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Dear WWE Creative, John Cena & Survivor Series


Dear WWE Creative,

About a week away from the last of the Big Four pay-per-views (PPV) of the year, Survivor Series, and I have to say, I’m ‘meh’ about the entire event. With the brand extension, I usually get quit hyped up for this PPV; however, not much has gone on in terms of buildup since #UnderSiege. Yes, there’s been a few title changes in the mix (which were exciting to watch, but interferes with the stories that were originally weaved); and I’ve been disappointed with the fact that the Monday Night RAW’s women’s team is yet to be completed. How can a PPV be properly built up if not all participants within these matches are known. Perhaps I’ll get surprised come November 13th.

I was also going to rant about the men’s Team Blue not yet entirely filled, with one spot remaining, but this week, after SmackDown LIVE, that all changed after an announcement hit the Internet, stating John Cena would be SD LIVE’s last member.

This is great on so many levels. Nowadays, seeing John Cena in any capacity is a treat; whether that be television or a PPV. With Hollywood beckoning him and movies that he is in being released left, right, and center: seeing John Cena wrestle is a rarity and it will continue to be moving forward. I was a bit surprised to see that he would be entering the ring, considering his busy schedule and the risk he takes when stepping into that squared circle; however, having him participate one-fifth of the time (for the most part) in a match drastically decreases any chances of injury or risk. So, it makes sense to include him in the match and PPV. It’s a win-win: the WWE Universe gets John Cena, in all his babyface, never-give-up glory; the PPV now has four major and legendary superstars (Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, and Cena) to attract fans to watch; and having John Cena tips the scales in SD LIVE’s favor, which truly changes the elements of the match.

Yes, I’m excited about the Survivor Series and what the men’s teams will do. The dynamics of it mostly being face versus and face and who will potentially turn intrigues me. Will Jason Jordan live up to his father’s expectations? Will Kevin Owen and Sami Zayn play a factor? Will someone jump ship to another brand mid-match? How and what will John Cena’s role be in the entire bout?

Makes for an interesting story and makes for an interesting PPV. Here’s hoping the go-home shows can truly bring out the anchor to further invest fans.

Until next week,





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  • the_dude

    With raw never trying to get back at smackdown I’d imagine someone jumping shows. I’d also like to see Jason Jordan go heel. He isn’t doing anything right now anyways.

  • Joshua Daniel Cooke

    they should have kept John Cena as a special referee think about it it would be the perfect build up for an AJ vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania John probably going over for the record-breaking win I mean who else is going to get it from? AJ Styles is only person on his level there actally AJ is Beyond his level but whatever. I know we all hate seeing him now but he’s Tied with flair and I would honestly be pissed if he retired before breaking it cause it would be like another 15 twenty years to build someone up to break it and I don’t wanna be an old man or dead

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