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Dear Creative, Something New For Sami Zayn

Dear Creative,

Rant time! Beyond the fact that I wasted three hours of my life watching RAW this week (well, technically two and a half, since everything that came from the women’s division was gold), I have a major beef this week that needs to be addressed, and his name is Sami Zayn.

I like Zayn. He’s not my favorite wrestler on the roster, but I like him, and I would like to see him succeed within the WWE. Now whether you view him as a main eventer or upper mid-card guy, one thing is for certain: you need to take the ‘Kevin Owens’ asterisk away from his name.

You know exactly what I mean by this Creative, I’m sure you do. Since Zayn returned and officially entered the main roster in January of 2016 it’s been all Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens. Zayn eliminated Owens at the 2016 Royal Rumble, they’ve had a feud, they’ve shared incredible matches; some Owens has won, some Zayn has won. The program was a good one, but it somewhat seemed like a never ending story at one point. I get that eventually these two will lock up again, it’s bound to happen, and to continue their stories, it should happen; but Zayn needs a feud without Owens associated to it to move onto the next level. It felt like the slate got cleaned for Owens, but not for Zayn.

I mean, Owens has moved on significantly – he’s become the second superstar to hold the WWE Universal Championship; he’s HHH’s new golden boy on the main roster; he’s feuding with Seth Rollins; and GM Foley and Stephanie McMahon are somewhere in that mix as well. Now here’s my beef, Creative: Zayn has just entered a budding program with Chris Jericho (yay!), but the program really still revolves around Owens, their old friendship, why their relationship crumbled, and how Y2J is Kevin’s new BFF.

Surely, you could come up with something else for Sami Zayn. I’m not against a program between him and Jericho, just some other foundation around it. It’s like Zayn can’t shake living in Owens shadow – and it’s not even the character’s issue. Announcers bring up Owens during Zayn’s matches, WWE interviewers do during segments. This is all pre-planned on your part, and I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t want Zayn to shake Owens off at this point; especially since Owens is off on the other end of the roster dealing with his own separate storyline right now. Unless you are leading up to a title race storyline between Owens and Zayn, then continually adding Owens or his name to anything related to Sami is just hurting his character.

Perhaps it’s time for Zayn to jump over to Team Blue, and separate the two for a while. Allow Sami to establish his own character, his own persona, for a while, without a hint Owens.

That’s my two cents, Creative!



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