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Dear Creative, What Are You Doing With The Wyatts?

Wyatt Family
Seriously WWE Creative … no polite salutations this week. For everything that is good and holy, what the heck are you doing with the Wyatt Family as of late? And trust me, if I wasn’t a consummate professional, may have had way more words that weren’t so ‘PG’ friendly.

You have a heel group, that is well over with the fans, that could be a dominant force on your roster, and you have turned them into a farce. Listen, I respect Big Show, Kane, and Ryback; but why exactly did they win their match at Fastlane? Winning the match did not benefit any of the three superstars; and a loss for the Wyatt’s simply further deteriorated their personas. And then their win the following night on RAW was simply due to the fact that Ryback walked out. Why are you turning the Wyatts into glorified jobbers?

You have four strong characters, all burly, yet agile performers. They have one of the greatest stable gimmicks that the WWE Universe has seen in years. The RAW and SmackDown live crowds hush down during their in-ring promos, a thing you don’t see often, and they are all strong within the squared circle; with Strowman getting better and better each match (while still quite impressive as a newbie). Why have them lose at Fastlane … why have them continually lose? Do you not understand just how much you are burying them, when you could easily be contributing to their success; both individually and collectively. It simply does not make any sense.

And then, there is Bray Wyatt. A unique superstar who has a tremendous talent when it comes to promos. As the undeniable leader of the group, his vignettes at times seem more like a creepy trailer to a horror film (and I mean this in a good way), then a pro wrestling promo. He’s incredible in the ring, agile for a man of his size, and stops at nothing to truly entertain the audiences. This is a man, who sprained his ankle the day before Wrestlemania 31, yet provided an incredible performance the day of the event, and helped you people redeem The Undertaker at WM 31, after his broken streak the year before. Again, sacrificing himself, for the continued momentum of the roster’s faces. This is a man, who helped you push over Roman Reigns last year during their feud; so he could be further pushed as the top face of the company. This is a man, and talent, who deserves more than to constantly be losing. This is superstar who now deserves a legit push of his own. He’s never worn WWE gold, of any kind. Which is an absolute shame, considering all he has done. Heck, VKM listed him as a superstar reaching for that brass ring; and all Creative seems to do is flaunt it in front of him, and then pull the rug from under him.

Yes, Creative, I understand, he certainly does not fit the mold of what some WWE higher ups consider a main event talent should look like. Neither did The Undertaker; neither did Mick Foley; neither did Daniel Bryan. However, at some point, all these talents were given some sort of opportunity to shine. When will it be Bray’s turn? There’s no denying, he’s golden, and you must know this, every time he hits the ring. The lights blackout, and the audience pays homage to this superstar and his clan, when they light up their smartphone devices, signifying they are his firefly following. It lights up the darkened arena like nothing else.

So why not let him win a match or two? Forget that all together, and why not even simply book him in pay-per-view (PPV) matches? In 2015, Bray Wyatt was only in nine out of the thirteen WWE PPVs, missing from Fastlane, Extreme Rules, Elimination Chamber, and Money in the Bank. He also missed the 2016 Fastlane event, acting as a bystander rather than performing in the ring. It’s a disgrace for the company, when a talent like Bray is consistently an afterthought during monthly PPVs. When he was booked for matches in 2015 PPVs, a majority of them were in tag team bouts with his Wyatt Family members. When he was not booked in PPVs, he was the man that slid in at the last moment in some cases, to cost someone a win, or cause some chaos. Sadly, an afterthought; when he should be under a spotlight.

How about placing Bray Wyatt in some more one-on-one matches? How about a program where he will come out looking strong? With the slew of injuries that has plagued the current roster, and heading into Wrestlemania season, how is this not an opportunity to push Bray Wyatt into the spotlight? How is this not an opportunity to truly mold the Wyatt stable into a force to be reckoned with. The story that the audience is being told right now, is that Ryback, The Big Show, and Kane were demolished by The Wyatts when they were left on their own; however, when the trio teamed up, they were able to make quick work of them (at Fastlane). While they won their RAW match the following night, I still don’t think they were booked to look strong.

So, what is the point of the Wyatt Family then? Turning them into a glorified group of overgrown bullies? Jobbers? Creative, they are more than that, and should be used as such. It’s time to truly get your act together when it comes to Bray Wyatt, and the rest of his family members; it’s time to start using them to their fullest potential.

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  • siddus

    I don’t think it is a case of not believing in the Wyatt family as performers, but that the creative team is so incompetent and narrow minded that they have no idea what to actually do with them. They therefore end up fulfilling a similar role that Big Show described himself as doing…

    “We need someone who can make an interesting opponent for this person we want to put over. Who can we use?”
    “The Wyatt family.”
    “How shall we book it?”
    “I dunno. Just have them attack our guy, then write a promo for bray that makes no sense”

    If they had any sort of competence or any appreciation for the history of the business then writing compelling storylines around a strong Wyatt family would be easy as hell. If you’re really lazy you can just recycle and re-adapt some storylines from the Ministry of Darkness or even the Corporate Ministry. But really, it’s simple. Bray’s character is a cultist leader. So his motivation is to convert more people to his side. That means trying to add other superstars to his family, either by seduction or by brain washing. And in the bigger picture he would be using WWE as a platform to spread his message, which leads to him wanting greater power in WWE, be it by using the title belts as a platform, or trying to take on the authority for a more direct control.

    I think I’ve given at least 12 months worth of potential storylines there in one tiny paragraph.

  • Disturbed001

    Follow the story

    • Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


  • Damian Starr

    Remember how the Wyatts with out bray lost at fast lane? Then did anyone notice how they won the following RAW with Bray getting the pin? That’s how you subtly book Bray himself well (and bury strong strongman thank god)

    • Mike

      Yeah that’s what I agree with. Bray wasn’t involved It doesn’t harm Him, and actually
      If he isn’t harmed neither is the stable, as he is the stable.

    • siddus

      That would be fine if that was the story that was presented to us, except it wasn’t. The story presented was that Ryback walked so Big Show and Kane only lost because it became a handicap match. Your suggestion of it making Bray look strong compared to his family only works if either the commentators or Bray himself make a point of demonstrating that he was the deciding factor. Instead, Ryback was demonstrated as the deciding factor.

      • Damian Starr

        fair enough, the match was around 2 am where I am so I’m not particularly paying attention to the commentators anyway, even still Bray got a pinfall on Kane (who’s been in the title picture within the last 6 months) I’d hardly call that a bad thing. Bray isn’t going anywhere, he’s a solid worker and is exactly what vince likes, a big character that is easy to put into stories. They’ll get a proper push one day but for now there is no room for them in the main event.
        They are obviously a storyline based faction (rather than new day who have short term feuds simply over the title) so it would be illogical to suggest they win all their matches and have such one sided stories. And more often than not I would say faces win feuds so theres that too.

  • Mike

    Remember they did win the following night on raw: I’ll also mention that bray wasn’t involved st fast lane, which makes a huge difference. That pin for ryback may well be big for him. Where as the wyatts cab quickly recover from that loss, especially since bray wyatt was not in the match.
    Think about it. Other than cena, the face of the
    Company, the undertaker arguably the biggest legend in wwe history, and reigns the new rising star and next face of wwe, who has won a fued with bray? Not ambrose, he couldn’t win a match against him and he is well in the title picture, Bryan didn’t. Big show and Kane didnt, the issue for me is for some reason, even though bray wyatt has been positioned as arguably the top heel
    In wwe right now, with the exception of triple
    H. That doesn’t seem to translate into
    Opportunities at the wwe title. He is at a point where winning the ic or us title would do nothing for him, as he is arguably above those titles
    At this point, and for some reason he hasn’t entered the wwe title picture. Maybe it’s because the wwe think he isn’t ready,
    Or maybe it’s his character, he reminds me of an old undertaker, as people used to say the undertaker fights for causes not titles. Before the attitude era ended and the brand split happened, taker had only won the wwe title twice I believe and one was when he first came in against hogan, which he lost in a week. Bray is going after individuals, rather than titles. I think it’s an easy story though. Bray is interested in power and control and who has more of that than the wwe champ. I believe he will get his run, possibly after mania he will be positioned as a big challenger for the wwe title.

  • Lisa

    The Wyatts are HUGE. Rowan, Strowman and Harper look like mountains standing next to each other.

  • Barooq #NewNation ??

    I don’t have care what they are doing with the Wyatts..especially with Bray..hopefully something other thing a 8-man tag will be in the future at WM but I doubt it

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    In my opinion, ever since Bray lost to Cena at Wrestlemania 30, they have been inconsistent with the booking of Bray and the Wyatt Family (except for Strowman because he’s new). There have been reports that Strowman is about to get a major push this year and I think it’s way too early for that and Vince will continue to get more criticism from the fans knowing that there a couple of guys in that group that should get a major push or should have gotten the major push by now before Strowman does.

    • That boy Alejandro

      Hell yeah john cena buries everyone brayy wyatt, rusev, khali, umaga i can keep going but the list is long.

      • MikeLo #NewNation

        Cena didn’t bury Umaga lol

        • That boy Alejandro

          Yup after new years revolution umaga was never the same again lol then he started losing to bobby lashley at wrestlemania then lost the IC title to jeff hardy and then kept losing to triple h.

  • jcice13

    are you really a consummate professional? do you get paid to do this?

  • That boy Alejandro

    Push the wyatt family. Make bray wyatt wwe champion he always has good matches and has the best promos.

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