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Colin Cassidy Steps Up, & Steps Out

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It can be a challenging situation, when one partner in a tag team suffers from an injury; and it can sometimes affect television opportunities for the other. In the case of the Usos last year, when Jey suffered a shoulder injury shortly after Wrestlemania 31; Jimmy did still do house shows, but for the most part was left out of television storylines, simply doing commentary, until September of 2015 when the tag team returned. Alternatively, when Sin Cara was injured in late 2015, fellow Lucha Dragon Kalisto was catapulted into the singles, mid-card platform, capturing the United States Championship (which he still holds), and has enjoyed some solid programs with Alberto Del Rio, and Ryback.

And now we have Colin Cassidy, better known as Big Cass; an NXT talent who has recently enjoyed an incredible debut into the main roster, along with his partner, Enzo Amore. While Enzo suffered a concussion – hey, it could’ve ended a lot worse – at this past Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view (PPV), it seems that Enzo will be taking a bit of a break from in-ring action, and has been pulled from all WWE live events until the end of May.

The bad news, the tag team will not be facing The New Day at the Extreme Rules PPV for those WWE Tag Team titles; and who knows what the fate of the number one contenders’ match would’ve been, hand Enzo not gotten injured. But one cannot reflect on ‘what ifs’.

Still, the good news is? Big Cass may be able to shine a little as a single until Enzo gets better.

I have to say, between the two, I’ve always been a bit more impressed by Enzo. I think I’m the only one that feels this, and in a lot of ways, I can’t help it; he really does bring the focus onto himself every time he walks down the ramp. Maybe it’s his look; donning tattoos, crazy hair, and interesting ring attire. Maybe it’s his thick, Jersey accent, his confidence on the mic, and how he accentuates every word he speaks. But after RAW, I really sat down to think how crazy it was that Cass was such an afterthought. At the end of the day, Big Cass is a monster, he’s not too bad to look at, and he really does fit the bill of what Vince typically looks for in a main event talent; of what a face (the face) could look like in say about five years down the road.

Which makes the fact that he rocked the May 2nd edition of Monday Night RAW that much sweeter. To be frank, I never thought Cass lacked skills, but Enzo is clearly the mouthpiece within the group. Not only did Cass impress me on RAW, but Twitter erupted when he rolled down the ramp, proving that he could hold his own on the mic.

Things have changed indeed.

And it’s interesting how one moment in time can change perspective on everything. In fact, I’ve always said this: one promo can make a fan turn 180 on a superstar. Cass certainly took this opportunity, his opportunity, and seized the moment; and for anyone who thinks that Enzo carries Cass, that idea has been shattered to bits post-RAW.

Now, I’m not implying that the tag team will/should/or could break up anytime soon; but it doesn’t hurt that Cass has proven he has enough star power and talent to break out on his own. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s proven he has the mic skills to carry on his own. The truth is, a talent can be one of the best wrestlers on the roster, but without charisma, confidence, and mic skills, they can find themselves lingering on Superstars every week, without even a hope of breaking out of the lower mid-card.

Because, let’s face: most tag talents don’t spend their entire careers together most … most tag teams are together as a stepping stone to ultimately pursue a pro wrestling career on their own. Sure, there are great tag teams that stayed together for a majority of the careers, and have built a legacy off of tag team action: The Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Dudley Boys (just to name a few, probably a slew more) – but even these teams would branch out into singles competition now and again. Enzo and Cass do seem like a team that will enjoy tag team success in the WWE; but also seem like two talents who could also enjoy reaching the top of the company’s ladder, individual.

And with Cass’ incredible performance this past Monday Night on RAW – both on the mic and in the ring – he has proven to the WWE Universe, not to mention the higher ups, that no one is carrying him when it comes to success in the WWE; and through his actions last night, he may have also placed the idea that he is a main event material that the WWE should consider, in the future.

WNZ fans, what did you think about Big Cass, stepping out on his own last night? Were you as impressed as I was?

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  • Tamala Hale

    Clearly people forget when Enzo broke his leg, and Colon Cassidy stepped up then too. I guess that when its on the main roster, it’s a bigger deal.

    • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

      Good point!

    • MEH

      lmao Colon Cassidy? probably broke more than his leg with his SAWFT a22

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Good for him. Usually a wrestler that specializes in tag team competition are left out to dry whenever their partner is injured or sometimes when they go the singles route. Depending on when Enzo returns from his injury, it could be an opportunity for Cass to gain more popularity.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Oh lord I think Dorathy just found her next crush lol

    • Dorathy

      C’mon now! You’re just teasing me right? I don’t like wrestlers just based on their looks! How can you explain my fascination with Kevin Owens, Damien Sandow, and Daniel Bryan? I do go based on talent sometimes too :) Thanks for the comment, you always (literally) make me LOL.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        Kevin Owens, Damien Sandow, and Daniel Bryan… so you’re into beards? Nothing wrong with that. 😉

        • Dorathy

          haha, you got me!

        • Lisa


  • Si Nicholls

    It was a bit more mixed than that for me, however he was good on the mic, looked good in the ring, but he also looked lost at certain points when on the side of the ring, particularly when New Day were doing the Unicorn Stampede. But overall a good showing by Cas that wouldn’t of done him any harm for the future.

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