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Dear WWE Creative … Please Don’t Ruin AJ Styles

WWE Champion
Hey WWE Creative,

I promise not to rant about RAW this week; you actually did a fine job with both television programs this week, and should be proud of yourselves. From the incredible Fatal Five Way match that kicked off RAW (which, IS the way you should always start off RAW), from Kane coming in through the ring to close the show; kudos, you did well.

Now let me start off by saying, I feel the way you have presented AJ Styles, creatively, to date has been great. No complaints. The way he has been booked from his Royal Rumble debut, to recently, has been okay. But I have trust issues with you WWE Creative, and I fear you might mess up this incredible talent with poor booking.

From his entrance music (which is now on my IPod thanks to a fan! Still obsessed with it …), to his ring attire, to the way he’s been booked in matches; you’ve done well. He may need a haircut, but that’s just aesthetics thing coming from a women’s point of view. My fear is what comes after this program with Jericho (which I think is an excellent start for AJ). Seriously though, where does Styles go from there? Do you continue his momentum, until he reaches Intercontinental or U.S. title gold? Do you consider him main event material? Or does he have a few solid programs, and then get lost in the mid-card shuffle; or worse, become someone who can help you put over other talents. This is what I fear Creative.

Because, Styles, has everything it takes to succeed in the WWE, and become a main eventer that should be (at some point) placed within a title-race program. He’s got a tremendous fan base following, one that proved their loyalty when his merchandise sold out shortly after the 2016 Royal Rumble. He’s not bad to look out, he’s got excellent in-ring maneuvers, and he knows his way around the mic. He’s a fresh-face in the WWE, amongst a draining pool of ‘same old-same olds’; with a veteran history, where you don’t have to bring him up to speed. He knows how to wrestle; he knows how to work up a crowd; yet he is clearly hungry. Hungry for more within the WWE; hungry to hit milestones; hungry to prove he is not a big fish in a little pond, moreover, he can succeed as a big fish, in the grandest promotion pond of them all.

Aside from any potential injuries, this guy has a good solid pro wrestling future within the WWE ahead of him; with at least five to ten more years ahead. People get excited to see him: his more familiar fan base wants him to climb up high within the WWE ladder; and his new fans want to see more of him. He is main event worthy, he is champion material, he could be a future WWE Champion.

So please, pretty please WWE Creative, don’t ruin AJ Styles. Book him with care. Book him with the future of the WWE in mind. Book him like the main event talent he is.

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  • Mike

    I like styles. I think he has a good spot in the upper mid card awaiting him. As of right now he isn’t wwe champ material. He is great in the ring, but he isn’t charismatic Enough,
    Or rather hasn’t shown it yet. In tna he showed that side, but tna cannot be compared to wwe. Good luck styles for now I’d say ic title or us title is as far as he goes. That could all change depending on how his character develops.

    • Damian Starr

      Isn’t champ material? Isn’t champ material?! Are you joking? The lads won titles where ever he’s wrestled! He could hold any title in WWE and have an insane run with it…

      • Mike

        I just said at the moment. I’ve seen aj in tna he is great. Wwe is a different environment. I’m not sure right now for he’s charismatic enough to be the wwe champ. Just needs time to develop his wwe persona and adapt then he probably will be.

        • Damian Starr

          He went from poster boy of TNA, the up and coming hard working lad (lets just forget that part when he was Flairs protege) to completely reinventing himself as a total badass shortly before leaving to go to Japan and pulled it off to perfection and you’re questioning his charisma? I’ll be mega pissed if AJ is/has been stuck in midcard by the next rumble because that guy is money and WWE would stupid to not capitalise on him

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    They will

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    He should fued with Neville at least we will get some 5 star matches but honestly where does he fit ? With Cena,Cesaro, and Orton coming back from injury and Samao Joe about to be called up add in Vince’s man crush on Reigns and his ill advised push for Stroman. WWE will once again drop the ball and they’ll blow this opportunity as usual

  • James Fields

    In time aj cam be main eventer but wwe creative team always drops the ball even around wrestlemania time cause that their big pay day, I hope he don’t get lost

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    I just know AJ will get tired of WWE BS lol

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    It may be a little bit before Styles gets to hit his stride. For all of WWE’s efforts to put him over at his debut, he doesn’t really have an opponent that can bring out both bring out his best and make him look like a serious threat for beating him. Styles/Jericho would probably give you good match quality, but Jericho’s ability to put people over is undercut by the fact that it’s all he’s ever used for anymore. “Holy crap, he beat Chris Jericho” only works so many times, especially when the guy that did it in a high-profile spot basically hasn’t been seen since.

    You would think that the number of injuries at this juncture would be helpful to Styles because it gives him room to operate. I argue that the opposite may be the case. I think he may be hurt from the lack of quality opponents.

    I also disagree on how much time Styles has. He’s about the same age as Cena and wrestles a style that’s much more dependent on mobility and athleticism. A guy like Cena that’s primarily a power wrestler and has a very strong body can work near his peak well into his forties if he likes. The 45-year-old Jericho (God, that’s hard to believe, isn’t it?) has preserved himself by only working in short 3- or 4-month bursts. Styles is on the smaller side – probably closer to Daniel Bryan’s size. He’s not strictly a high flyer, but top rope moves and agility have been part of his offense for years. Realistically, he may only have 3-4 years of working at a near-peak level. The other places he’s been have schedules that aren’t as punishing as WWE’s is, but on the other hand, a lot of them allowed Styles to perform and take some of the physically risky moves that WWE doesn’t allow nowadays.

    But that’s why it’s incumbent that WWE Creative finds a way to work him into the rotation quickly. They can’t putz around for 2-3 years trying to figure out what to do with him like you could with a guy in his twenties. (Which prompts the question, why don’t they ever seem to scout the indies for younger guys – but I guess that’s another article and conversation.)

  • MEH

    I’m an AJ fan and loved his stuff in TNA (still miss his music from there get ready to fly). I’m not particularly liking this muted version of AJ since coming to WWE. Ok so he has a southern drawl, so?…. I thought the company is global and embraces the 4 corners of the world? He needs more time on the mic and that’s how he will develop his promos. I think when Seth returns if those two get into it it will be Phenominal (pun intended). Also plenty other feuds to look forward to if WWE does it right with Zayn, Ziggler, Owens, Somoa Joe, Ambrose, Cesaro etc.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    I suppose his feud with Jericho will go on until Wrestlemania. After that, I think a feud with Kevin Owens for the IC Title makes perfect sense for me.

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