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Dear WWE Creative, A Loss For John Cena Means Everyone Wins

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Dear WWE Creative,

Albeit, I’m a John Cena fan, and this is no surprise to anyone who reads any of my columns. But I have to say, that the (clean) loss that John Cena took this past September 20th on SmackDown LIVE was not only a win for Dean Ambrose, but John Cena himself. Heck, I’ll go as far to say as the entire WWE Universe one; fans of Cena and haters alike.

As WNZ recently reported (via a post from OriginalCheezIt, Reddit User), Ambrose’s clean win on Cena is the first time WWE audiences have witnessed this occurrence since the October 19th edition of Monday Night RAW, where Cena faced HHH.

How could a loss equal a win-win situation? It was shocking, and unexpected wins are always a good thing when it comes to pro wrestling. Surprises are one of the reasons I love watching the WWE and have been a long-time fan.

Moreover, as a Cena fan I’ve seen a tide turn with the heat he gets as of late. I hear more cheering and less booing. I recognize his rise along the WWE ladder and popularity mirrors that of Hulk Hogan. I think most recognize his philanthropic activities and how he appeals to children and can respect that, despite not being a fan themselves. Okay, there are those who may argue he’s lacks moves and has been shoved down everyone’s throats for years. But in recent months, he’s also helped push over talent and losing cleanly to some of the top ‘new era’ superstars is becoming a trend. Plus, one cannot argue, he’s solid on the mic, especially when it comes to improvising and large (live) audiences.

With Cena’s illustrious sports entertainment career, a few losses will not bury him. In fact, in many ways, these losses are helping to further prove to some haters that John Cena isn’t about burying talent, but helping them look stronger. Sure, he had a run there where he was getting a massive push, but it’s clear that Cena is along a path and looking to transition. It really depends on how the next SD LIVE will unravel (not to mention the No Mercy pay-per-view) but these losses may also be building up to an even bigger storyline. One that may further excite Cena fans.

One where he continually gets knocked down, speculation on whether he’s ‘lost it’, only to rise above it all and prove everyone wrong.

Yup, I think all these losses will chalk up to an eventual one-on-one title race program where Cena finally ties Ric Flair’s big record; except with Cena, he’s established that 16-time WWE Championship reign in one promotion.

Regardless of all this, I did enjoy the loss. It helped Dean (whom I adore), in a lot of ways it added some favor to Cena, and most of all it kept me intrigued on where all of this goes next.



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