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Dear WWE Creative, SmackDown Needs A Women’s Title

WWE Championship
Dear WWE Creative,

Kudos on a debuting RAW and SmackDown LIVE. I was shocked, I was entertained, and I thoroughly enjoyed both programs.

Now, onto my rant.

I’m slightly peeved WWE Creative, and if you guess from the title of this letter, my rant is directed to the women’s division on SmackDown.

While I love the idea of a new top-tier title for the men on RAW, and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon was quick to address this during the show’s opener, I’m more than upset at the fact that nothing was addressed of the sorts when it came to the women of SmackDown. Sure, there was a cheesy promo after the Becky Lynch/Nattie match, introducing audiences to the women of SmackDown. Still, it’s more than annoying that no thought has been placed around potentially adding a women’s title to SmackDown. PS, WWE Creative – the women’s promo on SmackDown itself was okay, until Eva Marie closed the entire thing; terrible way to enter a crowd, and while I’m glad she wasn’t handed a mic, that kiss to the audience is getting old and fast – and simply doesn’t work.

I digress, WWE Creative.

The way the women’s division was handled on RAW was fantastic, and a huge indication of just how the WWE values its female talent, and women’s wrestling in general. Nia Jax had an incredible debut, and I can’t wait to see more from her. The Sasha Banks/Charlotte match was amazing on so many levels; the match itself, the time the women were given, and the title changing hands. I can’t wait for the women of RAW to close a show one day, in a match.

SmackDown was another story.

Now, I’m not implying it should’ve been the top story of the night; I get it, the women don’t main event pay-per-views on the main roster. But if RAW addressed the need for a top-tier championship for the men at the beginning of the show; something needs to be addressed when it comes to the women of SmackDown.

If not, what are these women fighting for? Vendettas and personal history aside, many programs are built on the idea of climbing up the WWE ladder. If this idea is absent from women’s wrestling on SmackDown, the revolution that many worked so hard to build before the brand extension happened, will be lost on the six women that carry the division on SmackDown.

I know that you can’t simply start adding titles, it’s a process, I get it. But really, the mid-card titles have been respectfully divided up; RAW will soon have a male top-tier champion, and has the Women’s title; SmackDown has the WWE Championship; and the tag titles can still float from one brand to the other. To valid the women’s efforts on SmackDown, a title is needed … and pronto. Perhaps something can be done around this, at SummerSlam.

Oh … but please don’t bring back the Divas Championship – and please don’t name it the WWE Women’s Universal Champion either.

Thank you!



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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Off topic but Rusev & Lana’s wedding is set for tomorrow July 30th.

    • Dorathy

      I just noticed this on social media too! Exciting for them!

    • Zack

      Very cool

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

      One of two weddings. Rusev is one lucky bastard lol.

    • Mikey Shango #Retired

      I heard it’s today

      • Bite Me You Loser

        Yes you were right Shango! You cursed me to put out wrong info!

  • Mike

    I agree and I think they’ll quickly address it. I’m
    Saying either at summerslam or the smackdown only Ppv backlash they’ll have a multi woman match for the new smackdown woman’s title. I must disagree regarding Eva Marie. Her entrance is good for the reason that it is so annoying! The kiss and the entrance all smacks of arrogance and a fact we all know and wwe play up the fact that she is one of their chosen girls and always has been. Therefore nobody likes her as she has never been quite good enough, however this has now worked out for her as she is easily the most hated woman in the company making her arguably one of the top heels. She has improved in the ring to the point where she is ok. With the heel way and the fans really hating her guts, baby faces will be hugely over and be able to get newly over just by being in a fued with her. So again I think Eva is going to work out for wwe and I hate to say this as even I am
    Not a fan despite saying all this, it’s just an unbiased observation, but I believe she will likely be a woman’s champion sooner rather than later if the heel thing really works and she gets booed out of the building and in turn getting the faces a big reaction. I can’t see anyway that won’t be the case. Can you imagine if Eva had been champ for even 3 months and the fans are so sick of it. Then Becky or Bayley (who I believe should come to smackdown, to help boost the division) defeats her at a Ppv. The crowd
    go crazy.

  • Brett in MN

    Can we all just agree to call it The Becky Lynch Title?

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)

  • The Shockmaster

    ‘WWE Women’s Universal Championship’

  • Pablo Escobar

    The women division should of stayed on raw and the cruiserweights on smackdown no need of having another womens title

  • beefy

    I think the “universal” moniker is basically stating that its no longer a heavywright game in wwe. So, it wouldnt work for women unless they brought back karma and had her feud with nia jax for the other one, or aka womens heavyweight title.

  • Jack

    As suggested belt names, cause I agree they need one:
    The WWE Ladies Championship
    The WWE Female Championship
    The WWE Women’s World Championship

  • Sass.

    I like the name ‘WWE Ladies Championship’. It sounds like a throwback to the days of Alundra Blayze, Sensational Sherri & Wendi Richter. The women of Smackdown need a title, and pronto! Becky/Naomi for inaugural champion.

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