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Clearly It’s Time To #GiveBrayWyattAChance

WWE Champion
It’s worked for the divas division, so why not Bray Wyatt?

Just like many of you, I love perusing social media while Monday Night RAW is on, and shortly after (yet another) cryptic promo from Bray Wyatt on the Leap Day edition of RAW, #GiveBrayWyattChance was trending on Twitter.

Hey, you don’t have to sell me on this idea, I’ve been ranting about this for a while now. At one point, it seemed as if Bray was being set up to become the next great refreshed version of the anti-superstar, a persona much like The Undertaker, Kane, or Cactus Jack (somewhere along those lines, as one cannot really categorize Wyatt’s gimmick because it is so out-of-box); and then, just like that, his momentum got lost in the shuffle.

A few things were running through my mind while the hashtag was trending. First off, sad that the WWE fans feel they need to produce a Twitter trend to get a superstar noticed, especially one like Wyatt who has just knocked the ball out the park every time he is bat. Confusion, because, there was a time where I thought Wyatt would be pushed into the main event spotlight, only to have storylines change. I also wonder if there is just a lack of direction or focus from Creative, not sure what to do with Wyatt, or which way to go next. I could think of a handful of storylines that could help push Bray, and his stable. There was a time I thought a baby face push may be too soon for him. There was a time I thought that a mid-card title reign wasn’t worthy of his talents. There was also a time I would think, “Well, after Wrestlemania, we will see Wyatt’s push.”

Time goes on. The Wyatt stable has broken and reunited. Bray has helped push over other talents. Superstars move on to differing roles within the company, and yet a talent who has helped set the bar when it comes to promos, innovative in-ring technique, and gimmicks in general remains stagnate. No gold around his waist. Winning matches and feuds are less prevalent. His time on RAW is also becoming somewhat limited.

Creative should be embarrassed that a Wrestlemania program has not yet been set up for Bray; as the road has already been paved for many superstars, including some mid-card talent. As of this writing, we are about four weeks away from WM 32, and if the WWE wants record-breaking numbers, they also have to create compelling storylines, and invest in current talent to do so.

How would I like to see Bray booked? Honestly, I think it’s time for a face run. One that involves The Authority, and one where life imitates art a little bit. It would be a tad tricky, and it would really depend on who is WWE Champion post Wrestlemania. I don’t think it will be HHH, but if it is, then pit a Triple H versus Wyatt feud. Angle: why, oh why hasn’t Wyatt gotten a shot at the WWE title? He doesn’t fit the view of what WWE thinks their top superstar could be; he could never go far as a spokesperson, with his cryptic ramblings and all; he is the anti-superstar, and he is the opposite of what the WWE would like as the face of their company. Things could get sticky with Wyatt at WWE headquarters; Wyatt could even try and manipulate Hunter, much like he did with Cena, using children and the theme of innocence to creep Triple H (and Stephanie) out. There could even be an angle where their kids (the Levesque girls) are involved, or where their family home is raided (script-wise).

Regardless, perhaps this is the final #GiveBrayWyattAChance article rant you will hear (or rather read) from me. Perhaps not. Either way, I’m clearly not the only who feels this way. #FollowTheBuzzardsForever

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  • Drama Mustafa #NewNation

    The booking for bray and the family has been horrendous ever since they made the jump from nxt, no titles not even the damn tag titles for harper and rowan. bray losing every ppv is ridiculous also.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????


  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    “It’s worked for the divas division, so why not Bray Wyatt?” But did it really work? I mean sure 3/4 of Four Horse Women are on the main roster and are killing it but hell they were gonna get there and do great anyway…Creative just need to take their mouths off of Vinny Macs grapefruits and actually collab with Bray & the Wyatt’s on a perfect angle where they are on top (and soon FINALLY have gold on his shoulder) and could be a potential threats #StopDroppingTheBallWithBrayCreative

  • Xbias

    First off, I hope that the authority screws Ambrose in his title match, therefore he demands to be put in the title match at WM, even though he has to face Lesnar too. Loses to Lesnar, but upsets in the Triple Threat match, and closes WM as champion. But, if it doesn’t happen, and Reigns walks to WM being hated as much as he is, maybe have him lose at WM, turn him heel and so on. More importantly, Trips win his match at WM, and Raw next night, he has this huge championship celebration at the end of Raw. Aaaaand out of nowhere… DU DU CHA! Bray f*?!cking Wyatt turns face, and promises to ‘take down the machine’ with Shane O’mac, who also lost his match against The Undertaker, because.. Well, he can’t possibly beat the deadman, and still be the major babyface that he is.

    DU DU CHA!

  • jcice13

    I’m sure you’ll have more

  • El Marichachi

    It is horrible that they can’t utilize him. His character is so awesome and he lives the gimmick much like taker and Kane have and those are the best. Bray is on my small list of talents I think are top notch, Behind Ambrose and just ahead of Cesaro And AJ Styles

    • jcice13

      you blew your fred with AJ the guy can’t talk and that’s 50% of the game, not saying he isn’t great in the ring but you need to talk in this business same for Cesaro, another awesome wrestler who can’t speak a lick

  • Damian Starr

    I’ll just point this out, some of the best wrestlers never won the big one, a man’s legacy isn’t necessarily defined by titles

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