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Dear WWE Creative, Shane McMahon & Undertaker

Dear WWE Creative,

You had one job Creative! ONE.JOB.

Well, it’s the Road to Wrestlemania, so maybe you are working on more than one program currently, but you’ve managed somehow to mess up this Shane McMahon/Undertaker angle, and I’m quite disappointed.

When the prodigal son returned to the WWE on the February 22nd edition of Monday Night RAW, it had to be one of the most electrifying (and shocking) returns the WWE Universe has seen in years. You nailed that one. But, since? I really feel like this program has fizzled.

And it’s shame, a darn shame!

Part of this could be simply because of logic, and living in an era where I am privy to way too much information. From what I’ve read, it seems that Shane is only around for Wrestlemania season, so really, where is this all going to go really? Yet, I do believe a bigger part of the reason I am disappointment is the storyline around it. Moreover, The Deadman’s role in all of this, and even Vince.

I’ve already said it in some articles I’ve written on WrestleNewz, and it has been said quite a bit by many fans; why is The Undertaker compelled to do Vince’s bidding? Why would Vince even think he could turn to The Phenom for this request? Perhaps these are questions that will be answered at Wrestlemania 32. Still, all the cheesy McMahon antics along the way are just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. The throwing and stepping on the old picture of him and Shane; disowning his son and removing him from his will (when Shane himself has built quite an empire on his own); calling Taker ‘his bitch’; and the new added stipulation: I’m just not as excited as I was. Or as excited as I could be. Mix in Shane’s rustiness when it comes to promos, and I’m just not as into it anymore.

I really should be excited. I mean, Shane’s returned! He’s had some incredible matches in the past. You are pitting him against one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Wrestlemania attraction in WWE history, The Phenom.  This is really is program gold. The story really runs itself. The two characters have had history together. Why does it feel so forced right now?

Am I curious to see how things will unfold? Absolutely! Will I most likely be losing my mind once the match starts? Totally! But I’m just finding that this program is unfolding in a very anti-climactic way. The video montages on this past RAW were a stellar back up for no Taker and no Shane; but, Creative, you weren’t really responsible for those, and kudos to the production team who compiled them: they did give me goosebumps. But the program itself is just lacking, and no amount of win or retire threats can revive it.

Dear ol’ WWE Creative, you have the go home RAW to Wrestlemania next week; it’s time to pull something out of your sleeve to save this program. If not for the sake of WM 32, for the sake of the two talents involved, not to mention the fans.

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  • Mean Dean

    I’ll say it again, referring to the interview TMZ conducted with sting, I think stings “career ending injury” is a work, for him to make a shocking but on point return to the ring at Mania during the Undertaker vs Shane match, setting up the feud between Sting and Taker. I personally could care less for it, because for me sting never was this top wrestler WCW always made him to be, and more a wannabe Undertaker, my opinion.

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)?

  • Brett in MN

    The Vince-Dunn Effect: When you are so certain of the genius of your vision, that you ignore both customers and critics to see that vision through to the end, despite the negative effects on your business.

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