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Dear WWE Creative, Let Roadblock Mean Something

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Hey WWE Creative,

You guys have to be busy as of late, knocking out some incredible storylines on RAW and SmackDown; organizing angles, promos, and such for Wrestlemania. But it seems you have a little Roadblock on your way to Wrestlemania 32, and it lands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (like how I did that?)

Creative, whomever came up with the idea of turning a WWE live event into a special was pure genius. I personally love them. They are so reminiscent of the days when I was little and would catch wrestling on a Saturday morning with my dad. They have such an organic feel to them: fan interaction, hearing the bumps in the mat and squared circle, hearing the voices of the referee and superstars as they engage in the match: pure wrestling at its finest, without all the fluff. I do love the pyrotechnics on RAW/SmackDown and pay-per-views (PPV), but it’s also refreshing when they aren’t there.

So when I say let Roadblock mean something, I’m not putting down the special(s) in general; I guess I would like to see something major happen that will affect storylines moving into Wrestlemania. Other than Finn Balor’s NXT Championship win during The Beast in East event (which was awesome), from Tokyo, I can’t recall any major occurrence at one of these live Network shows. Which is fine, the entertainment value is pretty incredible, but here’s the thing Creative: if the idea is to get fans to subscribe to the WWE Network, wouldn’t the goal be to not only create these awesome events with such an old-school, organic feel, but to also produce something where the WWE Universe would feel like they are missing out if they don’t have the Network and can’t watch the special?

A title change, a heel turn, somebody returning to the WWE, or a simple change in, or creation of, a program.

It’s just a suggestion. In a lot of ways, these special live events (much like RAW/SmackDown and PPVs), should feel like a natural extension of the current stories being told within the company, and sometimes they simply don’t feel like this.

Either way Creative, I am super pumped about Saturday. The adult in me realizes there might not be a WWE title change, no one may turn, and it will just be an evening of good drinks, fun snacks, and some awesome wrestling. But the child fan in me wonders if Dean Ambrose can pull this off, and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Will Roman Reigns return (from a small television absence), interfere, or turn heel? Will Bray Wyatt and his clan attack Brock Lesnar, potentially changing the game for Wrestlemania 32?

Regardless of any real storyline changes, the idea of settling into the Network, with my kids to watch (and focus on) some wrestling action, without all the fluff, is almost, as equally as enticing.

Good luck on Saturday, WWE Creative!

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    If a title change happens, it could turn into a Ambrose-Reigns-HHH triple threat match possibly with HBK as the guest referee to even the odds.

    • biz

      I think this is possible but unlikely. Maybe something happens in the Brock and bray match that leads to them fighting at mania instead of brick vs Ambrose

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