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Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust: WrestleMania Dream Match or Dud?

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Throughout history, few rivalries have carried as much emotional oomph as bad blood between brothers.

From the Book of Genesis, in which the jealous Cain seeks murderous vengeance on his brother (remind you of anything?), to the recent Super Bowl showdown between coaches Jim and John Harbaugh, sibling rivalries captivate us.

That’s why many wrestling fans are clamoring — some practically begging — for a WrestleMania 29 showdown between Cody Rhodes and big brother Dustin “Goldust” Runnels.

Whether the match should actually happen on the WrestleMania undercard remains one of the most discussed and debated topics in wrestling forums and on social media.

There are plenty of compelling reasons that the time is right for WWE to pit the Rhodes brothers against each other at the MetLife Stadium on April 7. There are also some reasons to believe, however, that this sibling showdown will fail to meet the high expectations surrounding it.

Sometimes brother-versus-brother battles produce spectacular results, such as the unforgettable feud between Bret and Owen hart, which resulted in a clean (and rather surprising) victory for Owen at WrestleMania X and several outstanding rematches.

Other times, what has seemed in theory like an epic sibling showdown — the underwhelming feud between Matt and Jeff Hardy springs to mind — has fallen short of its promise.

What made the Bret-versus-Owen feud so entertaining, aside from the spectacular in-ring work, was the long-simmering resentment and jealousy during the build-up. Owen had become increasingly spiteful in living in his big brother’s shadow — a believable storyline, given Bret’s emergence as the most successful member of the Hart clan.

Cody Rhodes Goldust wm29Cody Rhodes and Goldust, on the other hand, have followed very different paths in the WWE, and neither can be said to have overshadowed the other. Sure, Goldust rose to prominence in the booming Attitude era and has more high-profile experience under his belt than Cody.

But in terms of measurable success, Cody and Goldust are pretty much on par. Both have held the Intercontinental Championship. Both have co-held the Tag Team Championship. Both have been firmly anchored in the mid-card as reliable talents who can perform a good match against practically anyone.

A WrestleMania match, if it happens, will have to be based more on family ties than any professional jealousy. As the heirs to wrestling royalty, the successors of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, they’ve both had very big shoes (well, boots) to fill.

Perhaps WWE still has time to craft a story of sibling one-upsmanship — each vying to become their father’s favorite — but barely a month left before the big event, this would surely feel rushed. Given Dusty Rhodes’ “Legends” contract with WWE, he’d almost certainly be willing to play an important role in the lead-up.

Dustin dusty codyBut given how many fans are already hoping to see Cody-versus-Goldust this year, perhaps a long, dramatic lead-up is unnecessary. Maybe the allure of a brother-versus-brother match is so strong that it doesn’t need a complicated “program” built around it.  Simply seeing these two square off in front of 80,000 fans would be an impressive “WrestleMania moment” (especially if Goldust were to make it a retirement match — another notion he has mentioned in interviews).

WWE has certainly teased a Cody-Goldust showdown in the past, and crowds have lapped it up. The duo went toe-to-toe in the last Royal Rumble, each utilizing the trademark uppercut to the throat, and Goldust was eventually dumped overboard by his little brother.

Goldust frequently addresses fan questions on Twitter, and has said that he would like to face his brother in a match at WrestleMania. In an interview last month with Wade Keller, he elaborated on the idea:

“It would be awesome to step in the ring at WrestleMania. It’s not a main-event match, but it’s a story-driven match. We haven’t had a sibling rivalry in quite some time. I just think it’s a good story and we’ll put on a hell of a match.”

But all this speculation begs a simple question: would it be a good match?

We know Cody is a competent, versatile performer, and has continued to develop a great presence through the Rhodes Scholars and his now-iconic mustache. Goldust is more of a wild card, having made only sporadic appearances in WWE in recent years, none of which have showcased much of his abilities.

It’s a safe bet that these two wouldn’t “go easy” on each other, and would probably display the kind of chemistry that only brothers can have. There would be comedy, there would be cheating, and there would probably be a crowd-pleasing hug at the end.

Whether it will actually happen is an open question, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing for WrestleMania?

What do you think: Will this match happen? If so, will it meet expectations? Or will wrestling fans be left with shattered dreams?

  • jcice13

    the only reason to call this a “dream” match is because they’re dusty’s kids, but other than that? it’s neither a dream or a dud match it’s just another regular match that happens to be against brothers, it could be a decent show but who really cares especially on a mania card where every match should be top notch with buildup and performance

  • Njturner87

    I would want to see those two wrestle before I see a divas/celebrity tag match garbage or Shaquille oneil vs the big show. I’m a fan of both the Rhodes brothers. Dream match it is not but sometimes you just want to see something cool and I think the two of them in a match would be a pretty cool thing to witness

  • Edbert Kent Omlas

    i think when creative put a follow up story on what happened between goldie and cody at the rumble then i guess it would be fitting for these two to have a match at wrestlemania because it will have a better build up rather than rushing it with a month to go…or they can rush the build up and they may end up on the pre show….but anywho if ever this match will take place i’ll bet my money on goldust…

    • Rob

      Goldust with Dusty in his corner vs Cody.

      End of the match Dusty turns on helps out Cody!

  • Y2J

    I say save it for SS, have to elimination tag matches, one all main eventers, and one Team Cody vs Team Goldy. Personally, I’d don’t think it’s worthy of taking up time on Mania, BUT, I would rather see that instead of Brodus Clay and Sweet T dancing with their mommas.

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    i still reckon team golden Rhodes would be a cool team to see . I think it does not need a big buildup everyone wants to see it i went nuts in the rumble for goldust return not just cause goldy but as soon as i saw cody in that ring bam. I think brother vs brother matchs work i felt that matt vs jeffs was decent but i just dint think it was cool

  • Rg41982

    I’m not super excited to see this match but with the lack of build up hell throw it in. They can both wrestle there ass off. Who do you guys got? I want goldust to win but I know it wouldn’t happen.

    • Jaydn Lebsanft

      cody should win to push him that little bt further

      • Rg41982

        But that won’t push him. It’s more of a gimmick match. It would be just for the fans. Cody will go back to doing nothing after.

        • Jaydn Lebsanft

          hell you culd have dusty mange cody after say dusty attacked goldust costing him the match

  • Naleen Phimmasone

    Bookdust vs Rhodescholars anyone?