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Dean Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler Program Needs A Boost

WWE World Heavyweight title
Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited about the Dean Ambrose/Dolph Ziggler SummerSlam match for the WWE World Heavyweight title; I think it will truly knock it out of the park. However, the storytelling around this feud has been more about Ziggler’s worthiness, than any real animosity between these two.

Which has to change, and fast.

Sure, the Dirty Deeds Ambrose laid on Ziggler at the closing of the August 9th edition of SmackDown LIVE hinted that the program may turn a tad personal; still, with only one more SD Live to go, Creative is going to have to dig in a little bit deeper to help push this program along. But, I’m not sure if this really matters, or not. Is this a one-match feud? Will we get, at the very least, another match come September’s Clash of Champions? I guess this depends on the fallout to SummerSlam, however, unless the WWE decides to place the title on Ziggler (therefore resulting in a rematch), I’m thinking we only see one Ambrose versus Ziggler bout; as there simply is no real story to tell between these two. They are not similar in any way; they have never been allies or friends; they have never even been mortal enemies for that matter (well, with the exception of the run-ins while Ambrose was in Shield, but Ziggler battled all three of them). In fact, Ziggler and Ambrose have not really had any significant run-ins (positive or negative) since The Shield has broken up, and Deano has been on his own.

So, where’s the story in all of this? This match stands to be one of the headlining matches at SummerSlam, if not, the main event.

I’ve always loved babyface versus babyface programs. But generally, there’s been something more to them, and it usually involves two superstars with some sort of history. This program lacks this significantly, and in a lot of ways, I foresee one of them will turn heel in the coming weeks to add substance to this storyline.

Ziggler turning might add a new and refreshing element to his character. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the Dolph Ziggler persona; but he’s come so close to tasting a push, for so long, the ‘good guy that never seems to get a break’ theme is running thin. A solid heel turn could be a good thing, and Ziggler could definitely pull it off.

As for Ambrose turning heel? Even with the SmackDown Dirty Deed, that may be difficult. Fans of his and the WWE Universe know that at times, Ambrose walks a tweener fine line; and he’ll have to do a lot more than his signature move on Ziggler, to be considered heel. Besides, it’s so refreshing to have a solid face hold a top title on the main roster; something that has been a while coming, I hope that Ambrose stays the way he is – for a long while.

Whether or not this program intensifies, depends on the direction the feud will go in the future. If the SummerSlam match is intended to be something that springboards into a program with another superstar (i.e. an Ambrose/Wyatt feud, where Wyatt finally sees a title race program), then there is no need to dig any deeper than they have, in terms of storyline. If it is meant to be an extended program, where we see multiple matches between these two (I highly doubt that); then something has to change, and fast.

Regardless, the match itself, which might be more about wrestling than storytelling, will definitely be a solid watch and provide great entertainment.

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