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Dear Creative, Time For A Title Run For Kevin Owens

Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been a crazy week in WWE – and a crazy week for Monday Night RAW. I’m sure the Red Creative team had everything all ready to roll out post-SummerSlam, and yet another injury has placed a kink in your plans. As crazy as your week has been, it’s probably been an emotional rollercoaster for Finn Balor.

So what now? Next week, you’ve decided to crown a new WWE Universal Champion. Time to get the ball rolling again. In doing so, we have four incredible talents, vying for this prize, booked in a fatal four-way on Monday Night RAW to determine who will emerge victorious in this match, and become the second Universal Champion in WWE’s history.

I think the winner should be Kevin Owens. Simply put, WWE Creative, it is time for him to experience a high-level title run on the main roster.

Let’s see who we have as contenders for this title. There is Seth Rollins, Big Cass, Roman Reigns, and of course, KO. As much as WWE brass might be nipping at the heels to crown Roman Reigns, it is still far too soon from his 30-day suspension to be given this opportunity, so he’s out of the equation (or should be out, in my opinion). Big Cass simply being in a fatal-four match is a huge step for this young superstar, and as one part of a huge tag team, I’d also say he’s out of contention … for now.

Then there’s Seth “freakin” Rollins.

Now, normally I would be jumping on the Rollins train. But here’s the thing, Seth has already received multiple pushes since 2014, was the number one (overall) draft pick, and has been in the title scene (either holding the title, or in the title race picture) for a long while now. And he deserves to be there, don’t get me wrong; he’s an incredible talent. Still, considering there seems to be a little speculation on whether or not Rollins is a reckless talent (injuring three superstars now, and ending Sting’s career to boot); maybe it’s best to give him a breather for a couple of months. I’m not implying that I think he’s reckless, but the numbers are there – and would it really be right to place a title on him after all that has just happened? I’m not saying lessen his push, I adore Rollins, but a couple months out of the title race won’t ruin him. Trust me.

And then we come to Kevin Owens.

Owens may not be the typical ‘poster child’ on what WWE considers to be the top guy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have what it takes to hold a top-level belt. Forget the fact that Owens has shot up the WWE ladder in a small amount of time. Owens cleanly beat John Cena last year and was involved in a series of matches with him that were perhaps the best of 2015. His program with Cena not only elevated his status within the WWE, dare I say, (along with the U.S. Open Challenge) earned even further respect from fans for Cena. Of course it takes two to tango, but don’t discredit Owens involvement in that program to help make it happen as well. Owens has already held a mid-card belt, in the Intercontinental Championship (twice). And heel or not, he always receives a pop when his music hits, and he enters any arena; whether that be Monday Night RAW or a WWE pay-per-view.

So, I say, WWE Creative, it’s time to give Kevin Owens a WWE Universal Championship run. He’s helped push talent over, proven that he can put on some phenomenal matches, he’s golden on the mic, and knows how to get a live crowd going.

It’s a new era in the WWE – and you have been proving that countlessly through storylines, how you book matches, and new champions. Finn Balor wasn’t expected to win at SummerSlam, but he did, and it was incredible. Now it’s time to give Kevin Owens that same chance, as a pioneer who ushered the new era in, before it official got here.

Let’s see what he can do, as the top guy on RAW. #FightOwensFight



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