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Dear WWE Creative, Make Roman Reigns A Heel

Hey WWE Creative,

It’s been an exciting few weeks on RAW and SmackDown: and it certainly does feel like Wrestlemania season has finally arrived. Shane-O-Mac is back (well played Creative, well played), The Undertaker has made an appearance, there has been some solid divas action, and the plot is thickening between Roman Reigns and Triple H. We saw Hunter break Reigns’ nose on the February 22nd edition of Monday Night RAW (kayfabe, I’m sure). However, to the shock and horror of WWE higher ups, while HHH was laying a beat down on Reigns, the crowd was cheering him on.

I know you’ve heard this before, but what about possibly, potentially, maybe just maybe, turning Reigns heel? Most of the greatest baby faces across your company, throughout history, have been heel before face, from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, to Hulk Hogan, to “The Great One” The Rock? You may argue that Roman was heel when he was part of the Shield, but I would argue back: that was many moons ago, and he needs a solid heel run as a singles competitor to really get over with the crowd.

Why is it so important for Reigns to turn heel?

One word: credibility. Also, for him to really evolve as a singles competitor, I think he needs to find the root of his character, his persona; and turning heel will not only help him when it comes to connecting with all fan demographics (important), it will also help him and his character grow and develop. Heels have the unlimited capacity to really say and do anything; faces are limited to a certain set of moral standards, especially faces like Reigns (and Cena). Yes, Roman crossed the line many times late last year by attacking Triple H, Vince McMahon, etc.; but that is because he reached the proverbial boiling point. And he got a little over when he did this, with fans outside the typical demographic that his character attracts. As a face, and because of his character really does appeal so much to children, and women; he won’t always cross that line, therefore he won’t always get that crowd reaction. A heel run can allow him to do more outside his current boundaries, and gain respect from some of the less main stream WWE fans. When the time is right, and he turns back, getting the kids and women back on board with Reigns won’t be a hard thing.

See Creative, I understand why John Cena may never turn. He’s very well established with his character, and really, he’s in a completely different league as Roman. In fact, there’s really no use comparing the two superstars, although polarizing popularity is one thing. Still,  in general, due to the years he’s been on top, Cena simply has more fans, more at stake if you turn him heel. He’s got his hands in many philanthropic pots, so to speak, and a heel turn is risky when it comes to Cena. Hey, I like Reigns, and I do know he has a huge fan base, but he still can’t really touch John Cena. Sure, there is a group that can’t stand Reigns right now, and feel like he is being shoved down our throats (and are vocal about it both on social media, at live events, pay-per-views, RAW, and SmackDown); there are also many who do love him. Still, he’s not at the level that Cena is – where you want him to be, WWE Creative. Will he be? Maybe … possibly … who knows? But I do think that a heel turn will help Roman Reigns step out of the Cena 2.0 shadow that has been cast on him, and would only help him in the long run.

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  • Jean-François Maigrot

    Totally agree with this, it’s the good way to make Reigns the face of the company

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Reigns is never going to be the face of the company, precisely because WWE wants him to so badly. He hardly ever loses clean and even his defeats are contrived for him to garner more sympathy. And they’re not nearly subtle enough to have Reigns turn heel in a way that doesn’t make it obvious that the only reason they’re doing it is so they can turn him face again later.

    I don’t think it’s so much about Reigns personally as much as it is the forcefulness with which WWE would like to push Reigns as Cena’s eventual successor. When you try to tell people who to cheer for, it’s exactly that, that makes them inclined to do the opposite.

    And I think the WWE’s scared to turn Reigns heel, reason being they don’t want to take the chance that he makes a much more effective heel than he does a face. Because what happens to their master plan of making him WWE’s next uber-face? Can they live with the knowledge that what they originally wanted for Reigns’s career isn’t (sorry in advance for this) best for business? I’m not sure they can live without Reigns as a face at this point. For all intents and purposes, Ambrose (who is unabashedly not mainstream as a persona) would be carrying the torch alone, especially with Bryan gone for good and Cena and Orton hurt.

    It’s the same reason a lot of guys in the midcard never truly get their shot. WWE isn’t scared of letting them fail in the main event. WWE’s scared of them succeeding, and in succeeding becoming an extra variable that Vince didn’t plan for. And if he’s got an extra variable, his two choices are either to embrace it and concede that this is a star he himself didn’t make, or do all he can to remove it from the equation.

    • Warren Roby

      Fully agree with everything you have said here.
      What would happen though if a brand split happened again with a lack of truly over top faces and heels in the company?
      You have Cena, Orton injured (Old faithful).
      You have Reigns, Ambrose, Rollins, Wyatt who are up and comers/newer boys in the yard.
      You have Lesnar, Undertaker, Kane, Big Show who are either part timers or well past their prime.
      The best of the rest like Sheamus bore the fans.

  • The one and only great one

    Reigns should definitely turn heel. But the real problem is creative. When WWE hired those Soap Opera writers, that’s when things went down hill. It’s true that a heel run would only make things better for Reigns, if they look back, they will notice that Cena was a heel in the beginning of his career on the main roster and look how he turned out. Creative should take heed that turning Reigns heel for a while and then back to baby face would be best for business…

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