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Dear Creative, Eva Marie Should NOT Be The Face Of SmackDown’s Women’s Division

Dear WWE Creative,

As a pro wrestling journalist, who is constantly reading about pro wrestling, I tend to read some pretty crazy stories. Most of which, I do not take too seriously; some perk my attention, and others are simply boring. There does seem to be a buzz as of late, about Eva Marie. There is the one side of me that thinks the mere idea of Eva leading the pack of SmackDown ladies, to be one of those ridiculous rumors, only used as click bait, for fans to read their articles. Especially in light of the fact that there are many solid talents (i.e. Becky Lynch and Natalya – let us not forget about Naomi), many merging NXT talents (i.e. Alexa Bliss and Carmella), other talents on the horizon (a debuting Bayley or a returning Nikki Bella), that have potential to lead the division and be a female face for SmackDown.

Still, there is also that small part of me, that finds a small bit of truth or believability around the idea that you and the WWE brass, would think that Eva, leading the SmackDown female division would be a good idea.

I implore you, to forget this idea entirely.

The very thought of Eva being a champion, or at the forefront the SmackDown women’s division, by say Wrestlemania, or even this time next year, is simply ridiculous. There are some NXT talents (male or females) who are ready to hold main roster championships early on into their debut (Paige, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, The Shield members instantaneously come to mind). There are others who need time to hone their skills, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. A WWE career should not be considered a race, but a journey; as in any career in life. Eva Marie is a fine example of a type of talent that needs to pay some dues, before handed a title; and even then, she may never be ready. Even with NXT training under her belt, she doesn’t seem up to par with the rest of the NXTers who have debuted thus far, post-draft. The fact that all she can do is blow a kiss to the crowd, and not grab a mic and talk, is indicative of how limited her character growth is, and will be. She can’t even sell a hamstring injury or wardrobe malfunction properly; and her interview after Alexa Bliss’ solid debut, was awful. The thought that Becky Lynch may have to help push her over, and lose matches to her, makes me sick to my stomach. Sure, #EvaMarie was trending on Tuesday, WWE Creative, but the comments were just horrible. Sometimes looking at just the numbers, can be deceiving.

Still, albeit, she’s been getting heel heat for her stunts on SmackDown, and I am the first to say that bad publicity is sometimes good PR; but the female division in general has come so far to have Eva Marie hold a title of any sorts, anytime soon. She has yet to actually wrestle in SmackDown yet, so I may be jumping the gun; but everything that she has done to date post-draft, has lacked any luster. With the women of SmackDown currently killing it on Tuesday nights, this division deserves to be lead by a strong, athletic, female performer; one who has solid mic and wrestling skills. The women of SmackDown deserve, the fans deserve it, the so-called revolution of women’s wrestling and how far its come deserves it; the future of women’s wrestling depends on it.

Because, Creative, if you keep making the mistakes you made in the past, and plastering a belt and opportunities on to a person with no talent and just looks, women’s wrestling will fall into the same trap, it just recently came out from. Which would simply be a shame. The women are on a roll, accomplishing much, hitting major milestones, and are held (somewhat) in the same regard as their male counterparts. I really do think that Eva, holding a title, for any amount of time, would honestly bring back, all that many have worked so hard, to push forward.

I’m not imply Eva will never lead the SmackDown (or RAW) ladies’ division; just not now, or anytime soon.



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