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How To Counter The Flair Effect?

Over the last number of weeks, we’ve all seen it. Charlotte, daughter of wrestling legend Ric Flair, has had her father at her side for her matches. And as she has, she’s played up the dirtier side of her wrestling, embodying what her father was all about for so much of his career.

And this got me thinking. While Ric’s official role isn’t as manager, he sort of fills that role for Charlotte, doesn’t he? So why couldn’t a Diva go get herself a manager of her own? Or even a valet? With everyone going for the whole “equality” kick, why must such roles be limited to women in subservient roles to Superstars? I say what better time than now to change this up.

In my mind, there are two choices.

Option one? You bring in a manager, who takes a Diva under his wing. And, for the record, the manager could be female. I just went for the default “he”, so I apologize.  Some ideas? Paul Heyman, for one. Paul could be awesome paired with just about anyone. Pair him with Sasha Banks? She will be pushed even higher than if she was a solo act sans manager. If you wanted to go outside of the box completely? Why not reach out to a Hall of Famer like Trish Stratus, or even Lita. Could you imagine Becky Lynch working under the tutelage of Lita? It could be the boost the Lass Kicker needs.

Option two? Why does it need to be a manager? Why couldn’t someone like Sasha get herself some eye candy. One of those big, imposing bodyguard types. Now, granted, a male bodyguard really can’t (or shouldn’t) put his hand on a lady, so this idea would be limited use, outside of the matches involving the Flairs. That is, unless WWE went and made a female bodyguard again. Tamina kind of fills that role now, but no female has truly filled that role since Chyna left the company.I don’t know if there’s a Chyna 2.0 out there, but it would certainly have potential.

Granted, in a perfect world, Ric starts staying behind the scenes again, and the need for a bodyguard or manager is minimized. But I do think adding this wrinkle to the Divas would be worth exploring.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I think Tamina and Nia Jax might team up

    • MikeLo #NewNation

      I could see Tamina telling Naomi this is real family lol

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