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Dear WWE Creative, Too Much #BrotherNero At The Wyatt Compound?

Wyatt Family
Dear WWE Creative,

After viewing another solid Monday Night RAW on July 11th, I was all ready to applaud you for your tremendous ability to hype up the upcoming brand extension draft, and SmackDown going LIVE on July 19th.

I could have talked about potential RAW and SmackDown general managers, and I could’ve written a letter about John Cena’s shocking save … or I could’ve given kudos for the Wyatt Family/New Day vignette, at the compound.

And I was about to write just that, until I hit Twitter the Tuesday morning after RAW.

See WWE Creative, I’m not a fan of TNA, I stopped watching when they left Spike; the new station doesn’t fit my cable package, and it wasn’t on my list of priorities. I did like some of the stuff TNA did in the past, but with the slew of their talent jumping to your organization recently, I had no interest. And really, amongst news stories about how they cannot pay their talent or staff, and how they are going under, etc. – why would I bother … until now …

To be quite frank, Broken Matt Hardy and his match with his brother Jeff, and all this Final Deletion hype, has been blowing up everywhere I turn on social media. As a non-TNA fan, seeing Matt Hardy’s get up, I blew it off as ridiculous. It looks ridiculous, it sounds ridiculous. Still, Sports Fox picked it up, and I ignored it; Chris Jericho tweeted about it, and sadly, I still ignored.

Then, RAW hit. I watched the Wyatt Compound vignette with The New Day, and had mixed emotions. I wanted to think it was ridiculous, promos like that usually are; but, I don’t know who produces and directs anything from The Wyatts – because as ridiculous as I want it to be, it always turns out brilliant. The vignette was captivating, it drew me in, and I couldn’t turn away. And I wanted to give you kudos about it, but after seeing this tweet, I can’t.

… and then this one …

Epic fail WWE Creative, epic fail.

There’s no denying, you certainly did spin a lot of Final Deletion into the compound piece. Which is such a shame. Because in doing so, it peaked my interested. I watched the Final Deletion video, The Aftermath video, and obviously did my research for this letter. Now, I’m not implying you are going to lose fans that will hop over to TNA; but all this is has me now wondering if I should re-consider my cable package.

You also lost a bit of credibility in my eyes. Plus, the rip off, was so fresh from Matt and Jeff’s July 9th match. You didn’t even give them a week to bask in their glory. Which also tells me one huge thing WWE Creative: while brass goes on and on about how TNA is not a threat to the company, you are definitely tuned into what they are doing.

Alas, perhaps Bray Wyatt saved face for your team, a little, by his tweet. Much like the chicken and the egg, what did come first: Final Deletion, over the compound vignette, or would there be no Broken Matt without Bray Wyatt? Pro wrestling stories, characters, and promos, will always be inspired by other pro wrestling stories, characters, and promos. So while I’m a little disappointed at the rip off, I also understand that maybe in a way, you were paying homage to TNA, finally knocking one out of the park, and having people talk about their superstars and storylines, and not their financial woes.

Perhaps I just might get sucked into DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!, and check out TNA after all.

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  • Zack

    “It’s ovah now Xavier!”
    *turns body over*
    “Shelton Benjamin?! Noooo! NOOOO!”

  • Bite Me You Loser

    To be fair The Wyatt compound was more entertaining

    • jcice13

      you really think so? because they both sucked

      • Bite Me You Loser

        Out of the 2 I felt that the Wyatts work better since they are built as a creepy cult like family. The Hardys setup was so bad you could see them crashing into the tarp they had surrounding the area.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????


    • Dorathy

      LOL! best.comment.ever

  • jcice13

    I’m still waiting for sister abigail to make her appearance, you’d think they’d have her in by now and I still say that Daphne would be perfect but just like this match was a rip off on the TNA hardy match by waiting so long to have a sister abigail character will look like another rip off of Decay’s chick

  • Andrew

    Broken matt hardy sounds like a broken cyberman. And with the way tna rips off everyone else it’s time wwe did something of tna’s. I veiw it as more a jab at the final deletion and how stupid it was then a rip off. (The biggest rip off tna does is every house show is empty arena match.)

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