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Dear WWE Creative, Kudos On AJ Styles Turning Heel

Dear WWE Creative,

While this could’ve easily been a ranting letter about how lame this past Monday Night RAW was; I’m going to give you a bit of break. After all, every episode can’t be epic, and you’ve nailing out some pretty good ones since Wrestlemania 32.

No, this letter is about AJ Styles turning on John Cena, and essentially turning heel.

At first, I was skeptical about a heel turn by Styles. He’s so over with the fans right now, and as a huge fan myself, I wanted to him to pursue that path.

Me aside, as I can be a fan of both heels and faces, Styles seemed to nail multiple demographics across the WWE Universe spectrum through his face character, and that equal $$$ for the WWE.

Alas Creative, you know better than anyone else, that heels can turn in some pretty incredible merchandising numbers, and draw people to house shows as well; so kudos to you for looking beyond the obvious.

Also, kudos to the heel turn. After watching SmackDown I realized a slew of things. First and foremost, Styles seems quite more comfortable and confident in the role of heel than face. Secondly, while Gallows and Anderson are quite comfortable on the mic, they are henchmen, and really need a leader, and a mouthpiece for that matter. Thirdly, if you look around the roster right now, you don’t really have many main event heels. Seth Rollins is one, Brock Lesnar is another (albeit, he’s a part-timer). Kevin Owens and The Miz are great heels, but they are currently hanging in the upper-mid card level. Sheamus and Rusev are heelish, but could they really provide something big for John Cena’s anticipated return?

You needed someone larger-than-live to help create an explosive program for John Cena to come back to. Not only did you accomplish this with AJ Styles, but turning him heel, was also a shocker. As a fan living in the era of the internet, and as a journalist who follows backstage news, I get very little surprises these days; so thank you for the one on Monday Night.

So while at first, I was taken aback, upon reflection this week, I applaud you for Styles turn. I truly believe this program will not only help elevate his stature within the WWE, but also provide some epic matches between these two phenomenal superstars.



PS I go on the record as saying, I don’t think you will bury The Club … don’t prove me wrong on this!

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  • Si Nicholls

    One of the positives about AJ, Joe, Austin etc going to WWE, is a lot of people will now realise why a lot of us watched TNA for 8 or 9 years

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