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Dear WWE Creative, RAW’s Tag Team Scene

Dear WWE Creative,

For a while now post-draft, I’ve watched SmackDown LIVE kill it, and RAW hit the mark some weeks, and others not so much. This past week I was pleasantly surprised at just how well RAW did versus SmackDown … except when it came to their tag team division.

Now I acknowledge the fact that right now all of SD LIVE’s tag teams are vying for the holy grail of the division, and they also have the hottest free agent in sports entertainment. Still, I guess I’m taken aback at the fact that a two-hour program has eight pretty solid tag teams; yet, now with the Dudley’s gone, RAW only really has four. RAW’s tag team division has fizzled … incredibly.

But, on the same note, RAW has three pretty hot tag teams in The Club, The New Day, and Enzo & Cass (sorry Shining Stars, you just aren’t there yet). The match between Enzo & Cass versus The Shining Stars this past Monday was alright. Nothing too exciting, but a good enter to a program. Still, creatively, when it came to two other tag teams, I have to ask … what were you thinking? Furthermore, what are you doing with The Club? I mean, first you give them cheap heel heat by attacking the Dudleys right after their retirement speech, and then you do a 180 this week and place them in a cheesy promo. The “Old Day” segment during the September 5th edition of RAW was terrible; not only for The Club, but The New Day as well. I guess I’m really wondering where all this is leading to? Well, obviously another match between these two come Clash of Champions (COC), but since SummerSlam, this feud has gone downhill – and the return of Big E., in a lot of ways, has squashed the dominant strength and intimidation factor The Club once had.

It feels like both tag teams are simply going through the motions, and maybe they are. More than likely a match will be booked at COC, and maybe titles will be exchanged, and maybe they won’t. Maybe just maybe this all just time-wasting until Enzo and Cass can hit the tag title picture.

Either way, why is the tag team scene so lame on RAW? In a lot of ways, losing the Dudley’s has indirectly hurt these other four tag teams, as Bubba Ray and Devon had that perfect balance of putting over talent, without looking weak themselves. It’s just mind boggling. RAW has three of the best tag teams on both rosters; in the ring, on the mic, character-wise, and fan connection. They are not being used properly, plain and simple. I blame creative and I blame booking.

So, RAW Creative, while you did a lot of ‘rights’ this past Monday night; there were a few slip ups. Normally, I’d let it all slide, but really when it comes to The New Day and The Club, they are currently leading RAW’s tag team division. What once was dynamic and exciting, has now become an afterthought.


Unpleased Tag Team Wrestling Enthusiast

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