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Dear WWE Creative, Just Turn Roman Reigns Heel Already

Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been another crazy week in the world of sports entertainment, and while I have an inkling that you knew about Roman Reigns’ suspension this week, well before it was announced; I still wonder what your plans are with him moving forward.

I feel like the time is now to turn this character heel. I know, I know, I’ve said this before. Still, if you had asked me why the title was taken off Roman Reigns at Money in the Bank (MITB) prior to the suspension announcement on Tuesday, I would’ve said it was to shake things up. Now, I’m not so sure.

Despite what some may think, I believe, there really is no excuse for the violation. One can speculate on a thousand different scenarios, but at the end of the day, violating a policy, is violating a policy: and there is no excuse when it comes to a top superstar within the company, especially when he has been given a tremendous amount of opportunities.

And as disappointing as it to learn of Roman’s suspension (disappointed in the superstar, not WWE Officials, as it was appropriate measures), sometimes things happen for a reason.

Still, one mistake does not ruin anyone; and Reigns is quite young. His record may be tarnished, but that doesn’t mean his career is over. One could point out that Edge, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, and William Regal have all been suspended over Wellness violations; yet, have still enjoyed highly successful WWE careers.

But, this is Reigns we are talking about. Not quite a darling to the IWC; a superstar who is a face, yet continually booed out of RAW stadiums and pay-per-views (PPV); and someone who is being slated as the next face of the company, one that can take over the reigns (pun-intended), once John Cena is ready to hang up his wrestling boots (…eerr sneakers).

You’ve teased a Roman Reigns heel turn in the past, but what about going full throttle on it now? Without really knowing what he did to violate the wellness policy, he will still always have this asterisk next to his name, and it has tarnished his image. As my fellow WNZ colleague Joe Lisnow pointed out, John Cena would never dare hit this list. And while I have said before, bad PR can equal out good PR; when you are dealing with role models for children, a violation in a wellness is never a ‘good’ thing.

What could save Roman? I agree with some, a little work on his promo skills while he’s not on the road for 30 days couldn’t hurt. Allowing him to develop his character on his own, may also do the trick.

Still, the time is now to turn his character as heel. You have demographic who is not pleased with the man as it is, and now you may also have those in his fan base who see him in a different light – regardless of whether the violation is steroids, marijuana, pain killers, or even supplements that had something within them that he may not have been aware of: it’s not good, he should’ve known better, and he gets paid VERY well to know better.

Creative, you may have the higher ups breathing down your neck to turn this all around. Maybe someday Roman Reigns will be the face that runs the place. But for now, and months following, this suspension will haunt the superstar. Sometimes a good guy, has to be a bad guy, to gain some respect. Perhaps the turn will authenticate him, and his abilities. Or perhaps, it will turn Roman Reigns into an entirely new direction. Either way, you have to roll with punches, Creative. As he is no longer the guy, perhaps its time that the man behind the Superman Punch, just become a bad guy; because he certainly is not a good guy right now.

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  • CommonSense

    Just stop with this already… I dont get why people are so obsessed with turning Roman heel … everyweek one or the other comes up with a title ” Make Roman Heel”…. “Heel Roman is $$$”…. “Let him be cocky heel”….why does it matter….whatever WWE do to him it is not going to work…they have simply butchered him as a superstar…..ok turn him heel whats going to happen, they will try to turn him face soon after he gets good reaction and force him as face…again the same backlash and s— storm from IWC …so do whatever you want with him, he will never be the what WWE wants him to be. PERIOD.

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Spoken like a true genius

      • CommonSense


    • shak

      cant help but agree to a degree i like reigns as a superstar and get why they wanted him as a face but THEY(meaning creative) have fucked up with him they tried to give him Cenas personality last year building to wrestlemania and towards the end they gave him the hard luck underdog stuff….they refused to let reigns be himself and that hurt him and them

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    My face while reading this article

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