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Other Choices To Retire Undertaker

There was lots of anger from fans that Roman Reigns was the one WWE went with to retire Undertaker. While Reigns was one choice, there were other options WWE should have looked at.

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  • The Biz (is awesome)

    A couple I don’t agree with. Cena and Brock. Not because they are worthy of such a feat, but because they don’t need to push.

    I would of rather of seen a storyline where they used his loss and subsequent retirement be used to give someone legit heel heat and maybe even take someone to the next level. Also a guy who could carry a good match and who would make taker look super strong in a loss. With this said, only 2 names come to mind and thats styles or owens.

    I think a match where it is title vs career would of been nice and neither aj or owens should of lost their titles to begin with.

  • Mark B.

    Let Ellsworth retire the Undertaker. LoL! It would be so bad, that the Undertaker would never want to come back. LoL!

    • Mean Dean

      Still would be better than Reigns

  • Jakerams

    Disagree with all 5 should’ve been either Cesaro, Strowman, Joe, Balor, or KO. All of whom would have been able to look dominate while doing so.

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