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Dear WWE Creative, The Break Up Of JeriKO

Dear WWE Creative,

We all knew it was coming. All great friendships always come to an end in the WWE. WWE fans rode the wave of JeriKO and the beauty of their BFF status for a long while now. We laughed with them; we laughed at them; we hopped on Twitter and hashtagged the many tag lines that they spewed during segments. We marveled at who would make the list each and ever week and we drank in it (mmmaaannn); all the moments from them getting the better of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and even Goldberg.

Alas, we knew it was coming and as soon as Chris Jericho uttered the words, ‘Festival of Friendship’, during the February 6th edition of RAW; we knew it would be coming this past Monday night.

I’ve often said one the best things about pro wrestling is the surprises. Fair enough, ‘rasslin’ would surprise me far more as a child than nowadays (not only do I have internet spoilers to contend with, as a long-time fan I can often see a storyline swerve coming from a mile away). Still, there is something about expecting something to happen and still being entertained when it unravels; and that sums up how I feel about the JeriKO breakup this past Monday night. I knew it was coming, especially when HHH entered the picture and had his one-on-one with KO (sans Jericho). But the segment was highly entertaining to say the least. On final hoorah of quirky, and borderline creepy, affection between these two. The statue, the painting, and then Owens handing Y2J the ‘list of KO’, with Jericho wondering why his name was the only one on the paper.

Well it was brilliant and I can’t think of a better way to end a friendship that the WWE Universe was truly invested in. And while we don’t know exactly why Owens has turned on Jericho, the fact that Triple H is behind the whole thing may extend this entire idea into an even bigger concept. Generally, alliances in the WWE end due to jealousy, misunderstanding in matches, championships, or women/men come between them. The HHH element adds something different and KO is clearly driven by his need for acceptance by his mentor and the ‘WWE higher ups’, as well as keeping that Universal Championship around his waist.

Could HHH be re-organizing a heel faction for his return to television? He seems to have Samoa Joe in his pocket and we all know how high he’s always been on KO. We haven’t seen much of Hunter since the brand extension hit, minus his involvement in the Universal title match back in late August, and with WWE’s largest pay-per-view of the year taking place in about a month and a bit, HHH may be assembling an army to head down the Road to Wrestlemania.

I guess we will just have to wait and see, WWE Creative. Regardless, kudos on a job well done. As much as I hate to see the end of JeriKO, and I worry about who will carry RAW (they have been the only source of entertainment for weeks/months now), the friendship was bound to break up. And the way it did this past Monday night was well done.



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  • jcice13

    you really thought it was well done??? personally I felt it was weak, and badly written..I expect much more, a lot more, to a turn when it involves people at the top of the food chain like these two..a weak celebration that wasn’t the least bit funny? then the turn?? that’s just lame and lazy

    • biz

      I agree. The festival of friendship was too long and after the magician from craigslist i stopped paying attention. I actually envisioned their breaking up going much different.

      With the tease of HHH talking in private to KO, I thought we could of seen subtle tension between the two. Owens being put in a tag match this Monday on Raw and choosing Joe rather then Jericho. Then Jericho losing to someone because KO didn’t go help him. Have Jericho come back to the dressing room to see that Owens was hanging with Hunter and Joe instead. Do this a few shows to develop tension with KO swearing allegiance to his best friend. The following Monday on Raw, Joe gets a title shot against Jericho in the main event. KO comes out and looks like he is going to help Jericho and instead turns on him to give Joe the title(which i think Joe could elevate a lot) and then they could still have a solid 3 weeks to build for their mania match.

      • jcice13

        look I realize that I may be too old school for a lot of people but if being old school means that I enjoy well written and planned out story lines that make sense and have an arc?? then so be it…I also realize that the majority of fans are not all that cerebral, and I am not saying that as an insult but that the fact is that many of the fans are young, so they don’t enjoy the little nuances of that type of booking…but isn’t it nice to have that sort of story especially when you have two consummate pros like jericho and steen??? hopefully we’ll get a much better view at what the reasons were tonight on RAW and from here on out to Mania we’ll get some real good action

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Cmon now that painting took the cake ?????

      • jcice13


  • Pablo Escobar

    Everyone knew jeriKO wasn’t gonna last forever but just like undertakers wrestlemania streak being broken I wished I didn’t had seen the break up, just cuz those 2 were the most entertaining guys on raw.

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