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Dear WWE Creative, Payback’s Build Up

Dear WWE Creative,

After four solid weeks of Monday Night RAW, some pretty great SmackDowns, surprising NXT call ups, shocking debuts, and a little bit of a Bullet Club reunion; I’m taking the time this week to applaud you on a job well done. Generally, post-Mania programming can leave us fans with one amazing RAW, a mediocre SmackDown, and a yearning for it to be SummerSlam season, so we can get some solid entertainment.

Not this time, WWE Creative: not.this.time.

RAWs and SmackDowns have been great. There were some amazing Monday Night RAWs in 2015 and early 2016, then there were a handful that were okay, and vast majority of them were so bad sometimes I would stare and the clock and wonder why it was only 9:35 p.m. Can’t say I have done that since Wrestlemania 32, so you deserve some kudos. Yes, you deserve a pat on the back Creative, maybe even a hug (channelling my inner Bailey, I am hugger, WWE Creative). WWE storylines on camera may dictate that congratulations are in order for Shane McMahon, but really, you all have played a huge role in the behind the scenes, as well.

While the May 1st WWE pay-per-view (PPV) is called Payback, an underlying theme of programs that should center around revenge; this year’s event, as it relates to feuds, is not of the sorts. Most of the programs are new feuds developing, or a resolution of old … but hey, I’m not a nit picky fan, WWE Creative; if you genuinely get me excited about something, and I feel entertained, I will not complain. So, I won’t.

I’ll boast about the tag team tourney on RAW and SmackDown for the number one contender slot and a chance at gold. The way you were able to spotlight the tag team division in general, and debut two NXT teams was flawless. While my money is on Enzo and Cass, I’m looking forward to seeing both teams in action, and how they perform on a PPV platform.

The program between The Miz, along with beautiful wife Maryse against Cesaro for IC gold has been a nice way to showcase a newer look for Cesaro (love, love, love his new James Bond shtick when he enters the ring); and a program with the Miz has given Cesaro the opportunity to further showcase his enhanced mic skills. He’s looking good, sounding good, has had a smoking hot return, and ready for his first IC title run.

The video montage on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn presented on RAW this week literally gave me the goosebumps, and it was an excellent way to remind the WWE Universe and main roster fans, just how personal this feud really is.

When I look at the women’s division, I’m completely stoked at the idea of the new WWE Women’s Championship being defended for the first time; you’ve managed to successfully recycle an old NXT program, and revive it for the main roster audience. Adding (a seemingly reluctant) Bret Hart into the equation (in Nattie’s corner) adds a little something extra as well. I’m interested to see how this will play a factor in the match; I’m also really pumped at seeing these women in the ring again.

Then there’s Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin; should be an interesting fight. Not to mention Chris Jericho versus Dean Ambrose; a match up I’ve been looking forward to seeing, for a while now. In fact, the entire card is nicely stacked, and really all programs are moving along well. Something to be said about having a full four weeks between PPVs, huh Creative? And while I’m genuinely excited about what Vince has to say when it comes to Shane’s fate and Monday Night RAW; I’m probably most excited about the main event.

Considering you are struggling between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to Roman Reigns, I’m sure Creative, I think the way you have set up both individuals going into the main event this Sunday, has been well. Yes, Reigns is getting massively booed; and there may be higher ups breathing down your neck to keep him a face for a plethora of reasons; marketing, house shows, philanthropic activities Reigns is now associated with. Still, you have been taken what you are given, and running well with it. Styles on the other hand is well over with the crowd, and seemingly has risen far (and fast) when it comes to the WWE Universe. More than just ‘who will win the match’ on Sunday, I’m more interested in seeing how all this will play out. Will Anderson and Gallows interfere in the match (more than likely)? Will Styles turn heel (I doubt it)? Will Reigns turn heel (I’m on the fence, not because I don’t want to see it happen, but I’m wondering if the WWE brass will let it happen)? Will Finn Balor debut, and show the main roster audience a glimpse of his Balor Club?

Ah, so many questions WWE Creative, and this is a good thing. This means I am excited about the Payback PPV. It means I’m excited about the Monday Night RAW that will follow, and the SmackDown; not to mention NXT. It means it is a really fun time to be a WWE fan!

So well done, Creative. During a typically less-than-exciting WWE season, you have managed to surprise us all, and turn all that around; and with looming injuries still at hand. I applaud the past four weeks; I applaud the Payback build up; and I look forward to see how the card unfolds.

Keep up the strong momentum, Creative, after all, before you know it, it will be SummerSlam season.

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  • Zack

    not their

    In the Roman Reigns paragraph ?

    There’s certainly some more intrigue, especially with the increased storylines and new faces. I just wonder if the roster is a little overloaded ala the invasion angle. Is the NXT roster being depleted too quickly before we can establish suitable replacements? Will guys on the main roster just “be there” because there’s not enough storylines to go around? It may be time to do a day of mass future endeavors to cut the fat and make room for these guys. Plus those types of days are always exciting! It’s like the draft! “Who’s next to go???” ?

    • Dorathy

      Very true! Thanks for the noticing their (over there) lol. And thanks for the comment.

    • Mike

      I see what you mean regarding nxt. But there is a lot of talent down there. Not just the guys we see. But new guys coming in, also I believe we will see Bobby Roode in nxt before too long.

  • PlanoStu

    Little prediction, but 1st a question.

    Love your little praise but do you really think anyone is creative reads this?

    Balor shows up and with Anderson and Gallows, turn on Styles.

    Hart does nothing to stop Flair, Charlotte retains.

    Vince announces the brand split, Shane vs HHH to see who runs which show

    • Dorathy

      First question: my main objective is to try and create articles that you fans find enjoyable, and like to read. I try to add a bit of creativity in my writing to achieve this. ANYTHING above that is gravy.

      PS – good predictions!

  • Si Nicholls

    Everyone is expecting Balor to interfere on Sunday night, personally I would be more excited/shocked if Fale or Tama made debuts and came to the aid of AJ

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