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Should Cesaro Snag Gold At Payback?

Zack Ryder
Cesaro returned with a bang, during an explosive post-Mania RAW four weeks ago. Still the same old Cesaro, with some minor tweaks; but, oh, what incredible tweaking has been done. His new James Bond-inspired entrance has helped add a special air of confidence to his character (I dig it, large), and I’ve personally noticed a huge improvement with Cesaro when it comes to his work on the mic.

Cesaro has been well over with the WWE Universe from some time now; and the audience continues to struggle with the reasoning behind why the company seemingly holds the superstar back. The superstar has an opportunity to snag the IC title on Sunday, something he has yet to do.

Is Payback one step in the right direction in terms of entering the main event scene, or even title race picture? Would winning the Intercontinental title help Cesaro edge closer to this idea, or perhaps keep him stagnate within the upper-to-mid card?

When I was little, I viewed the Intercontinental Champion as one step below the WWE (then known as the WWF) champ; second in line, so to speak. The “Macho Man” Randy Savage was IC Champ at Wrestlemania III, and only a year later, he stepped into bigger shoes becoming WWF Champion. This runner up perception around the Intercontinental title amplified in Wrestlemania 6, when the WWF booked the IC Champ versus the WWF Champ, and the Ultimate Warrior ended taking home everything; pinning Hulk Hogan.

Nowadays, if view it as either a milestone for new talent, or a way to acknowledge upper-mid card superstars. I love seeing my favorite mid card wrestlers win gold, whether that be tag titles, U.S., or IC. I don’t think an IC title would Cesaro in the long run, and winning at Payback might only further enhance the momentum of this superstar, and add another accolade to his resume.

Still, I’d love to see Cesaro play more of a prominent role within the company, and be considered a main event talent. To be quite frank, the only thing I saw standing in his way before was his promo work; which as of late, I have been impressed with, and do think that he is getting where he needs to be in terms of his confidence on the mic.

So with a handful of main event talent still out on injury, but with many of them on the cusp of returning, I can’t help but be flip floppy on the Cesaro’s win this Sunday. You always want your favs to win right? As a fan, you want to see who are rooting for, win gold? But could a loss, be transformed into a win? Money in the Bank is really only a month and a half away. Typically, we don’t see IC title holders in this match; and even if Cesaro wins on Sunday, it does not mean he will hold it for more than a month, a week, or even a day (sorry Zack Ryder, that was really not meant to be a dig).

There’s also the World Heavyweight Championship, and the aftermath of what will happen at Payback. Does Roman turn heel? Does AJ turn heel? Or does Finn Balor simply debut (with his Balor Club faction), and that storyline turns more into an AJ versus Balor Club program. That leaves Roman with nothing …. enter Cesaro?

Alas, while I may have big ideas for Cesaro in the future, the reality is: he has just returned from injury, and its only really been four weeks. And while I would love to see him catapulted into the main event scene and title race picture: Intercontinental gold wouldn’t be too shabby either. #CesaroSection4Life

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  • Bradley Patterson

    I’m a little indifferent myself…but I think Cesaro could raise the IC title to another level that miz just isn’t doing. W his same ol schtick.

    • Bradley Patterson

      Oh and I’m only indifferent cause I would like to see him in the main event scene.

      • Dorathy

        That’s EXACTLY how feel :)

  • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

    I rather he didn’t win it for like you say at payback theres most likely can be a heel turn so why not elevate Cesaro to the main event picture to make him a top face

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Cesaro should win it, but not now.

    Have Maryse and Miz collude and screw Cesaro. Push Miz to his heelish worst over the span of the next month so when Cesaro wins it in June, there’s a bigger payoff. And for the love of God, make sure to have a good opponent lined up for Cesaro’s first feud as champion. Maybe KO. Those two have had some good matches with each other.

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