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DDP: Bigger Champ After Ring?

DDP is one of those stories that was, in my opinion, easy to get behind. Here was a guy who worked his tail off and just never got to climb the mountain, until finally, one day, he did. I remember it. It was a feel-good program. It was a nice bonus that I felt a slight connection to him in a far off kind of way, seeing as he’s from New Jersey and I spent summers there growing up. Hey, it’s a stretch, but it’s fun to root for someone who you could have almost crossed paths with, or at least that’s how I justified things.

I am on Twitter, though I don’t Tweet a whole lot. I lurk. And among those I follow? DDP. And I can’t help it, following his social media feed opened my eyes to a whole new side of DDP. I was aware of DDP Yoga before, as it’s gotten a fair bit of press. My knowledge of it was most notably linked to how Page famously effectively saved Jake The Snake. But if you follow him on Twitter? The Snake is not the only person this guy is helping or saving. Countless success stories are a steady flow. People who were out of options, people who had been told there was no hope, that they just couldn’t get in shape due to ailments or debilitating injuries. And with DDP Yoga, so many of these people are changing their lives.

So, this got me thinking. Two thoughts.

First, and this is something I have not asked DDP, but from my perspective, I feel as though this man has had a much more profound and noteworthy impact on life outside of the ring, after his wrestling career, as opposed to his time in WCW (or even WWE). Championships and all.

Second? After seeing these Twitter success stories, it led me to some personal reflection. Here’s the hard reality folks. I am not a small man, nor am I in great shape. Normally, this is where I crack a self-depricating joke about how round is, technically, a shape. But no need for that. In what I will freely admit will likely be my most brutally honest statement in any of my posts, I need to change my life. I need to be healthier. I am a father of four, I just turned 38, and I am just a few unhealthy meals away from 300 pounds. And the more I read these success stories, I wanted to be one myself. I want to make the changes I need to make, and work my way toward the best shape I will have been in since before I got married. And I want to stay there.

Which leads me to this next statement. I’ve gotten myself a copy of DDP Yoga, and I’ve made using it, and getting fit, my own 2016 New Years Resolution. I will go beyond a review of the product-though that will be coming. I am going to commit to a weekly blog post, in part to track my progress, and in part to really keep me on track. When last I dieted, I admittedly used Weight Watchers, and those weekly meetings and weigh-ins were something I found useful. This time around, my weekly blog post will serve that roll, and I truly hope that I have similar success. And, perhaps WNZ has some readers out there also looking to change up their lives, and maybe, just maybe, this allows DDP to help even more people than he already has.

Stay tuned, WNZ readers. Here’s aiming to have a truly happy and healthy 2016!

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  • Victor82

    I can tell you, I lost 40 pounds in 6 months with DDP Yoga in 2014. And I did it only with the workouts, no diet but without making excesses. I’m in the best shape of my life right now. So I can tell you, it works.

    • Lisa

      You lost 40 pounds? You must have been really overweight.

  • Z….

    I didnt use DDP Yoga to do it, but I lost 130 pounds. I’ve added DDP Yoga to my training b/c I think it does a great job in helping with your breathing, which allows you to be more efficient with your training. Also, it helps strengthen certain parts of your body, so that you eventually dont have pain in those areas. All we have is our health, so if we dont want to take care of that, we really have nothing. Its about perseverance and determination. Once you decide you know you need to change, and start slowly doing things you need to do, you will probably think its easy. I’m about 7-10 pounds away from where I want to be. With all of my health problems, and there are a lot, I can say that I feel that it has been easy. You can do it.

  • The Shockmaster

    If I did DDP Yoga, there would be nothing left!

  • MEH

    Well done fella you’re on the right path! I’m back on my training regiment myself and also using Insanity which worked wonders for me two years ago losing 30lbs in 60 days. Life especially training gets harder when you have kids and we’re roughly the same age too, but stick at it and you will see the changes you want very soon not only physically but mentally! All the best!!

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