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Creative Booking Mixed Signals

Are they really heels anymore?

It’s a fair question, honestly, and one some folks in WWE’s Creative group might need to ask themselves. If not that, then at least consider this: if we want to establish a group as wicked nasty heels, who do we have them feud with?

If they answered Roman Reigns and The Usos, followed by John Cena? Escort them from the building ASAP.

Seriously, do it.

Because that is exactly what we are getting now, folks. When AJ Styles arrived, it was after many months of the IWC faithful begging and hoping that the Phenomenal One would join the WWE ranks, and in the months since he arrived he has not disappointed. Fans love him, his style is quite enjoyable to watch, and he is really good at what he does. He does not, or did not, come off as the bad guy. When Anderson and Gallows joined the company, they were also cheered, as fans knew of their impressive international resumes. They come off a bit more heel-friendly, but fans still loved to cheer them.

But why?

Because WWE booked them to face off with The Usos and Reigns, three men who, in spite of what WWE wants us to think, most fans dislike. Or are tired of. Or both. So much so that you could have booked them against three of the worst, most despicable heels in history, and the heels probably get cheered. That’s a recipe for disaster, my friends.

And then, the same geniuses who concocted that idea, thought it would be great to have the recently fractured Club reunite while beating down the most polarizing man on the WWE roster not named Roman Reigns-that being, the returning John Cena.

So, I ask the Creative team: are you really trying to get The Club over as heels? Because the booking tells me either you aren’t, or you have lost your marbles. And, frankly, I don’t know which one it is.

I will give the team some credit. Some very small credit. Because at the start of RAW, they did have Anderson and Gallows lay waste to the ever-popular New Day, which got them heat. But someone wasn’t paying attention, apparently. If you want guys to get heat, have them beat up fan favorites. If you want to send mixed signals? Have them beat up Reigns and Cena.

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  • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    What this article should have been :
    Is the WWE and Their Creative Team A Cluster F—?
    Yes. Yes they are.

  • Deano Wilkins

    They clearly are supposed to be heels by the way wwe was piping in booing every time they were on screen during smackdown.

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