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Dear WWE Creative, Main Roster Debuts: Too Much, Too Soon?

Dear WWE Creative,

Post Wrestlemania season so far has been pretty incredible. Bringing in Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, and (somewhat) reuniting the Bullet Club has been a fantastic watch. Not to mention all those NXT call ups: Baron Corbin (technically he was Wrestlemania, but to-may-to, to-mot-to right?), Apollo Crews, Enzo and Cass, and The Vaudevillians.

And the beauty of these call ups, is they each have made their own unique splash onto the main roster scene. I’m not going to knock you Creative, the way you’ve debuted each of the above-mentioned superstars has been done well. Anderson and Gallows burst onto the main roster scene, and I like how you have somewhat linked them to Payback’s main event storyline; and I’m curious if we will we will a WWE Bullet Club faction forming … and perhaps a heel Samoan faction looming too? I’m sure you’ll keep me guessing!

I digress, you’ve also allowed Apollo Crews the time to fully showcase his unique agility in the ring, along with his power. You’ve given Enzo and Cass plenty of airtime for promos (and ring action) so that they can properly connect with the WWE Universe. Baron Corbin has finally made it to the main roster, and he is someone who has been on my radar for a while now. I love the fact that he surprised the Wrestlemania 32 audience by winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and how he is perfectly unravelling his heel person for all to see. His aggression, his confidence in his character is something he has been honing for a while now, and I am more than delighted to see him shine on RAW each week. Then, we have the Vaudevillians. I dig their gimmick, it’s different, yet not overly cheesy, and I like their wrestling style; I was also pleasantly surprised to see them, along with other newbie NXT team Enzo and Cass, hit the finals in the tag team title tourney.

A lot is going on right now, which makes post Mania season interesting. As the part-timers who dominated air-time on RAW and SmackDown during the Road to Wrestlemania to help build up the event, fade away and take some time off, newer talent is brought to help hold everything into place. But eight new superstars? Not to mention the two women (Emma and Eva Maria) that were brought up, for Wrestlemania.

It’s an interesting fine line, isn’t it Creative? The WWE Universe consistently talks about wanting see ‘so and so’ called up; and why hasn’t this person, or that person hit the main roster: and then it happens, and we are both happy and overwhelmed.

But is it too much, too soon? We are talking about eight new superstars, entering a roster, at the same time. Eight superstars who are seeing a good chunk of air time; who are replacing air time for eight other superstars who are currently on the roster. Sure, there are a handful of main eventers who are out on injury, but it won’t be long before they return, and what will happen to these eight superstars?

But wait, six of these men are tag team competitors, and maybe that is the idea Creative … to beef up the tag team division? To add to these eight superstars, it seems the main roster is on the cusp of getting another two superstars, or rather tag team; as it seems Los Matadores are also set to make a big return to the main roster scene with a new gimmick, via the recent vignettes on RAW and SmackDown.

I completely understand that pushes and build ups are cyclical; and I’m sure Creative, you are (hopefully) watching closely to see how these superstars connect with the audience, for next steps and ultimately their future within the company. For now, as a fan, I’m not going to worry about ‘too much, too soon’, or even where this is all headed. Nope, for now, I’m going to enjoy the entertainment, the surprises, and the build ups; hoping that for some of these superstars, that main roster spotlight won’t fade anytime soon.

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    WWE needed some new superstars. Too many of the same matches over and over for years now, same people in the title scene. It’s refreshing and exciting.

    • Dorathy

      Very true

  • mitland

    I’m happy that many came up at once. The main roster was so boring heading into wrestlemania. I had to force myself to watch raw and smackdown, but at the same time never missed nxt. Post ‘mania raw has been can’t miss. And now that balor is no longer nxt champ, I’ve got to assume he gets called up too.

    • Dorathy

      Can’t wait to see Balor in the mix

  • cp munk

    Wwe has quite afew hours a week of wrestling that they broadcast. Things get chewed up alot quicker than they used to because of this. An over abumdance of New talent means we will get fresh match ups and new stories for many months to come. Superstars that return off of injury will only help the situation cuz then we get all of them to mix into fueds as well. I’m all for bringing up new talent

    • #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??


    • Dorathy

      Fair enough

  • siddus

    Hmmm. A lot of talking points in 1 article so bear with me…

    There has certainly been a lot of knew talent. You could even include Sami Zayn who debuted just before Mania. I would disagree with your assessment that all have been introduced well.

    Chiefly, Apollo Crews’ surprised call-up to the main roster has been weak at best. With no storyline to speak of for viewers to get invested in he has therefore not garnered a strong reaction. He’s not even being dominating in victory. Take his most recent RAW match against Heath Slater. The match was rather competitive. This is not a good thing when your opponent is someone the rest of the main roster normally beats without any trouble at all. (In fact Big Show beat the other 2 remaining members of the Social Outcasts in a dark handicap match earlier that night). Then there is Baron Corbin. Whilst he has a storyline, and certainly has been made to look strong, we all know how things panned out for the last debutant to start with a feud against Dolph Ziggler. Although I suspect that for reasons of size alone, Baron will get a better push than Tyler Breeze.

    Speaking of Breeze, it’s his experience that gives me concern for the Vaudevillains in the long term. His metoric fall since defeating Ziggler in his premier ppv match demonstrates that when it comes to pastiche or charicature characters that I would include the Vaudevillains as, they just don’t know what to do with them, or plain don’t like them. It’s not just Breeze, see also Adam Rose, the Ascension, and original-face Emma. I do suspect the Vaudevillains to win the tournament at Payback (thanks to some timely intervention by the Dudleys against Enzo & Cass)

    Enzo & Cass are certainly the most over of the bunch. In fact, they are the most over pair of superstars on the entire roster, going by the volume of crowd pops that I have experienced first hand.

    The inclusion of Anderson & Gallows really makes me look forward to the Payback main event. I can’t wait to see whether they help or hinder Styles and suspect that we will be seeing Finn Balor come in shortly to join the pair (and possibly Styles). My only fear is that they don’t have Reigns bury the 3 of them and win clean despite interference.

    All that said, I DO think that perhaps WWE would have been better to debut all these people over a longer time period, so that each can be a bigger deal. Right now they are all competing for the same amount of buzz thus diluting the impact each has. They’re also having to contend with the return of Cesaro. Apollo Crews is already somewhat lost in the shuffle. The last 3 episodes of RAW have all been strong, but WWE could have paced it out to make several month’s worth of RAWs not just good but unpredictable. “Who’s going to get called up next? When’s it going to happen” people would ask. Instead, other than Balor it’s already happened so after that initial buzz has died down you then have to work a lot harder to keep up the excitement.

    • Dorathy

      Very good points. Especially adding the comparison of Breeze vs the Vaudevillian. THANK YOU for adding this input.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Bottom line is RR couldn’t carry the company like Vince thought. Let’s be honest these call ups are saving WWE because could you actually imagine having to watch RR for a year facing Bray Wyatt or better yet Kane SMH

    • Dorathy

      Thanks for the comment and reading my piece. :)

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