping him. Eventually Cena would’ve beat Del Rio in an epic match with an awesome finish only for Sandow (who’s been strangely absent and quiet in recent weeks) to show up, blast Cena with the briefcase, cash-in and win. INSTANTLY you’ve got a new, devious heel champion, Cena’s storybook moment is ruined and now he has a new obstacle to overcome. Play up his anger and disappointment and you have a Cena fans can really get behind, especially if Sandow’s deviousness and smarts are played up creatively.

    Del Rio would still be nipping at getting his belt back, Christian could maybe be added to the contention and maybe teaming with Cena against the two heels going after him even though he wants a shot at the title. Then include Barrett and Henry and you have a main event full dastardly, vicious heels and some tough, never-say-die babyfaces…the story going into Wrestlemania writes itself and you have some younger guys getting a decent rub from respected veterans and Main Eventers…

    EDIT: My uncompleted comment appears down below so ignore it, tried deleting but it didn’t work XD

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I don’t even care about Cena’s wrestling ability or lack thereof anymore. It wouldn’t matter to me if he was good enough in the ring to make Daniel Bryan look like a rank amateur. CENA IS A WALKING SHOVEL, AND IT’S BAD FOR THE REST OF THE COMPANY. And if he had any decency, he’d reward WWE’s obvious loyalty to him by doing whatever it took to ensure the long-term health of the company. I mean, for God’s sake, piss Vince off enough to bury you. Run him through the coals in the media. Take a steaming dump on his breakfast. SOMETHING. Hell, fake an injury. SOMETHING. Don’t just be satisfied with being a walking shovel and then wonder why half the fans watching hate your very existence. Good lord.

  • tmeister

    I’m reading all this complaining about cena YET YOU STILL WATCH THE PRODUCT!

    • Randy Jones

      Cena is not the product, he is apart of the product and fans can give their opinions If they want.

      • tmeister

        I’m talking about fans who sit there and say and I quote “I’m done with wwe because of cena” like seriously sayibg the same thing every year that’s what I get tired. I never said you can’t have an opinion but why watch waste your time

  • porkbomb

    I’m not a fan of John Cena by any means, but it sure as hell seems as if carrying the company. I can see it two ways – he’s the corporate go to guy and best bet for the company to make the most money. The other either corporate bs where the company doesn’t have belief in others, don’t see money in them, or a new top face. The closest being Daniel Bryan but we all clearly see how much he’s being screwed over .

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