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Dear Creative, Does Women’s Wrestling Need A New Hashtag?

Dear WWE Creative,

When it comes to women’s wrestling and the WWE, I sometimes feel like I am on a roller coaster ride. There are weeks I think you guys are getting it, and then weeks I know you aren’t. Sure, the division is struggling a bit with some injuries, and you might be simply rolling with the punches; but only having a promo around the women, for the umpteenth week on RAW (and no match) is simply inexcusable. Even the match between Dana Brook and Natalya on the May 30th edition of RAW was weak, at best, lasting two and half minutes; between two women that could give the audience so much more.

It just seems puzzling, that post-Wrestlemania, the women’s division has fizzled so much. You had a triple threat match that tore down the house, one that many argued, should’ve closed the show; now it seems that the division is really only about two to four women, and their program has so many holes within it. So, unfortunately Natalya was unsuccessful in her attempt to become WWE Women’s Champion, because of an alliance between Dana Brook and Charlotte. Then, Charlotte dumps her dad (which was a bit interesting) – Naitch is gone – and now Becky Lynch is somehow in the mix? I am truly confused by the entire scenario; and even more confused as to why I should even care about this program. Surely, you have more than just this in you, WWE Creative.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Weeks ago, there was a nice title race program (Charlotte/Nattie), and sub-program (Becky Lynch/Emma + Brook) going on, and then, sadly, Emma was sidelined due to injury. Sasha Banks seems to be out as well. But, surely, we have Paige? Naomi? You so have other females behind that curtain that can be showcased for a match, a program … something?

So then, the thought had occurred that perhaps the women’s division has been slowed down a smidge, as we all wait for everything to unfold around WWE’s brand extension, and impending draft. Fair enough. But why hasn’t anything really slowed down for the men on your roster? When I look at the Money in the Bank (MITB) pay-per-view (PPV), I see two (and have been told, numerous times by Michael Cole) Wrestlemania-worthy matches booked. So far (as of this writing), there is no MITB match for the women.

It’s like you take two steps forward, and two steps back, when it comes to women’s wrestling, Creative; and I guess I am wondering when things will be a little more consistent.

Does the WWE Universe need to create another hashtag around women’s wrestling? #WomensWrestlingMatters

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  • MEH

    The Women’s division along with WWE’s script has died a death. That Flair – Charlotte promo a few weeks ago was p-poor and you could see what was coming way before Charlotte mutted a word. The acting on all including the great Ric was poor also. If people boo Roman but want to see more Dana I seriously don’t understand! I think she should be still learning the craft as she is extremely green and should be still in NXT. She is a terrible actor to boot!
    After watching another instalment of NXT Take Over its clear to see which brand is the A game and if I was a Superstar or part of the women’s division I’d much prefer to stay there than to be called up to the main roster, which is probably why Dana is on there, all we need now is Eva.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


  • jcice13

    they should get Bob Backlund to make women’s wrestling great again..look you talk about 2 steps forward 2 steps back like it only was for the women’s division..the entire show does the same exact thing.and I don’t see it as 2 steps back to prove that point look how far the division has come just in the last 2 it the same as before??? no way it’s much better.did they have women doing the closing act of RAW? so it it was 2 steps to 2 steps there’d be no difference and there is a drastic difference now.and I’m pretty sure they’ll have some sort of women’s match at MITB

  • Zack

    Guys I just matched a wrestler on Tinder! Now 5 years down the road I can be dating a Div…woman Superstar! ?

  • Someguy

    No more hashtags please.-_-

    • Joseph Lisnow


      • Someguy


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