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Cesaro’s Rants: Shoot Or Work?

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It’s been all buzz, buzz, buzz around the WWE Universe, as the company has had an exciting couple of weeks. They split up their roster into two brands, produced an entertaining Battleground pay-per-view (PPV), and they have had both brand shows debut, not to mention two live editions of SmackDown under their belt.

Wow. Amongst all that Roman Reigns has returned from suspension (and has been humbled dramatically); Finn Balor debuted and is heading to SummerSlam; and we have a new WWE Women’s Champion, in The Boss, Sasha Banks!

And then there’s Cesaro.

As most know by now, Cesaro had a little rant interview, during the WWE Network’s brand extension show, live, post-draft on Tuesday, July 19th. For those who haven’t seen Cesaro’s rant on WWE brass, check it out.

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So, he obviously seems quite upset: about his ranking in the draft, the show he was placed on, and WWE management in general. Watching it, live, I couldn’t help but wonder: is this Cesaro, the person, really ranting about his position in the company and how he is viewed – or is this a work.

I know I wasn’t the only pro wrestling spectator, or journalist to wonder this. I wanted to wait until Monday Night RAW passed, before I really dove into speculating any further. Alas, I didn’t have to wait until RAW, because Cesaro provided another bit of rant, during the WWE’s Battleground Pre-Show KickOff.

Now, unlike the first video, I could not find this one on YouTube to show to you all. But for anyone who saw the Pre-Show, Cesaro was asked to sit on the panel for an interview about his predications on the Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens match, since he’s seen it unfold from the beginning. An agitated Cesaro clearly fell totally off script and away from that question, and proceeded to explain how frustrated he was that he wasn’t on the card, and how badly he wanted to be booked on the PPV. Renee tried to divert him by interrupting him a bit, during his rant, asking ‘Is that suit a tear-away’, which was proceeded by Booker T saying ‘no politic-ing’. In the end, one of them asked for his prediction of who he thought would win between Owens and Zayn, and a reluctant Cesaro simply relayed ‘Kevin Owens’ – and that was that.

Then, Monday Night RAW rolls around and while Cesaro is placed in the fatal four-way tourney, debuting NXTer Finn Balor wins the SummerSlam prize.

Yikes, hard to swallow, if you are Cesaro.

So, I have this to digest: two Cesaro rants, in a matter of days, that do seem unscripted. While I would love to think it may be a work, I can’t help but think, it is not.

The reasoning? In the draft interview video, Cesaro does seem genuinely upset. Still, when it was posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, I did fluff it off as a work. I mean, it wasn’t hush-hushed or placed under a rug; it was posted, and somewhat glorified for all to see. I was a bit excited at the idea that WWE might create a ‘fight the man’ type of storyline for Cesaro: it would make a great angle for the superstar, and potentially, it is just what he needs.

And then, checking out the Pre-Show, I wasn’t sure what to think. Once again, Cesaro seems quite upset. Generally, when they have superstars come onto the Kick-Off panel; they talk about matches in the PPV – and all Cesaro talked about was himself (not a bad thing, just a fact). Did he seem genuinely frustrated? Yup. Were Renee and Booker’s comments to him odd, to say the least? Absolutely!

A few things may be in play here. This could very well be leading up to something very big for Cesaro. A feud, pitting him against WWE authority would be incredible; and storylines such as these have been highly beneficial for superstars in the past (i.e. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan). Cesaro certainly has the following and fan base to make something like this truly work and bring his character to the next level. If he’s working with the WWE on this, then kudos to Cesaro, and the fact that he did not move onto to SummerSlam could only be enhancing this storyline: one RAW under our belts can not truly indicate where stories are headed, especially since the July 25th edition, was more of an introductory one, into the new RAW brand show.

However, if this is just Cesaro ranting, looking to gain some attention from WWE brass, and it goes no where for him, that would be an utter shame for all involved. Cesaro is highly entertaining, and while it seemed that he was gaining incredible momentum when he returned from injury, post-Wrestlemania, something has fizzled with the character once again. Support from the fans is clearly still there, but he’s fallen through the cracks some how – and it is completely understandable why Cesaro would be so frustrated with this turn of events. His ranting has certainly turned the heads of many, but at what point does WWE brass say, ‘enough is enough’? At what point does Cesaro even listen, and take a step back?

Furthermore, if he is that frustrated, does he move on? Sure, WWE is the top of the mountain for some, but it is not the ‘be all and end all’ of professional wrestling, and I’m sure there are many that would be knocking on (and down) Cesaro’s door, if he plans to make a move. Because, if these interviews are even a small indication of how Cesaro, the wrestler – not the character – feels about his position in the WWE; than he clearly is not happy with the direction of how things are going. Which is shame, because not only does he have a huge following, but he’s incredible in the ring, and has improved significantly on the mic.

As a fan of his, I truly hope this is part of a bigger picture – a bigger storyline – that will help elevate Cesaro’s character and position, within the WWE organization.

WNZ fans – what are your thoughts? Work or shoot? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    I heard Cesaro vs Roman might happen at Summerslam

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Mikey ???????………????????

      • Mikey Shango #Retired


        • Mikey Shango #Retired

          I don’t want to see it either ??

  • Brett in MN

    Oh stop it. No more “Authority” crap.

  • bigfoot3169

    I was hoping for Cesaro to go to Smackdown and be within their top 10 pick, closer to the front. He is very physically gifted and can give a very good fight to someone like Brock Lesnar. Can you picture him doing the second rope suplex deadlift to Brock or even Braun Strowman? I can.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    video doesnt work

    • Bite Me You Loser

      Play Video Play!

      • Dorathy

        Fixed. Sorry Santa, please don’t let this affect my gifts, come the 25th!

    • Dorathy

      Fixed. Sorry about that!

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Okay its just a work. WWE posted it on their YT channel so its just a way of hyping up the product much like Punk did with his promo. Smarks love the “shoot” stuff even when its a work. Gets people talking on the internet forums.

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    This can mean a few things imo.

    1) Cesaro turning heel down the line. All the things he done so far, as well as his reaction to the fatal 4 way loss at Raw looks a good setup for a heel turn.

    2) It is really all a shoot, and he is feeling some heat for it. First of all his rant on wanting to be on SD before the draft, his promo after the draft and so on. Also WWE posting it doesn’t mean its a work. The rant got major attention on the web, and alot of WWE feeder sites picked it up as some big news story. So it made no sense to hide it by the WWE. They aired it and could use it later on as part of a story line.

    3) The least likely thing for me is an anti-authority angle. Unles Stephanie gets involved heelwise with it, I just don’t see it.

    For me I think it will pan out as the first. Whether it was a shoot or not, it is a nice setup for a heel turn, especially when other face guys especially are getting ahead from his expense, which has been happening for a while honestly.

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